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Post by smh,

6464816950 I got same call minutes ago he also called a few months ago -

Post by flawlessbitch,

646-481-6950 Same thing has happened to me the last couple of days but yet he has my bank account info and tells me he is gonna send his authorities to arrest me from my job and they were gonna fu* me in my a and I was a worthless [***] - Call me again you will be sued you pathetic [***]

Post by kiko,

6464816950 I just got the call from Eric Foster -

Post by Guest,

646-481-6950 they try to say they are with US Cash advance, threatening me that I will get arrested

Post by kiko,

6464816950 I just got the call from Eric Foster -

Post by Guest,

646-481-6950 This is the second day in a row this person has called me - The first time I did not receive a voicemail - Today he left a voicemail saying he was an attorney and I was to not disregard the message or I would be arrested in the morning - He didn't state the "charges against me" or reference any sort of debt collection - I will be blocking his number but my question is, how did he get my number in the first place? Something needs to be done about this guy

Post by Guest,

6464816950 Received a couple calls stating that I will be arrested and he was an attorney - Tried to get money from me -

Post by Marilyn,

646-481-6950 Same thing happened to me -  Called me at work -

Post by Guest,

6464816950 I received a message from someone named Eric Foster claiming to be a attorney and threatened that I will be arrested tomorrow morning if I do not return his phone call and wished me good luck -

Post by kiko,

646-481-6950 I just got the call from Eric Foster -

Post by Cmall,

6464816950 Atleast he is telling you - he is trying to tell me - plus court fees in the amount of , - Hahaahah biggest scam artist

Post by Megan,

646-481-6950 I just got that voicemail too And I'm % with you on that - What a low life piece of [***], he needs to be reported

Post by Guest,

6464816950 Left a threatening message on my company's general voice mail box for, stating "if you do not call back the consequences will be on you" - Did not state who they wanted to talk to -

Post by Guest,

646-481-6950 threatens arrest for fake debts

Post by Guest,

6464816950 Threatening arrest ig I don't return the call

Post by Not To Be Messed With,

646-481-6950 I received a call from the same person Eric Foster and that I would be arrested tomorrow also - I had a feeling this was a scam - This site has helped me out a whole lot - Thank you - - I am about to call him back and tell him that he will be areested tomorrow for fraud - -

Post by Patricia Hagins,

6464816950 He just left a theathingMessage onMy cell one

Post by Guest,

646-481-6950 BBB confirmed this is a fraud - Apparently they try to convince you to pay taxes you owe to them -

Post by kathy,

6464816950 I have been receiving the same message and threts what should a person do to stop this -

Post by Cmall,

646-481-6950 Just got this message from Atty Eric Foster (who speaks VERY broken english) -  I am NOT calling them back -  He can keep calling all he wants to - This is ridiculous

Post by Jenna Montoya,

6464816950 I have been getting calls at work from this guy with the same threats, how do I report him?

Post by Harrasing calls,

646-481-6950 Just got the same phone call that I was going to be arrested -???? what is this all about, he called my house and my parents think I did something

Post by sandy,

6464816950 i also got a call from this eric foster saying i will be arrested tomorrow -  so i keep calling the number back and blasting Burn it to the Ground in the phone i have called him about times already and now he just hangs up - - everyone should call the number and blast music in the phone -   im hoping he calls me back because i havent blocked my number - - i have all day to do this to this jerk

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

6464816950 Eric Foster threating me to call him back or else -

Post by Guest,

646-481-6950 Said he was an attoreny Eric Foster and threatened to have someone arrested tomorrow morning - he left this message at a place of business -

Post by WOW Me too,

6464816950 I just received the same call  everyone is talking about - I have received a call from the same person, at least the same voice, in the past -  Scam big time

Post by LadyLee,

646-481-6950 Remember - debt is civil, not criminal, so even if you had defaulted on a loan, you CANNOT be arrested  And just like process servers, cops do not announce when they are going to visit - they just show up -Your caller is a foreign extortionist scammer - he can't do zip to you -  You may want to print up this thread (or some of it) and give to your HR Dept and or manager, so they know you're being harassed by a scammer -

Post by Jeremy,

6464816950 I just got the same message But honestly if I was to be arrested then you would have recieved something in the mail -

Post by Guest,

646-481-6950 This caller is scamming people and threatening me

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