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Recent Comments for 6465246575

Post by 715-213=2334,

6465246575 I reported these calls calls to the police - If you call any more we will take action - don't bother us -

Post by Sue,

646-524-6575 I am tired of the constant calls from this number -  It rings - times daily at times and % of the time they do not respond to my answering -  This morning, someone identified themselves as Medicaid   Fishy  I want these calls to stop -  It is very irritating to have them call so very often

Post by krywmom,

6465246575 After times telling them I am on no call list and to stop calling I blocked them - These calls are after they were blocked: Dates and times they called after being told not to call:  : pm, : pm, : pm,: pm,: am:am,:am  : pm,:pm, -pm,:am,:am:am,  pm,  :pm,:am,:am,:am  :pm(times),:pm,:pm,:am,:am,:am(times): :pm :pm,:pm,:am  :pm,:pm,:am,:am  :pm,:pm -:am :pm

Post by Jenni Driscoll,

646-524-6575 I have been receiving numerous calls a day asking for people I do not know and other family members of the original person they are asking for when asked to not call they hang up on me when I tried to call back to speak with someone else all I get is a busy tone I am getting scared to answer my phone I suffer from severe anxiety I do not know who it is I did a reverse look up and it gave me the name Diana Page and this address   Rector Pl, New York, NY please help

Post by Not falling for it,

6465246575 These people claim they are from my medical insurance - They want to verify my information and send me a new meter -  My insurance would know my correct information - Not sure who these people really are - I have hung up on them several times telling them I do not have that insurance even though I am not sure which insurance they claim to be - They still keep calling back -

Post by Anonymous,

646-524-6575 Exatey - - - - -we have the same point - - - - - - - - - - - - - -the phone number coming in is not the number these misbehavior  scammers are calling from - - - - - - - -Therefore, my point was - - - - - - -these calls are likely coming in from another country - okay -yes, the phone number said i -e - NYC, does not mean, these kind of repeating the same idealital behavior scammers are the same people -,

Post by Craig B.,

6465246575 We get multiple calls from this number daily -  They sound like they are calling from a foreign country -  They say they need to talk about medical stuff -  I've told them multiple times to stop calling, yet they persist -  I feel like filing charges against them -  They call early in the morning, late at night and all day long -  It is getting very frustrating -

Post by sEAN,


Post by Babs,

6465246575 Same thing but the caller I -D - says Corey Miller -  Did not answer it -

Post by DeAnna,

646-524-6575 They identified themselves to me today as calling from Humana -  I get into a screaming match with them every time -  Nothing helps -  The guy today hung up on me when I wouldn't let him and told him I was reporting him to the FCC and he would be getting a fine and that I was on the Do Not Call List -  One lady tried to tell me she was calling from a government office and I needed to give her my medical insurance information - I told her if she was from the government she would know my name was not Donna and she would be able to speak English - She hung up too -

Post by Kathie,

6465246575 It appears to be United Healthcare, about medicare supplement - -  I had asked for info, but have chosen another -  Oh well - They are blocked by Call Filter (free on my cell phone) -

Post by mike mccorkle,

646-524-6575 I have received over dozen calls from this number never leave a message - I have tried to block them with no success -

Post by Guest,

6465246575 This number has called my home several times per day for days now - How can we get it to stop?

Post by Paula Sterling-Gladysz,

646-524-6575 Received calls from this number - No one talks when I answer - When I re-dial I get a "your call cannot be completed as dialed" message -

Post by Gigi,

6465246575 Called numerous times until iOS when I put them on my blocked numbers list - They say they are from Blue Cross Blue Shield and ask for personal information to "update my medical information" -  I have insurance, but not BC BS - I tell them that and ask to be put on the do not call list, but it did no good - Thankfully I can just block the number now -

Post by Sarah Green,

646-524-6575 This number belongs to an Indian scammer telemarketing company that is trying to get information from their callers in order to steal their identity -

Post by anonymous,

6465246575 this number from -- and -- is the same people wanting to update medical information I have told them repeatedly don't call again but I am keeping a record so that every time they call they can be fined and I can sue for harrasment -

Post by M413,

646-524-6575 I get many calls on both my lines for Medicare infomation from this number - I have told them to remove me, that they were a fraud, scam and that I was going to report them - But they keep calling - What number should I use to report their scam to get personal information?

Post by Bertram Cornelius,

6465246575 I have been getting this phone number on my cell phone at least ten times a day - if they don't leave a msg, then they don't want nothing I have install a call block system to stop the harassment of this number and they still manage to use another number to harass me with what do i do to stop the harassment?

Post by Rebecca,

646-524-6575 I have told this person, Lewis Sabra, to quit calling -  He has called more times since -

Post by JimmieS,

6465246575 Have been receiving several calls from this number - Sometimes - per day -Most of the time saying they are from Medicare but the last time they said they we from Blue Cross - When I said I didn't have Blue Cross they immediately hung up - Reverse phone look up was for a Diana Page in New York -  

Post by betty,

646-524-6575 Call blocker might be your best -

Post by Elizabeth Beasley,

6465246575 Time Warner Cable Information Services landline in New York City, New York - Associated with Sabra L Lewis, Rodney T Page, Diana Page and Tyler Page - Address is W nd Street, Apartment I, New York City -

Post by Donna Carlen,

646-524-6575 They called me for days on my CELL phone - I don't use my cell while at work -  I called the number back and it doesn't function -  I answered it today at work - A man with a thick accent (Indian?) said he was calling from my health provider, and called me by my name -  I said - -who is my health provider, and he hesitated and answered - Blue Cross Blue Shield, as if he were guessing - I replied that is not my health provider, and he said what?  I repeated, and he hung up -  I would like these calls to stop -  How did he know my name and my cell? This was more than a robo-call -  Also, I get calls for diabetes supplies and I ask to be taken off their lists -These type scammer calls are targeting the elderly -  I still have my faculties, and know when I'm being scammed -

Post by Tired in TX,

6465246575 This number has called non stop for a month One day they called times and sometimes only minutes apart So tired of this, I answered once and told them to take me off their call list - That was a month ago:(


646-524-6575 Reposting: THEY DO NOT LIVE IN OUR COUNTRY - THEY ARE USING, AND ABUSE ME - my husband was a police officer INJURED and died from the INJURIES in the LINE of DUTY THEY ARE DEMANDING MONEY I AM HANDICAPPED

Post by Anonymous,

6465246575 Some Stupid [***]-hoe calls me from a number that has been disconnected -

Post by latoya pearl,

646-524-6575 This number has called my phone for couple of weeks asking for medicad information

Post by with held,

6465246575 Caller has called everyday for sometime and I did not answer -  Today I answered and a foreign speaking man told me he represented Blue Cross and Blue Shield and wanted to verify information -  I refused to give more information and hung up and called Blue Coss and Blue Shield they told me to report it to my local police department that the person did not represent them and that they had received other complaints about these calls -

Post by John,

646-524-6575 Who ever this is has been calling to times a day for the past month

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