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Recent Comments for 6367333346

Post by chris,

6367333346 i got told the same thing too

Post by fedupwithdebtcollectors,

636-733-3346 credit -about -com od debtcollection a stopcollectors -htm

Post by Guest,

6367333346 sewer

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 Missed call - Left no voicemail -

Post by jwilliams,

6367333346 Nice - - U are so right in this post - Some people just have it made with a silver spoon up their [***] and have no clue what struggle is - - I'd like to shove a few rusty forks up there as well n see if life is still so peachy

Post by just saying,

636-733-3346 these guys called - -told them to call Obama - -he said there would be change and I would get health care at a low and affordable cost - -Hah - -let them work it out

Post by ---,

6367333346 Same case with a relative's visit to the ER - On social security disability with gov - HMO - Once they took the insurance information but did not file with insurance - Another case: they would not take the insurance information before releasing her from the ER - Personnel were not available to take it - When questioned about it they stated they'd have someone come in right away - No one ever came to get the information - Instead of doing their jobs and insuring patient information is being handled correctly they blame the patient for not making sure everyone is doing what is necessary - -after being taken to the hospital via ambulance -

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 Account resolution corporation Medical bills that are real late collection agency

Post by Princess,

6367333346 This is a scam - I inherited a work phone number and they are trying to get money out of me - LOL

Post by PoFolk,

636-733-3346 Hey Mr - Ms - rich and snobbish [***] -  Have you ever lost a loved one, such as a spouse, parent, or sibling and are stuck with their medical bills?  Obviously not -  Or you just in love with yourself and your money? You seem to have had a cushy and or sheltered life -  Just wait, maybe someday you will be in a unfortunate situation and be in the same boat as people who have lost a loved one due to terminal cancer and or a job -  Just sit back, and watch your home theater set-up on your designer sofa in your million dollar mansion or maybe go for a ride in your Mercedes or Jag and think about this one -  It seems like you have alot of money -  Maybe you can donate some of this to the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, AIDS related charities, or a research organization

Post by mstngs,


Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 collections

Post by reynna,

6367333346 same as me

Post by Erin,

636-733-3346 Received a call on my cell phone number that I have had since I started college when I was (I'm this year, so yeah years worth of the same number) asking for someone named Terri (no last name) -  When I advised the woman that she had the wrong number she became very rude and barked my phone number back at me -  I was like, yes that is correct good for you, but this is "my last name" residence (my cell is my home phone, always has been) -  I don't even know anyone named Terri -  She sighed an exasperated and annoyed sigh and hung up on me -  Real professional let me tell you -

Post by jwilliams,

6367333346 Nice - - U are so right in this post - Some people just have it made with a silver spoon up their [***] and have no clue what struggle is - - I'd like to shove a few rusty forks up there as well n see if life is still so peachy

Post by dimples,

636-733-3346 I agree with every else you were out of place

Post by Guest,

6367333346 Sales person

Post by no name,

636-733-3346 I have two jobs and so does my husband so shut it you are ridiculous - Why if they did not call you are you even on this site - Some folks get injured and can not work for awhile and get behind and have special needs children that require special care that cost alot - [***] grow UP

Post by nonya,

6367333346 No you're ridiculous, these people call even if you don't owe or they mistake you for somebody else - They are like roaches, can't get rid of them - In fact, you are probably one of this cockroaches or at least you work for one -

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 No

Post by Guest,

6367333346 This number has called repeatedly for over year - Sometimes leaves message saying to call them but message never includes details just a phone number -

Post by 321,

636-733-3346 , you obviously work for a Collection Agency and are tired of hearing what a low life scumbag you are - Not everyone who fails to pay a bill does so because they choose to - Some people have to choose between paying a bill or buying groceries -Maybe I'll get a second job for a collection agency so I can make condescending statements and pass judgement on people like you obviously like to do - -

Post by Guest,

6367333346 account resolution - Johnson county wastewater collector, but not accurate amount

Post by Jen,

636-733-3346 Wow, abc - Have any idea how karma works?  Lol, its been a few yrs since ur post - - How bout u update us, how badly has karma kicked ur [***]?

Post by cmntr,

6367333346 Sometimes people are in situations where they can't pay certain bills due to VARIOUS reasons - It doesn't always mean they are lazy and without work - If they are without work it's not necessarily because they choose to be - Don't use such blanket phrases, as in most cases, you would find that you don't know what you are talking about

Post by r,

636-733-3346 same as abc said

Post by BAG,

6367333346 Obviously, I can't type -  I meant, I am now paying Cobra insurance prices -

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 Account Resolution Corp - Collection

Post by t james,

6367333346 Rude

Post by wow,

636-733-3346 this is crazy I was in a car accident that was " the other guys fault" and got a call from these jokers - I refered them to my lawyer and they said the same crap that the hospital wanted it ALL NOW and were very threatening, would NOT even take my lawyer information - - it's a bunch of Hoo ee First of all Hospitals NEVER expect payment in full upfront they are always willing to work out payments - - AND I will pay No one who just claims that I owe them something with out going through the proper avenues and producing an itemized and legitiment bill I've heard that like there are people who watch news papers ect - - for birth anouncements, accidents and the like and then make false bills and send them to the people named in the paper - -and people unwittingly pay because they just asume it is a legitiment bill - I think this is the scam these RUDE unprofessional folks are running It has NOTHING what so ever with honest people not wanting to pay what they owe And anyone who suggest we should just be herded to the slaughter probably works for these creeps

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