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Post by Guest,

6362905350 I will be back from burying my mother on Wednesday ill get money from boss then call you - believe me i didn't want any of this to occur sorry

Post by Guest,

636-290-5350 spamming me

Post by judi,

6362905350 this number belongs to National Motor Sales out of Florida - - they called me too, regarding a boat I have for sale on Craigslist - - do you have a vehicle or boat for sale on any sites??

Post by DD,

636-290-5350 Got several calls from this number before I finally answered one -  Talked to an Indian lady and as soon as she told me she was rewarding my loyalty to my credit card w a gas card I said no thanks and hung up -  Got more calls the next day before I answered and talked to an Indian man -  He said he wanted to verify some information -  I asked him where he got his infomation (including the last digits of my cc #) and the more questions I asked the more rude he became -  He was verbally abusive saying "is there anyone there who understands English?" and "you aren't very smart are you?" -  I finally hung up on him as he was yelling and received more calls from the number before I answered again -  This time it was an Indian woman and after minutes of arguing I told her she could have my free gas card and to not call me anymore -  I haven't heard anything since -  (that was days ago)

Post by Guest,

6362905350 Received text messages saying: Hey "EVERY OUTCOME IS GOIN TO BE GREAT" -LEXI:)

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