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Recent Comments for 6466123444

Post by Guest,

6466123444 Pain in the - -

Post by Dick,

646-612-3444 Received many phone calls from -- with significant noise in the background - Heavy accent - Said that he was from Windows and my computer had been sending many error messages to their server - He wanted to rectify the problem - Connection was so bad I asked him to call back so I could get the whole story - Many calls with terrible connections - Finally stopped answering the calls -

Post by Sally,

6466123444 Called but left no message

Post by Guest,

646-612-3444 no answer hung up JUNK CALL

Post by Tracy,

6466123444 I just talked to the same woman -  She was really rude -

Post by Guest,

646-612-3444 I am on the Nat'l DO NOT CALL list why am I still getting these nuisance calls?

Post by Mouse,

6466123444 I get several calls a week from these thieves, but each time from a different number -unless I make them really mad, and then they'll call back every five minutes until they get tired of it -As above -trying to get into my computer -  I repair computers -  They're not going to get anywhere with mine -I'm still choosing 'prank call' to mean 'data thief' until you guys put in a new option, but it is much more serious than a prank

Post by owen,

646-612-3444 heavy east indy saying he was a tech from  microsoft and was going to fix my infected computer,i hung up -called at: pm #-- -

Post by Rocky,

6466123444 This phone number keeps calling here and it's a scam - If they call you report them -

Post by Em,

646-612-3444 CallerID comes up with VPhone #

Post by Clayton Burrows,

6466123444 This is a major scam -  They called and then cussed me out when I wouldn't give them access to my computer -  

Post by Angela,

646-612-3444 My home phone keeps getting calls from this number -  Sometimes it's a man, and sometimes a woman, but both are quite obviously computer scammers trying to fish for information over the phone -  If you get a call from this number, hang up -

Post by Brenda,

6466123444 Please stop calling

Post by Tam,

646-612-3444 Received a call from this number claiming to be from xfinity, returning my call about my computer running slow, they also asked for me by name, however I never called them, my husband answered unaware and they said they would call back -

Post by VinMur,

6466123444 I have confirmation from Team viewer corporate - There is no relationship with them or microsoft and   That phone number   --That phone number is based out of new york city  and is off a cell phone your caller ID will describe it as a wireless callerDO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE if you do and you hear about anything that says they are from microsoft tech support or any kind of tech support BEAWARE It is a scam -

Post by Me2 again,

646-612-3444 How about that - - checking my other call received this morning from "DIR ASSIST" --, research shows it to be the same "your computer has a virus" scammer -

Post by Ed S.,

6466123444 Sure, you told them you were a victim, so they thought your wife may be vulnerable too -

Post by SAR,

646-612-3444 SCAM -- said someone was trying to break into my computer -  Sounded like he was possibly from India and lots of noise in the background -  I told him that was good and hung up -

Post by Guest,

6466123444 Strong accent (didn't get name) called and went on something about my home computer was sending notifications to Windows that there was a problem and he needed to connect to my computer - I hung up

Post by Melissa,

646-612-3444 I want off this call list

Post by Guest,

6466123444 Speaks with broken accent - Claims to be with Microsoft informing me about a problem with my computer software - Phone number was listed as a wireless caller - Scam call -

Post by Jan,

646-612-3444 Do not call this number

Post by scuyler,

6466123444 I too got a call from - They said that they were from an agency that monitored hack calls into my computer -The foreign sounding guy said his name was "John" -I hung up on him because I have gotten calls from foreign sounding men telling me that I had won some lottery and to send them some outrageous amount of money for service charges before they would send the millions that "I won" - The next morning, someone hacked into my computer and sent e-mails to several of my contacts - Be careful with these people

Post by Mad in MS,

646-612-3444 I keep getting calls from this number even though I have asked them not to call back -  I have told them that I would report them to the police and one asked for the number for the police so she could call them and call me back -  What a hoot -  Is there any way we can stop these people?

Post by MM,

6466123444 They have been calling for days - The first one I got they said they were from Microsoft - Luckily for them - I have a Mac - But yet they still call and call - I call back and it rings maybe once or twice and goes right to voicemail - Luckily blocking numbers has become much easier -

Post by Tracy,

646-612-3444 I've never had my computer professionally repaired but I just started getting these calls -  They know my middle name which is something I don't often use, so I should be able to trace where they got it eventually -

Post by Kathy,

6466123444 I get random calls about my computer, Electric Supplier, Income Taxes -  Every day and so does my husband -  It is very sad this this happens to all of us -  Someone needs to get them -

Post by Fax Machine,

646-612-3444 Want a quick solution?  Grab your smartphone, your regular phone, and your work's fax machine phone number -Get your smartphone ready to record (open the "voice recorder" app) -  Then call your work's fax machine line, and record the tones when the fax machine picks up -  Let it record until the fax line hangs up (about minute) -  You're ready to have fun, nowThe next time a telemarketer calls, open up the voice app and PLAY the fax machine recording when you answer the phone -  It usually takes - seconds for the telemarketer to hang up -BONUS   Your phone # will be marked as "business - fax" on their list (basically a useless number, since you can't scam a fax machine) -  So you won't get repeat calls, and when the people who have you number sell their lists, your phone # won't appear on it  Basically, your ## become useless to THEM  BWA ha ha ha ha

Post by Guest,

6466123444 I did not answer - The voice mail left was a bunch of automated gargle

Post by RBTSWIM,

646-612-3444 They told me I could go F**** myself - They call also most once a week - Told them many times that we are on a do not call list, they don't care -

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