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Recent Comments for 6365903647

Post by Guest,

6365903647 Collecter i think but i never answer

Post by Louis Camilli,

636-590-3647 Calling - times a day, definitely a computer call as my cell number is on the do not call list

Post by Guest,

6365903647 poopoo

Post by Guest,

636-590-3647 Bill collecter

Post by Juls,

6365903647 I have gotten several calls from this # -  I answered one time and they put me on holdso I hung up -Not sure what they are selling?

Post by Frauded,

636-590-3647 This number is being "Spoofed" by  Delta Outsource Group, a collection agency located in O'Fallon, MO -  They will try and gather enough information to create an account -  Many bank accounts have been drained by this establishment and many "Spoofed" phone numbers have been fraudulently used to aquire information -

Post by angry person,

6365903647 Get calls from this number all the time and they never leave a message -  I researched the number and get a recording saying it is Delta Outsource Group, a debt collector -  I owe no one any money and it is getting annoying -  How can I make these calls stop -  I am on the do not call list -

Post by rob,

636-590-3647 I get calls from this number and -- continuously - -at least times a day on my business phone -  They do not leave messages and when I do answer, there is nobody there -  I have returned the calls and there is nobody there then either -  I am having a really hard time doing business when I am inundated by these callers - -don't know what to do -

Post by Ray,

6365903647 The person that was on the line was SO RUDE - I told them they could leave a message and they proceeded to tell me that I was unprofessional because I wouldn't give them my information - They kept bothering me to give out more information and I wouldn't and finally had to hang up on them because they were so RUDE - UGH - -So, annoying -

Post by C. Aaron,

636-590-3647 Yes that is a great idea blow a whistle into the phone, awsome and fun to get back at the rd party scam scum -

Post by anna,

6365903647 called me

Post by MissDonna,

636-590-3647 Calls my cell phone everyday, lets my phone ring - times then hangs up before my message comes on - Never leaves a message???? Why?

Post by Mystery Woman,

6365903647 Received a call -  No message left -  Grateful for this site -

Post by Lara,

636-590-3647 Doesn't matter - They just hang up anyway -

Post by Anti-Scam,

6365903647 I answered the phone -  A lady was on the phone and said they are delta debt collector -  she said I ordered two magzines a year ago -  I owe something -  I never receive any magzines she mentioned -  I told her leave your company name and phone number -  I will report to FTC -  Then she said she transfer my phone to her boss, then phone was disconnected -  What a scamNever pay the collector any money

Post by Guest,

636-590-3647 Capital One

Post by semper fi,

6365903647 Called today at : pm - No mssg - No idea why because I do not answer calls I do not know who is calling - I assume it is Delta OutSource Group as others have reported calling to garner information -

Post by hawii,

636-590-3647 I don't give a flying peace of crap who calls me on the phone - NO ONE IS GETTING ANY MONEY -  yOU CAN CALL ME UNTIL THE SUN COMES UP - CALLS DON'T BOTHER ME - YOUR WASTING YOUR TIME, CAUSE I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE YOU ANY MONEY -  YOU CAN CALL ME UNTIL I'M AND YOU WILL NEVER GET ANY MONEY - MATTER OF FACT THAT'S ALL YOU CAN DO IS CALL, YOU CAN'T SUE ME, LOL, YOU CAN'T DO NOTHING BUT CALL - SO HAVE AT IT - I'M NOT AFRAID OF A PHONE CALL - AND AFTER YOU CALL ME SO MUCH, I'LL KEEP THE CALLS AND SUE YOUR [***] YOUR TELEPHONE HARASSMENT - Gosh I don't see why people on these boards so afraid of phone calls - I had a very prominent lawyer tell me that a debt collector cannot hurt you, especially after sol, that's all the ammunition they have is to call you - I enjoy the calls cause every time it rights, that's going in my pocket - -you people need to get smart and stop worrying about phone calls - -get another number and only give it to relatives - Get your number unlisted - dON'T BE SO SCARY -

Post by Guest,

6365903647 Just the usual violation of DO NOT CALL lists Their moronic sensibility is very much in evidence -

Post by Guest,

636-590-3647 Nice man calling for bill collection -

Post by joann,

6365903647 call me and times per day for the last - weeks - tired of being interupted all the time - please stop these calls from coming to my phones -

Post by Guest,

636-590-3647 wrong number

Post by Iowa,

6365903647 This is NOT NOT a legit company -  They called saying they were calling from my bank, which is ONLY local, My bank said they definitely are  not legit - Trying to get me to confirm  my birthday and address before they would talk to me, BS - Don't give it they are a trying to get info to hack your accounts -

Post by Short Temper,

636-590-3647 Got two calls from this number and answered the second call - No message was left on the first call - The guy tried to verify personal info and claimed to be from UMB bank -SCAM

Post by bmac,

6365903647 Calls constantly on my cell -  Calls once, and then calls immediately back -  Dont know who this is, need this to really stop -

Post by scamfighter,

636-590-3647 Well actually no there are many other words you could have used, but since you pointed it out and it is against TOS, post reported -

Post by none of your business,

6365903647 official do not call message

Post by Your neighbor,

636-590-3647 Keep getting calls from this number -   only rings a couple times and no message was left -  Have been having my minutes "killed"  by texts and bullcrap calls -

Post by Unbelievable,

6365903647 These idiots days are numbered I am sure -  Hopefully their ridiculous antics will stop soon and then we can all rest -  I am sure they are just another junk debt buyer like so many of thise halfwit companies -  Companies owned by idiots and with idiots working for them -  Good luck on your success -

Post by scott,

636-590-3647 had many calls from this number and they do not say anything when I answer -

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