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Recent Comments for 6465586793

Post by Nicole,

6465586793 This keeps happening to me as well - My boss answered the phone once and hummored them a while back - I told them we were not interested in what they were selling so now everytime they hear my voice they hang up - When I try calling back it is a recording saying the line is busy - I would like to find a way to call them back and give them a piece of my mind along with informing them to remove our number from any call list - Our number is listed on the national do not call list - Does anyone know a way I can report this number - They call - times a day and I belive that is harrasment -

Post by george,

646-558-6793 These a**holes called this morning at AM  Of course, I DID NOT answer - -what JERKS

Post by Receptionist,

6465586793 They also call from --, so freaking rude

Post by Justme,

646-558-6793 I get a call EVERY morning around :-ish and they're always peddling some magazine or other -  Thing is, they are calling a BUSINESS number -  They ask for one of the VP's (so they probably have his name from some other magazine) so I'm never sure if it's a legitimate call for him or not, and then find out it's for a magazine - and they all use the exact same script when calling, too -  I yell at them that we do NOT want any new magazines - And another thing, the call comes in from a different number every day (we have caller-id, but that does NOT help in this matter since the name comes in as some acronym) so I cannot call block them -  Very frustrating -  The President of the company walked in this morning as I was yelling at them, and she said, "Magazine?"  "YES"  And she laughs  It's become a joke around here

Post by Callan Capital,

6465586793 This company calls us on average FOUR TIMES A WEEK @*  You call back and 'all circuits are busy - - - they ahve been reported

Post by Mr M,

646-558-6793 This is the same telemarketer selling NY Post or trade magazine subscription -  Same --xxxx number sequence -

Post by CSH,

6465586793 continually calls me, telemarketers - I don't answer and they don't leave messages -

Post by Guest,

646-558-6793 Repeated calls and hangup - Did not leave any message -

Post by Guest,

6465586793 Repeated hang ups

Post by BudTuba,

646-558-6793 I also have received several calls from this number -  When I call back, I get a message that the person cannot pick up the phone, try again later -  I did answer the call in time yesterday and it was a sales person trying to sell a subscription to the Saturday Evening Post to my mother -  My mother has been deceased for years now and never been at this phone number -  In fact, the phone number is my cell phone that I originally took out with Verizon, but transferred to a new provider -

Post by Guest,

6465586793 They call everyday at the same time - How can I remove my number from their database???

Post by Larry,

646-558-6793 They have called me several times -  Fortunately my Google Voice immediately identified it as a telemarketer and sent it to my Spam Folder -  I love Google Voice because if a telemarketer does get through they are forced to identify themselves before the call  is transferred to one of my phonez and I have the ability to block these annoying a-holes from ever calling again -

Post by Guest,

6465586793 called times this morning - - - called back says all lines are busy - looked up # to see they don't stop calling once u answer they will just hang up -

Post by Betty,

646-558-6793 These ********* call my home number everyday, sometimes more than once a day -  Caller ID says "Home Delivery -"  If I do pick up and say "Hello", nothing happens -  If VM picks up, nothing happens -  I am also on the Do Not Call registry for all the good it does -  Very irritating -  The # they call from mostly is -- -

Post by molson,

6465586793 I Get a lot of stupid calls so I dont pick up, If any one wants to talk to me they can leave a number - This number showed up on my phone - You would think they would get the message

Post by Mary,

646-558-6793 Yes and now they have my business cell phone It is driving me crazy

Post by kris,

6465586793 stupid -

Post by 67stang,

646-558-6793 This number calls me at least one time a day on my cell phone, which is on the national do not call list - They never leave a message so I don't know who it is - I guess it doesn't matter that we are on the do not call list -

Post by Guest,

6465586793 Calls everyday - Nobody there - Just hangs up - Probably some telemarketer that gets paid per call they make and just dials to get credit for the call - Otherwise, they definitely aren't doing a very good job at selling product if they don't talk to anyone - -

Post by Dan,

646-558-6793 I received a call on the Droid, did not answer, no message was left -I went to the recent calls list on my cell, pressed at that number for seconds, and selected "Add to reject list" -I will never be bothered by this caller again -Goodbye --

Post by Kathy,

6465586793 This number continues to call my place of business and asking for a person that works here and is pushy about me ok-ing their free subscription to a magazine - They call once a day without fail even after I have asked them not to -

Post by e,

646-558-6793 Hang-up call that IDs as "Home Delivery -" This is the first one to the office - If they start into their usual reported pattern of - calls per day, this could get ugly -

Post by molson,

6465586793 I don't answer my phone and if they don't leave a message I don't pick up - They dont leave a message

Post by e,

646-558-6793 Called for a person listed on our web site who is CLEARLY stated not to be in this office location, then when I said "not here, nope," would not accept it and go away - I had to tell her firmly that she was interrupting a more important call and needed to state her business or hang up -I'd swear, the more important the conference call I'm on, the more slooooowwwwwwly the people interrupting it speak -

Post by Guest,

6465586793 Calls everyday - Pester -

Post by gem,

646-558-6793 They called me, left no message -

Post by ZEE,


Post by Ryan,

646-558-6793 They call,me omce per day for over a month amd always hang up when I answer - Circuits are busy when I call back -

Post by Guest,

6465586793 They called but hung up - Call back said all lines are busy -

Post by Guest,

646-558-6793 annoying waste of time and minutes on the phone -

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