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Recent Comments for 6463969162

Post by Guest,

6463969162 think this was a "butt" call however, that number doesn't appear in my phone thus , no clue of the caller linked to said number

Post by shelc,

646-396-9162 I just ordered it yesterday charge for - appeared today on my card and got a call from a person that hardly could speak english asking me for payment i told her i was looking at my account charge came out and she wanted to verify my card number i said what number are you calling from she gave me a -- texas number and my caller id said she phoned from -- the --  was the reference on my credit card and i called them (number is in service today_) and they verified charge already went through -  then minutes later i got another call from -- trying to verify my order when i became irrate she said ok your all set and hung up - who knows whats going to happen -  Funny thing is their ad is on this current page where i'm typing -

Post by Guest,

6463969162 I also got a call late at night - I was already in bed so I didn't pick up -

Post by Valkana,

646-396-9162 A computer wanting me to accept a call from an inmate - Based on number: Scam

Post by J.,

6463969162 Straight up fraud - Claim to be a law firm, Johnson and Associates - They will threaten you with criminal charges and that they are going to garnish your wages - Which is illegal to do, and they can not garnish your wages where I live, only the Government can, such as the IRS or student loans -  With me the debt they were calling about was taken care of almost seven years ago -  Didn't even have up to date info, their 'financial investigator' got mad when I questioned her skills as an investigator -  Just report them to your state attorney general -

Post by Guest,

646-396-9162 Spam

Post by Haleth,

6463969162 I'm pretty sure this is a debt collector - I get  calls from numerous debt collectors and schools asking for the same person this guy was looking for - I didn't ask, I don't really care - I just wish they'd all stop calling -

Post by Guest,

646-396-9162 scam do not pay them a DIME they always call my job cell phone

Post by Guest,

6463969162 called about a law suit but has old information over years old - -

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