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Recent Comments for 6466794752

Post by Lynn Shoop,

6466794752 They call constantly, I interrupt them and tell them 'we're all set up with our merchant account, thank you' and hang up. Today the girl called me back and says, "FIRST OF ALL, IT'S VERY RUDE TO HANG UP ON SOMEONE, AND SECONDLY, I'LL BE SENDING THE DOCTOR A VERY NICE EMAIL" and then hung up on me...

Post by Joan Hubbard,

646-679-4752 Usually do not pick up numbers I do not recognize but did this AM - The guy went on and on about "merchant accounts" - Told him I don't have a business - Wanted to know if I would accept a credit card from him if he bought something from me - Told him that was nonsense - He finally proceeded to ask for my social security number - I started laughing, and told him I may have been born at night but it wasn't last night - Cannot believe this stuff - This guy is up early and out there on the phone wasting your time by looking for someone who is dumber than he is -

Post by Tired of this call,

6466794752 They keep on calling - They're some sort of credit card processing company - They call and when you told them you're not interested they hang up and call you again -

Post by MAK Seattle,

646-679-4752 Call on cell phone, I do not answer, calling on consecutive days at about the same time, no caller ID -

Post by Guest,

6466794752 Bastards Call every day- asked to be taken OFF calling list & they hung up on me

Post by Guest,

646-679-4752 This caller calls every day & does not leave a msg - Very annoying -

Post by J,

6466794752 Called me : am -I don't answer anymore if I don't know the number - Checked here first -Yup spam - BLOCKThanks guys  :)Not on whocallsme - Is no one using that site anymore?

Post by Tim,

646-679-4752 Have gotten weekly calls from this spammer on this or very similar variants of this number - Have requested each time for them to take me off their list but its not happening, plus the fact that my number is in the donotcall registry (which doesn't seem to help much with spammers or telemarketers -

Post by Fred,

6466794752 Hung up, now thanks to this site no need to answer it ever again

Post by Guest,

646-679-4752 Called multiple times from multiple lines -about week -never leaves a message -

Post by Business account,

6466794752 this company has been asked to remove our phone numbers from call list - We understand if they keep calling they can be fined for - for each call - Unfortunately they keep calling very bad business trait - do not do business with the company with phone number --

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