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Recent Comments for 6464800796

Post by JG,

6464800796 M, The same thing happened to me just now and I got loud with him and told him to give me someone above him and I could actually understand - He wanted information from me, like someone close to me that they could talk to - I don't think so I told him I wasn't giving him any information because he couldn't even tell me why he was calling - I want the name of the company, his name and number because I know the information he is stating is incorrect - I told him I am not paying any money He was getting loud with me and I got loud right back - He didn't like the fact that I was getting loud and said I'm not paying them any money - He then proceeded to tell me, "Ok ma'am, I will then send a police officer to your house within the next - hours and you will be arrested" Lol, yeah right I just put the number on my rejection list on my S - We'll see what happens in the next hours and tomorrow lmao

Post by Guest,

646-480-0796 La man namr john something call regarding a investigation against me and my ssn - The man has a heavy accent so I really could not understand him - The number came up --

Post by JG,

6464800796 Yeah these idiots finally left a message, so I called back because I got tired of getting these stupid calls - Basically, same situation that's been said here - I'm totally laughing, he got mad at me because I told him to stop getting loud with me, I'm not paying him any money and I want their information - He then proceeded to tell me that he is sending a police officer to my home within the next hours, lmao Ok I'm home send them I just put both numbers on my rejection list on my S - Don't listen and DO NOT give them any money

Post by Alfalfa,

646-480-0796 There is nothing the FCC can do - This is a criminal extortion scam operating out of India - They are making the calls utilizing VOIP and the names of legitimate firms to make it appear the calls are originating from within the US - There is NO "company" or "debt" and you will NOT be arrested - They are harvesting and or buying consumers' personal identifying information and you need to do whatever you can to protect yourself - This includes: Notifying the FTC: https: www -ftccomplaintassistant -gov , placing fraud alerts with all three credit bureaus, notifying your bank and employer and letting these criminals know you are aware they are attempting to extort money for a non-existent debt and have alerted the authorities -

Post by Ashleigh,

6464800796 They just called me and said that I have a criminal charge against me for not returning a product  and that there was an file against me - He said I could pay to resolve the case outside of court - or I could pay in court k+ - When he told me his name was Morris smith I knew it was a scam because he clearly sounded Indian and could hardly speak English - SCAM

Post by lisa,

646-480-0796 Got a call today saying I was served papers for a debt wouldnt tell me anything about it just had my number home address n email Said I could face - yrs in prison n said u clearly dont want this solves is this a joke - - -um really? Sister found this website with the same number that called me a guy named peter

Post by SKS,

6464800796 This number has called me twice -  First time I let it go to voicemaila and the second time (today) I answered -  The guy had a very heavy accent and would only tell me that they were investigating the person who has that number -  When I asked what they were investigating they guy got very agitated and started threatening me -  I asked how he could be with a federal agency and I could barely understand him -  Told him if he called me back that I would contact my local police and have them investigate him for harassement and he said "Do you know who you are talking to?  The police won't touch me -  They are scared of me -" I told him not to call again and I hung up on him -

Post by Alyssa,

646-480-0796 Got a call from the same number telling me that I have a criminal charge filed against me for a payday loan that I took out and didn't pay - Mind you I never took any loan out in my life besides student loans - Total scam Someone needs to report this

Post by J. Pitts,

6464800796 File a complaint with the FBI on their Internet Crime webpage     www -ic -gov default -aspx

Post by Guest,

646-480-0796 I got an email saying that I got a legal notice with my social and an old number - I knew this was a scam - If charges will be filed - Who does it by email - I pay no attention to scare tactics - I will forward to FBI -

Post by Guest,

6464800796 scummbag Loser Stop calling people with your loser accent - Go back to what hole in the ground country you came from This guy is nothing but a low life scammer DONT RETURN HIS CALLS

Post by letty m,

646-480-0796 Have been getting calls from this number for several days but couldnt understand what the heck they were saying(heavy Indian accent) finally replayed the last message several times to gather that it was officer Johnson who stated that a legal suit had been filled against me and the only thing they could do is wish me luck if i decide not to respond as this was a serious and urgent matter -Crazy much -scam

Post by Guest,

6464800796 %Scam

Post by Deanna,

646-480-0796 This person with a very heavy accent called and left a message saying that there was a report against my name and SS# and myself or my attorney needed to call them back - I called the number back and started asking questions as who was reporting this - He said USA Loan corporation - While on the phone with him, I researched the company and it is a pay day loan company - I have never taken a pay day loan out - While I explained to him I want all the information since my credit score is and I always pay my bills on time, I researched the number - It is % fraud - They are trying to get you to go to a web site and put in your personal information - I told him if he called again, my attorney would be calling and he was going to get sued -

Post by SPK,

6464800796 Total Indian scammer extortinionsts -  Ignore them -Report them:  File a complaint with the FBI on their Internet Crime webpage     www -ic -gov default -aspx


646-480-0796 I got this EXACT same call & message today around am - July th -  I am not returning his call as I knew it had to be a scam -  Exact officer name & exact message -  Just wish he would stop calling my house -- very annoying

Post by Guest,

6464800796 A man with a heavy accent called and said there a federal case against me an said if I did not get back to him by a certain time I will hear from the attorney the - Told me good luck and hung up -

Post by Jaerika,

646-480-0796 Tried to tell me his was an officer & I was bring criminally charged but wouldn't tell me what for Indian accent - SCAM

Post by ScamBuster,

6464800796 Awesome

Post by Guest,

646-480-0796 So once we turn + we get calls from SCAMMERS???? What's up with that? I guess they think we are "stupid" & "unaware" as we grow older - -

Post by Guest,

6464800796 SCAM caller - Claims that you there is an open investigation of fraud against your SSN - DO NOT give them any information about you - Demand a written statement sent to your address and absolutely do not give them any money - They claim you have committed fraud and you can either pay or be arrested - Which is an illegal statement to begin with - On top of that, they can not provide any proof that you actually owe anyone money -

Post by SPK,

646-480-0796 Total Indian scammer extortinionsts -  Ignore them -Report them:  File a complaint with the FBI on their Internet Crime webpage     www -ic -gov default -aspx

Post by Guest,

6464800796 Ditto to everything everyone said below - Unlike others I was not able to understand one *bleeping* word the guy said - Because I recently was a victim of fraud I tried to return a call to the number in hope of speaking with someone I could understand - When an answering machine picked up and said only "the person you're trying to reach is not available" I knew it was a scam - Thank you to everyone who left comments, it helped assure me this was nothing but another loser prowling for a victim -

Post by KBR,

646-480-0796 Received a call from this number saying my first name and that he was Officer Stu Johnson and he was investigationg a fraud filed against me and my SS # - If I want to take care of this to call him back with or without my attorney but if not "good Luck to me" He was of Indian descent - I called back with call blocker on and the call kept getting rejected - When I took the blocker off I could hear it was a call center - Total scam, set my phone to block all calls from this number and added a report to the Do Not Call center - Also updated my "do not call" since I was told it expired after a certain time -

Post by Guest,

6464800796 I got the same call saying there three charges against me -violation of federal banking regulations, check fraud and theft by deception - I told him I will call the attorney generals office and have them speak with him - If this was true why haven't I heard from the federal government themselves -and he threatend me NOT COOL

Post by Guest,

646-480-0796 A man with a heavy accent left a message stating I was in trouble with the law

Post by Guest,

6464800796 Scammer phishing -

Post by Stacy Cruz,

646-480-0796 I got a call telling me that the Federal Crime Agent (Joseph Stewart) wants me to call him in reference to AJS-FCIU - And I need to call him and he wanted me to tell him when I would return my call -

Post by Deborah Trujillo,

6464800796 They called me twice today and said they had "allegations" against me for unpaid debts -  The first call they said do you want to take care of this? They didn't give me any details -  They said they were the "Investigation Bureau -"  They left another message later leaving a badge number and said to call back ASAP -  I registered a complaint with the DONOTCALL registry, the FTC and the Nevada Attorney General -

Post by Marie,

646-480-0796 Fraudulent or Zombie Debt Collectors—Things to KnowIf you have received a call stating: - You have defrauded a financial institution - You owe an unpaid payday loan - You have a warrant due to an unpaid loan - You will receive a court summons -  Authorities are coming to arrest you -  Anything similar to above,  a -   Do not give them any information or verify any information for them  b -   Tell them you know they are a scam operating illegally and that you are   filing a complaint with the  appropriate authorities* File a complaint with the FBI on their Internet Crime webpage     www -ic -gov default -aspx* File a complaint with the Attorney General for the state you live inThe more information and complaints there are, the better the chance of getting these criminals to stop (or at least reduce the frequency) -    [abstracted from another site]

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