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Recent Comments for 6463215479

Post by Tired of these calls,

6463215479 This was a scam call from a man with an accent and a script - He started by telling me that my Windows computer was sending messages to him and that I downloaded a virus from my email - -blah,blah, blah - -The background noise was very loud and based on the accents I believe it was a call center somewhere outside the USA - The caller ID said Lora Fausto -- -

Post by Guest,

646-321-5479 calls today - No message left - Annoying -

Post by Crazy Call,

6463215479 Show a name Laura Faust on taller ID -never leaves a message just keeps calling -BLocked as of now

Post by [email protected] /* */,

646-321-5479 Ditto I am Mac always have been and No Windows B she could say anything I told her SHE was a scam and don't f***ing call me again -

Post by Guest,

6463215479 Repeated calls claiming to be from Windows with heavy accent - Being a computer tech I played dumb to see what they wanted when he asked to remote to my computer I busted him and he hung up -

Post by lak,

646-321-5479 This number called me at : this morningI'm SO pissed

Post by Enough Already,

6463215479 Have received numerous calls from --, showing the caller name as Fausto Lora - They have called at different times of day and eve,then hang up after a few attempts, and do not leave a message -

Post by [email protected] /* */,

646-321-5479 Ditto I am Mac always have been and No Windows B she could say anything I told her SHE was a scam and don't f***ing call me again -

Post by Guest,

6463215479 Heavy accented caller saying I had a problem with Windows and it was important that they fix it - They are calling daily, several times per day - When I told them I was going to report AND sue them he became belligerent and said I could not find him to sue him - Then hung up - The name of Lora Fausto is always on caller ID -

Post by Guest,

646-321-5479 Said from Windows and my computer had a virus - Wanted access to my computer

Post by Guest,

6463215479 Called twice today and a few times last week about a Windows computer issue - Scam -

Post by Richard T,

646-321-5479 One of MANY recent calls in hesitant English offering to correct viruses about which they had been receiving signals from my non-existant Windows computer -

Post by SoHillsPghGuy,

6463215479 Receive multiple calls from  Name on called ID says Lora Fausto - Who are these people and whatdo they want ???

Post by Guest,

646-321-5479 Hang up

Post by Guest,

6463215479 Keeps calling - No messages

Post by Joe,

646-321-5479 The number (Lora Fuausto ??? --) has called at least a dozen times within the past weeks -  I wasn't at home -  However, today I was and a man began to tell me how my computer was being compromised via unathorized files being downloaded and he could help me fix the problem, yada, yada, yada -  I hung up and blocked the number -  BEWARE

Post by Guest,

6463215479 Name of Fausto Lora comes up on ID Total Scam

Post by Crusher,

646-321-5479 I said, "hello" -At first a woman was on the phone, there was a lot of jostling of the phone and she said, "hello?"I said hello again -  She must not have heard me -  In the background were lots of male voices speaking loudly, in what sounded like some sort of India-like dialect -  There was a slight echo, as though the room was quite large -Finally a man who sounded like Apu, the convenience store cashier on the Simpsons, came to the phone and said he was was "calling about my Windows computer -"   When I told him right away I didn't have a computer, he seemed quite disappointed and simply said, "Okay, good-bye -"Obviously the old Windows Scam -  A guy on Youtube recorded people like these -  The scammers walk you through a couple steps to show you so-called 'problems' on your computer -  These 'problems' are normal, common to everyone -Then these seek permission to connect with your computer, so they can 'help you fix all these terrible things' -Once they connect with your computer, you are screwed -  They then demand , , or to fix it -If you refuse to pay their extortion fee to fix the non-existent problems, they trash your computer and probably steal everything they can from it -

Post by Zack,

6463215479 SCAM Calling about your Windows computer - - -heavy accent - Hang up - Don't even try to talk to them - The longer you keep the line open,  the better the chances they get a lead about your privacy

Post by Cindy is sick and tired of it.,

646-321-5479 Wanted access to my computer to fix problem with Windows - I don't have Windows - They have called to times a day for past four days - This time I answered - Said not to call back I knew it was a scam - I called # back from caller ID yesterday - Mailbox was full - Only info given on recording was that I had reached the number I dialed - Something needs to be done to stop these people or make naive people aware of these scams -

Post by fedupwiththeseidiots,

6463215479 i have received calls from this number today (Lora Fausto) -  First time I asked where they were calling from and "Sam" said Dallas TX -  I told him there are laws that state when I request they not call me anymore (as I have done many times from the numerous other numbers they call from) they are to oblige - he hung up -  nd call I said hello twice but there was only static on the other end so must not have had a clear connection - I was going to ask to speak to Lora -  I've tried being nice, nasty, play stupid, asked to speak to someone who spoke English in which the person spoke louder as though I was hard of hearing -  These people are a few fries short of happy meal - My blocked calls are filling up quickly on my phone as there is only room for so many of them -

Post by Awake in SLO,

646-321-5479 Called three times so far today - Since I do not answer unknown numbers, I let my answering machine respond - No message left -

Post by G simmons,

6463215479 Call received am very upsetting

Post by Rita,

646-321-5479 Received numerous calls from this number - Three of the calls I actually answered and I kept saying Hello and I could hear someone breathing, but never answered - The caller ID said Laura Fausto, I tried calling the number back and it says the subscriber you have dialed is not in service -

Post by Guest,

6463215479 said he was from windows -com

Post by Amy Carletti,

646-321-5479 I have never answered this call, but I get several calls a day from this number - I know that it is just another scam company -

Post by Guest,

6463215479 Heavy accent had my name said I had a problem with my Windows program on my computer - Told him he was a scammer and hung up

Post by Tay,

646-321-5479 I get calls from this number literally times a day -  I picked up and just hear that fuzzy white noise, no one even speaks - I put it on my call reject list - So damn annoying -

Post by Guest,

6463215479 They call almost daily wanting to fix Windows PC, which we don't own - We are reporting them to the FTC - We have demanded they do not call, but they do not stop - We'll see what actions will be taken on the FTC complaint -

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