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Recent Comments for 7016255758

Post by Timc24,

7016255758 Another one in Colorado this a -m -  Glad to know it is a telemarketing call, probably a scam - -

Post by Shawn,

701-625-5758 Robocall, received AM in MN -

Post by Marc in WA,

7016255758 Same thing happened to me - I won a free security system - - -only automated  - no people -  Been getting them everyday for days -

Post by Dan,

701-625-5758 Got a call in CO from this number - Hmm - -

Post by Karen,

7016255758 Don't know who this is but they keep calling my cell -  I'm on the cell phone no call list

Post by bkk,

701-625-5758 I just got a call from them (always do) - Have asked to be taken off the list to not be called - I live in Austin also - I'm going to find some more information - I'm thinking of pretending to want the security system so I can get some more information and then turn them in or find out how to get rid of these pests

Post by T. Gallagher,

7016255758 Amanda, I'm a lawyer, also in Chicago -  Trying to sue this company in a class action lawsuit -  Please contact me at [email&#;protected] * *

Post by shelly,

701-625-5758 Just got this call in VA -  Didn't recognize the number some Martin ND so I didn't answer it -  Sounds like some sort of sales call based on everyone's responses here -

Post by Chuckles,

7016255758 I'm also from Colorado - No message left - I don't know anyone in North Dakota - Must be spam -

Post by Bob,

701-625-5758 Same #, no message and did not answer -  Texas

Post by Josh H,

7016255758 Ditto

Post by Mags,

701-625-5758 Recieved a call in Chicago - -didn't answer - - -figured it to be scammers - - - -

Post by Lyn,

7016255758 This is getting annoying -  I get called daily from this number, no message, no call back available -

Post by John,

701-625-5758 I am in Chicago - Got the same call -

Post by annoyed,

7016255758 Just received a call from this number - They didn't leave a message - I called back and it said "all circuits are busy right now" - I'm also on the do not call list but this is the rd random caller i've had call me in the past few months -

Post by halfpint,

701-625-5758 They called me twice today (TX) -  They say that I've apparently won some prize from their security something or other company -  I hit "" to be removed but it just hangs up and calls back -

Post by Jel,

7016255758 Recieved call today and similar over last few days - I have to answer as i serve clients in many area codes - Each of these starts with a recorded "Congratulations you have won - -" and I then hang up - I registered my cell for "no call list" a couple months ago - A call back to this number ran into "all circuits are busy now" - Hopefully that many complaints -

Post by robin feney,

701-625-5758 I am Sick to death of this number calling me times a day, I don't answer anymore - push # doesn't take me off the list, like it says, it takes min of my phone time to have to listen to message to keep my phone from buzzing i have a mess - this is so much [***], my block doesn't block the number either, how do they do that -

Post by AJ,

7016255758 Just got this call on a Nextel cellphone in Illinois - Didn't answer I don't give out my cell number to any businesses, ever -

Post by jen,

701-625-5758 Been getting calls from north dakota, this numer and also this one:-- - no msg left no nothing - then i went to the national do not call list - I signed up years ago and forgot untill now - it was effective untill so i re-registerd yay  https: www -donotcall -gov

Post by Ken,

7016255758 Ken, solicitation calls cost me money

Post by Guest,

701-625-5758 missed call on my cell phone I do not give out my cell phone number

Post by ann,

7016255758 AZ here - no message just checking if I missed anything important - guess not -

Post by Chicago Area,

701-625-5758 I received a call from this number around am, and answered it just to see what it was - A recorded message stated that my family had won a free home security system (I already have one), and I hung up, so as not to use too many of my "anytime minutes" on my cell phone - I filed a complaint with the Do Not Call registry @  https: www -donotcall -gov default -aspx

Post by Julia,

7016255758 With all these complaints to the FCC, WHY isn't anything being done about this?  It's frustrating -

Post by COL,

701-625-5758 -- - - how did they get my number if I am on the DO NOT CALL list? No message, just says Martin, ND

Post by Hope,

7016255758 Here in New york I got a call and did not answer - They did not leave a message I truly hope they are caught and stopped - I see I am not the only one

Post by readynow,

701-625-5758 Called my home  here in Virginia, didn't answer, didn't leave a message - The number is from North Dakota, where I have no family or friends -  SPAM

Post by Jacob,

7016255758 Just got a call here in Texas -

Post by Minneapolis,

701-625-5758 Got a call from this number earlier today - No message left - Called them back, no option to connect to live person - -system automatically drops your call Frustrating -

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