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Recent Comments for 7082486929

Post by wgkool,

7082486929 i got a call

Post by Rick,

708-248-6929 Mitchell Comm caller ID - -Patrick - -Urgent Time Sensitive Issue - -No further info, but I believe it's the same source that's called several times prior, once telling me that "(my) entry in a drawing had won a top brand SUV" and to call so-and-so immediately to claim the prize - -WOO-HOOOOOOO

Post by Born at night, not last night,

7082486929 "Patrick" called from "Metro Communication" telling me they have been trying to contact me about a prize that I won, in a contest I supposedly entered - -blah, blah, blah -  Time sensitive matter; call back; won one of the top prizes, etc -  Left a number to call back:  -- x -  I called back his toll free number to blast an air horn into the phone when he answered, but only got a recorded message again -

Post by Guest,

708-248-6929 came up as Vandell Comm Group

Post by Allison W,

7082486929 Got a call around : -- caller ID was Mitchells CommAfter a slight delay (often indicating robocalls) there was a man who was quite polite and said "Oh, I have the wrong number - sorry" or something similar - Seemed to be live - If they call back, then they were fishing for a "live one" - Mitchells Comm has been reported on other spam lists, not always with this number -

Post by Stacy,

708-248-6929 Same exact pitch except last month the number and caller ID was -- - Prize Crd Srvc and today it was -- Vandell Comm Gr -  I've made complaints on the Do Not Call registry but that dosen't seem to get any action on making these scammer stop -

Post by Matilda Jane,

7082486929 -- Mitchells Comm : p -m - - Left message about prize - deleted message

Post by Guest,

708-248-6929 Mostly impossible to understand - Claimed to have called a wrong number -

Post by Linda,

7082486929 I have rec'd a few calls from this number -- with the ID showing Vandell Comm Gr -  The first call was a voice saying " Sorry have the wrong number" but I have had at least three calls since -  I have let the answering machine take the message but so far not message is left -  If I see " UNAVAILABLE ; UNKNOWN OR PRIVATE " Ilet the answering machine to it job, so I can scan the calls -  There has been at least different numbers from different area's in the USA that are scam calls -  We need to research any unknown number before responding -

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