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Post by Scotty,

6463966367 That's a riot - I received a text saying ( baby you must be a broom cause you just swept me off my feet LMFAO  Wtf how do they get numbers any way fig you wld laugh I did

Post by Guest,

646-396-6367 Leaving sexual text messages and does not answer calls or return messages

Post by AlexAndra Kelley,

6463966367 Do you think it's a virus or some troll

Post by Guest,

646-396-6367 Absurd text - Sent: "Want to see my ? shades of Grrey??"

Post by Guest,

6463966367 It gives me goose bumps just thinking what wiill I do to your body

Post by Ismat,

646-396-6367 This is the exact same text I got on my e-mail - Every word is the same - But I got it from : FB-USER - What the hell is this all about?

Post by Linda,

6463966367 Text message came from -- and said:  Nothing like a man who knows how to whisper sweet "nothings" -The email address associated with it is [email&#;protected] * *

Post by Friend,

646-396-6367 My friend just got a txt from this number with the email [email&#;protected] * * saying, "Are you as beeauuutiiful on the inside as you are on the outside? (txt me back)"I wonder if this what all of the Ashley Madison client emails were sold for lol -

Post by Kate,

6463966367 The text was from a [email&#;protected] * * # -- with the following message :"Nothing like a man who knows how to whisper swweet "nothings"" - Spelt just like that - Like really? Get this off my phone

Post by karen,

646-396-6367 sex text - it said im in bed wanna cam with me -  [email&#;protected] * *     What an [***] wipe -

Post by Scotty,

6463966367 That's a riot - I received a text saying ( baby you must be a broom cause you just swept me off my feet LMFAO  Wtf how do they get numbers any way fig you wld laugh I did

Post by really,

646-396-6367 is it hot in here or just you?haha sexter-it is me

Post by Guest,

6463966367 My message read, send me a picture of yourself so I can tell Santa what I want for Christmas - Sounds like some sort of sexual preditor to me -

Post by Olivia,

646-396-6367 , this person might know all of you, that's why he has your numbers - Somebody said he got this msg - on their wedding day,My guess is he might know the bride or might  date the bride before, so he got jealous of them, then sent msg to disturb them - the phone number is a fake number used to cover the real calling number -,this person has health problem for having real sex, so he has to satisfy himself by strong and dark obscenity - Usually the weaker they are, the dirtier and darker their obscenities are -, This kind of person lives double life, he is very normal or even well accomplished  in social life,  but he is like living in hell on his sexual life -, as for the spelling mistakes, he might be sending them just after using a drug or he was too anxious to care about the spelling -

Post by Midwestern Resident,

6463966367 Got a text from this number asking me for photos of myself so that the sender can "show Santa what I want for Chriiistmas -[sic]" No idea how this person got my number - I do not know anyone in New York or from New York - Blocked the number from future texts -

Post by Ann Gibbon,

646-396-6367 Gross sexual message

Post by Lauren,

6463966367 I got a text message that said,"If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I would be walking thhroough my garden forever -" - - -: weird

Post by Cindy,

646-396-6367 I just jut same message at ; am

Post by Judy,

6463966367 Do not respond to unwanted texts or emails from questionable sources - Several mobile service providers (including AT&T) will allow you to report unwanted spam texts by simply forwarding them to (or “spam”) to enable the providers to prevent future unwanted texts from the specific sender -TIP:Put in your contact list, so you can easily forward those unwanted textsSource:www -fcc -gov guides spam-unwanted-text-messages-and-emailMore info:en -wikipedia -org wiki Mobile_phone_spamblog -usa -gov post protect-yourself-from-text-message-spamHowever, in many cases, the text origin, as seen on your phone, is faked -  The internet domain does not exist, or the phone number may have been spoofed -

Post by Heywood Jablowmee,

646-396-6367 -- - - -I will follow you everywhere , as long as you let me COME with you - - - - - -[email&#;protected] * *     wonder if this [***] knows - -I was headed to the jon - -

Post by TJ,

6463966367 Someone texted me from this address was: [email&#;protected] * * , and the phone number was: (--) and the message was: Are we related? Do you waant to be? (txt me back), googled it to see it was a New York number, I simply chose do not disturbb

Post by Cole,

646-396-6367 Caller text about sleeping in and regreting in the morning - I regret the call period -

Post by Anonymous,

6463966367 dirty sex text to my phone

Post by Lisa,

646-396-6367 (--) Aren't we supposed to get together for a candlelight dinner later tooniight? (txt me back)

Post by jking,

6463966367 Received a text from -- stating I can look at it but not touch like really -Who is this and lose my number JERK

Post by Jay,

646-396-6367 This Number called me and said i will be exhausted by the end of the night WTF 😂😂😂 some kind of sext???

Post by Ismat,

6463966367 I just got this e-mail from the same sender - WeirdFrom: FB-USERHEY Noticed you on FB and was hoping maybe we could hook up -You can find me on here if your interested in at least talking a bit and seeing where things goI just really need to have some fun in my life again and thought you weretext me at --talk soonP -S - the funny part is -my fb account was deactivated for like months

Post by Guest,

646-396-6367 (--) If a star fell for every tiime i thought of you, the sky would be empty - Obviously a scam

Post by Jax,

6463966367 Yeah mine said the exact same at : am

Post by Jotes,

646-396-6367 I received a text @ : a -m saying I sometimes feel like playing with your beautiful hair and other things to    CREEPER

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