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Recent Comments for 6465586707

Post by S. Wiegand,

6465586707 They called my cell -  There was an automated message that said my debit card had been canceled and I should call them back to get it reinstated -  Of course I knew that as bull and I didn't call them -

Post by craig,

646-558-6707 Said my credit card was compromised and frozen - This is a scam to get you to type your credit card information into their system -

Post by L. Williams,

6465586707 Called frequently of late - They never leave a message and hang up when I answer - I called back to only get a recording with no information as to who they are present in the recording -

Post by sandy,

646-558-6707 They called at PM at night and did not leave a message -Why do we have the don't call list if no one respects it

Post by Guest,


Post by Cheryl,

646-558-6707 Just received my nd call from this number - Since I don't know anyone in NY that would call me on a Sat - or Sun - evening, I didn't answer it -

Post by Guest,

6465586707 call no message

Post by NC,

646-558-6707 We got the same today, wanting to book our timeshare for a rental -  The woman was heavily accented as well, gave a different number but said she was from www -AdvancedServices -com   I couldn't find such a business online, nor under Advance Services - - & the website was bogus  She said her name was Angel & contact was:   -- -  I do believe this to be a scammer -

Post by Guest,

6465586707 ATM card cancel - phishing scam

Post by Sandra,

646-558-6707 See my comment below

Post by Brandon Irby,

6465586707 Spam

Post by Annoyed,

646-558-6707 Just called my cell phone twice - The second time it was a recording saying they were calling back about a job interview for Home Based making -k a week - I had never called anyone about any job anywhere -

Post by Guest,

6465586707 b -s

Post by Sara,

646-558-6707 Got a call-who?

Post by Nancy,

6465586707 Keep calling and don't leave a message -  I am on the DO NOT CALL list and it doesn't stop all these calls from coming in -

Post by Unplugged,

646-558-6707 Was Louis Lerner from IRS - She wanted to know if I had any conservative friends & their names, address, phone #'s -, guns, Flag, books on constitution or founding fathers - - Do Not Call List is even bigger joke - NY calls - times a day - Unplugged phone only DVR ID plugged in anymore -

Post by Andy,

6465586707 I just got a call saying that my time share has been rented for X number of dollars -  The voice asked if I was using the property, or to confirm the reservation -  Obviously this is a scam becasue I don't own any time shares -

Post by Guest,

646-558-6707 Received a call (automated message) from not understandable company telling me my debit card has been deactivated - Told me to press to be connected to a banker - I hung up - Stopped at my bank to verify that everything was OK, and it was - They said they had been getting lots of calls from customers today - Obvious scam

Post by Guest,

6465586707 this caller identifies herself as from my debit card carrier and informs me that my debit card was deactivated and instructed me to touch numbers on my phone - - - - - I IMMEDIATELY HUNG UP, BLOCKED THE NUMBER FROM MY PHONE SERVICE AND REPORTING IT HERE AND MY DEBIT CARD CARRIER -

Post by Bobicle,

646-558-6707 Got a call from this number, I did not answer -  Apparently a New York number -

Post by KB,

6465586707 Phishing for credit card informtion claiming that my credit card had been shut down

Post by Jan P,

646-558-6707 I just got a rather staticy call that my debit card was suspended,  My new Panasonic phone system has call block -  They will be call blocked -

Post by Mary,

6465586707 Called but left no message

Post by lexi,

646-558-6707 No one was there and no noise -  I called the number and heard a familiar male voice say: "You have reached our customer communications management platform -"  I pressed - their DNC data base

Post by TimeShare owner apparantly,

6465586707 I got called and was asked if I wanted to rent my timeshare for a month -  So I decided to go with it and asked her which timeshare she was referring to -  She got all confused and said any one of them -  I replied that some were more expensive than others and cited Arizona and NY being different prices -  She decided to tell me she was handing me "upstairs" to her supervisor -  I hung up because I saw a fly moving on the wall or a shiny object - -etc -  Block the number, it's the only way -

Post by timeshare,

646-558-6707 called + said they had rented my timeshare for - didn't listen any further

Post by Elissa,

6465586707 Just got a call from this number & they left a vm (pre-recorded because it was cut off) about "This is in regards to the job interview" & about making -, per week -

Post by Guest,

646-558-6707 spam

Post by Guest,

6465586707 I receive an automated message that my debit card from (unable to understand name of company) has been suspended - It hangs up - So I call the number back and am told by an automated voice that all reps are busy and to leave a message - I hung up - - what I this about?

Post by Guest,

646-558-6707 I sign up for the opt out every year still get these soliciting calls either they hang up or selling time share don't bother asking to be removed from list they just hand your number over to someone else

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