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Post by Guest,

6468436254 Caller asked me to turn on my computer and he will tell me what yo do - He said my computer was infected -

Post by Sadie,

646-843-6254 Got the call on -  Same mo as above -  Call came in from Kirkland, WA -  Caller kept saying he was from Windows and they have been receiving error messages from my computer -  Didn't believe the guy so I said I'm not going to my computer right now, give me a number to call you back and he gave me -- but he had to check that number several times -  Thought it sounded like a scam so I'm glad I checked it out -  Thanks for having this post -  If I get the call again I think I'll try to play with his mind like some of you folks did -  Thanks for the tips -

Post by annette,

6468436254 Same thing just happened to me - -I told him "Daniel" that my electricity just went out and I didn't have a battery - -

Post by DO50,

646-843-6254 I got the same call and got this same phone number to call -  My license number is not linked to my phone number so I didn't agree to anything -  Told her, Alena Wilson, with a foriegn accent, that I would have my tech guy look into it -Beware of cold calls -

Post by Guest,

6468436254 I was called by Daniel who gave me a long digit ID# that was supposed to identify my computer - He wanted me to run "eventvwr" and then use the Win Key + "R" in the Event viewer - He gave me a phone number to call to verify that he is from PC Care (--) where Jessica answered and connected me with Daniel again - Daniel threatened to lock my computer if I did not do what he told me - He acted as if he was trying to correct my infected computer - that I have not had problems with -

Post by Karen,

646-843-6254 These people called my elderly parents and convinced my mom that for - he would  give total computer support and clean up the the problems on her computer -   Called back days later and told her that someone was trying to hack into her computer and for another - for a year he would take care of it -   She said she wouldn't do anything until she talked to me -  So he said he had to shut down her computer  I had her unplug it and when I get there in a couple days I will try to get it straightened out -  The guys name was  Shane Watson -  Heavy accent, fake name I am sure -  Really get steamed by people who prey on the elderly

Post by Guest,

6468436254 This is a scam - Obviously a boiler room op with a guy with an Indian accent calling with great urgency that my computer is infected and he's going to help me - I just need to update my malware using a credit card - Hang up

Post by lgborneo,

646-843-6254 I had the same phone call this evening - I told the person I would investigate his information and he told me the same thing about knowing my license number - Since I'm not sure what my license number is, that wouldn't have been helpful - I just knew i was not letting anyone who called me into my computer - He then told me that my computer was % corrupted - With that much corruption I'm sure there would have been some problem that I noticed - In any case I told him several times I was not letting him into my computer -

Post by anonymous,

6468436254 THIS IS A SCAM - Read about the your-PC-is-infected scam here news -softpedia -com news Cold-Call-Tech - - on- -shtml They lie about your PC sending out malware, error messages, etc -, and say your PC is about to crash to frighten you into giving them remote control of your PC to fix the nonexistent problem (don't let them) - If they ask you to open the systems tab in eventvwr -msc to see all the errors, these harmless errors are *normal* for any Windows PC (mine has several and it runs just fine) - Don't let them take control of your PC because they can download *real* malware, possibly a malware suite, that can spam, steal bank logins and personal info, etc - If they've remoted into your PC, the safest fix is to re-format your drive and re-install your OS assuming you have clean backups of your data - You can try scanning with various antivirus software but scanning may not find all the malware - If you don't know how, get help from friends or pay a local shop to do it - THIS IS A SCAM -

Post by Shirley,

646-843-6254 I got the same call at pm from "Roger Williams" -  Very heavy accent - hard to understand -  I kept asking him what he was selling and he said there was no charge unless I needed to purchase new virus protection -  He said the same thing about having the license on my computer, he was with Microsoft Tech Support and gave me a digit license number -  I have been trying to find out what my license number actually is - -was this totally made up or what - I knew it had to be a scam so I told him I would call him back -   I was thinking it was a call made from India so I would not call back anyway -  I googled the phone number and saw all of these posts so I'm glad I didn't let him on my machine -Thanks everyone for sharing -

Post by pat,

6468436254 Scam  Dont believe the hype Got tbe call tonight -  Another reminder not to be naeve in this world or youll get taken to the cleaners

Post by jj,

646-843-6254 Received call from a Kurt Williams who spoke with a foreign accent -  He said he was receiving warning messages and error reports from my computer and was calling about my windows operating system and used the term CLSID -  The phone number he provided for a return call was -- -

Post by Greig Marshall,

6468436254 I got a call from this number, they said they were Microsoft technical support and they wanted to do a scan on my PC because it wasn't running correctly - They walked me through the RUN program and had me download ammyy admin v - - Free to scan  my PC, then told me I needed to buy a licensed version of AVG for , yr - or - yr all the way to a yr - and lifetime version for - - I got their number and said I will call when my wife is home and we had talked - Then I called AVG and they told me it was a SCAM as AVG protects just as they (AVG) say it does and I can purchase a licensed version from AVG for - on special right now

Post by Scruffy,

646-843-6254 Received a call from -- said he was from Advance PC Care and his name was "Peter"Said my computer was reported by my server as having many problems and wanted me to go to the run and type in an access code to allow him to check and repair my unit -Told him I did not have time to work with him and hung up'Have received several more calls that I have not answered -

Post by Jan,

6468436254 Just got the same call referred to here - He gave me this number and said his manager would answer - He said his manager would explain everything and to ask for him - Jake Miller -

Post by Be bop a Doh!,

646-843-6254 I don't ever let Browsers remember my passwords, so he wasn't able to get those - Still I am going to change my online bank access username and pw, because right now online access has been blocked thanks to my checking with my bank before proceeding - in fact I think I'll change all of my PWs

Post by Margie,

6468436254 I was just called by this outfit, except caller ID showed a number that reverse calling showed to be an insurance agency -  So they may have been able to use the number as a screen -  The guy who called, an Indian with a very heavy accent, was difficult to understand -  Said his name was Mike Williams, and he gave me a call-back number that was different than the caller ID - --- -  I looked THAT number up on reverse calling and saw these other messages -  Thanks, everybody

Post by Terwilliger,

646-843-6254 This is the first time this has happened - One of these scam outfits actually had the nerve to call me back--with TWO separate representatives; Mike--and good ol' Melvin - Persistent cusses - Annette--how did they gain control of your computer? Did you actually run that "unique identifier"? That "identifier" is a compression and download tool for Explorer - Sometimes they use that (it's a long string that starts "dca - -"); one of their affiliates will give you a "unique" identifier that is NOT unique to Windows , another just uses an obscure file that is part of a utility common across a number of platforms - NOTE: This is one of about , numbers they use - For Pete's sake--DON'T ENTER ANY CODE TO "CONFIRM" ANYTHING - Their number one goal is to hack your system and get all of your bank info - If that fails, they try to sell you a PC maintenance service, and they get your card number that way -

Post by Guest,

6468436254 Spam

Post by annette,

646-843-6254 The person told me that they have received many reports from my computer that I was having several problem and they were going to fix them - -when they took control of my computer - -without asking permission, I pulled the plug - -I don't have a battery - - I stated that the electrity went out - -they called back three times - -I didn't answer, but called my banks and cc companies and blocked all internet access -

Post by Guest,

6468436254 Scammer saying he was a Microsoft affiliate saying they were getting error messages that my computer was infected - Told me to buy a program Avangate DLL Tool with a lifetime guarantee so he could fix it and help me whenever I had any problems and told me to never download any programs, to call HIM to install them - I fell for the scam and he remote accessed my computer and "fixed" it - Discovered after hanging up that the program he had me install he deleted because I told him that the license key for the product was being rejected - I knew right away I had been scammed - I did get his phone number (to call supposedly if I even needed him to "fix" my computer again -) - After he hung up I found out it was a scammer - -Just want to warn everyone - I cost me bucks for a program that is worthless and he always installed a program called AMMYY which I am still trying to get deleted from my computer with no luck -

Post by Art Kluvo,

646-843-6254 Oct Got a call from that number and my report is similar to the other posts below -  The Microsoft rep "Jane Martin" knew the registry number of my computer -  I didn't accept the offer because it sounded phony -  I then had to spend the next hour deleting entries on "regedit" to eliminate all entries for "multimi" and "ammyy" that I had permitted to be installed on my computer -  This morning I called that number and talked to a man claiming to be Jane Martin -  It wasn't the same person I spoke with last night -  Anyway, I told them that I declined their kind offer to clean up my computer -

Post by sam shenkus,

6468436254 Aloha I received a call at :pm on June from an older female who had a slight accent, but not sure what nationality - She stated calling for Microsoft windows operating technical support and needing confirmation on my license id # - I stated I was not sure if she was a scam and to give me her name and number and I would call her back - Name given was Nancy Wilson and the number was () - - I requested the license # she was showing for the error reports and she gave me a very log sequence - Luckily, I have smart friends I can rely on and I did not call her back - It is interesting that my caller was an older woman -

Post by margie swift,

646-843-6254 The guy name is Alex Jones he told me he works for micro soft and that someone has my information -

Post by Rich,

6468436254 OMG I just received this unknown call from one lady saying that my computer was in trouble and it has a lot of warning and error in it - Thank you to these people or website that I am right about them - What a scamer

Post by Be Bop a Doh!,

646-843-6254 The Roger Williams call was actually not from this phone number thread, but came from --

Post by Shirley,

6468436254 I got the same call at pm from "Roger Williams" -  Very heavy accent - hard to understand -  I kept asking him what he was selling and he said there was no charge unless I needed to purchase new virus protection -  He said the same thing about having the license on my computer, he was with Microsoft Tech Support and gave me a digit license number -  I have been trying to find out what my license number actually is - -was this totally made up or what - I knew it had to be a scam so I told him I would call him back -   I was thinking it was a call made from India so I would not call back anyway -  I googled the phone number and saw all of these posts so I'm glad I didn't let him on my machine -Thanks everyone for sharing -

Post by Matt,

646-843-6254 Same thing, just got a call from an Indian lady trying to convince me to run a program - I build my computer myself and acted like I knew nothing - TOTAL SCAM -

Post by KDH,

6468436254 In a nutshell, got a call from UNKNOWN CALLER at pm -  Answered to tell whoever it was to take me off their list and not call so late -  Same situation -  Said he was calling from Windows about error messages -  I questioned everything and argued everything and kept trying to make him prove who he was for real -  Long story but basically he told me "trust me" and "I am a Microsoft Certified Technician with a Master's Degree" and to log in and "I will prove myself" -  When I insisted on getting a number to return the call because it was an inappropriate hour and that I didn't believe who he was and needed to get back to them when I was ready, he couldn't give me a number and refused -  Finally he gave me this number you posted (the number) -  But after that he was obviously mad that I wasn't falling for it and questioned everything he said so he proceeded to insult me -  Told me that I was "uncultured", "rude", that he has a higher education that I do and ever will have -  I got so mad that I called him a FA and hung up -  Be warned  He called me back and left me a threatening voicemail -  So I am filing reports with any authority I can because if they find them and can take them down then the more ammunition they have the better -

Post by Ann Tasko,

646-843-6254 This caller said he worked for windows technical support in florida and I could verify this because he knew my computer license number -  He said my computer had been infected and needed cleaning up - I didn't believe him so ended the call -

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