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6467625143 Received call today - I won't answer again -

Post by snowball,

646-762-5143 Wife got initial call - About a package -I returned call (via internet phone -) Gave them no info - Just my questions - Caller knew my name -(Caller ID? lookup) I told him he was a scammer - -Changed his story mid-sentence from a package to some coupon nonsense at Walmart -I hung up - - -He called back, asking "what proof do you need that I'm from the company?" I responded - - -"Send me dollars" (in my best Jamaican accent) and hung up -

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6467625143 asking for help for hearing impaired

Post by Guest,

646-762-5143 C Received "Congratulations, your entry in last months drawing won you a free BestBuy gift card - Enter "WON" at www -bestbuy -com -brtz -biz" - Never entered for a prize - SCAM -

Post by Guest,

6467625143 wants to steal your identity

Post by DW,

646-762-5143 I am the registered owner of this number -   days ago, I started receiving phone calls at home from people all over the bay area of California, asking me why I was calling - - or that they were returning my calls - I can assure you all, that it was not me -  When I reported this problem to Verizon I was told there was nothing they could do for me -  As the calls were pouring in, I called my sherifs office, The FCC, Attorney Generals office, with little to no help -  All I can do, if I am going to keep my number, is answer all the calls I can and let you all know, one by one, the truth - Through my efforts I have found out that I am a victim of "Caller ID Spoofing" Feel free to look this up on the FCC's Web page -  The people who are responsible for using my caller ID to mask theirs, is a company in Southern Ca going by the name "Go Green California" and they are also using a webpage asolarpower -net -  When I called their number, provided to me by a very helpful caller, they said that they purchased my # from the phone company as if it wasn't in use - - hello, it's my number Their technician said he would fix it, how legal is it for him to know how? Anyways, just thought I would try to let you all know that my phone number has suffered a theft of identity - Next time you get calls from an unwanted number, get as much information from these creeps as you can -  A name, a number, anything else besides what's on your caller ID, because as I can prove Caller ID is not always truthful -  If you want to get in contact with the company who was really harassing you, their number is ()- -

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6467625143 Caller will text obscene message about posting a nude pic on FB with a website this is the nd one Scam scam scam and very rude

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