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Recent Comments for 6362439102

Post by Jean,

6362439102 I dial the number and a recording ask for my digit card number - I Hung up -

Post by BK,

636-243-9102 I've also received of these messages today from , , , -  and more -  I have  T-mobile -

Post by Guest,

6362439102 I got so far from Svereign -b@n -k please call - I called t-mobile to block it and they said i have to pay extra monthly to block it??? Seriously?? Is there any way to stop receiving this messages for free???

Post by michelle,

636-243-9102 got a message frm apache  my husband got the same message times  different senderseach time

Post by Guest,

6362439102 I got around msgs with the same content as Boston, MA and they are keep on coming, wondering if it has anything to do with Android market, but it says also palm@ - just recently bought HP Touchpad, maybe some spam from the mail account , I dont know

Post by OO7,

636-243-9102 How the phrack are they texting from ?  Or is that just a spoofing program or something perhaps online sms translation?

Post by Michael,

6362439102 Just curious, I have T-Mobile - Does anyone have a provider other than T-Mobile receiving these spam texts messages?

Post by make it stop,

636-243-9102 same thing here, i'm in massachusetts as well - the messages are from all these weirdo "apache" or anonymous addresses or whatever, not even sure what it is - I was on the phone with tmobile as well last night a couple of times - not sure what to do as i don't think it makes sense to change my #, i don't know how they got the one i have (i'm on facebook or anything like that) only my friends and family have my number - but at this rate, they're going to burn through my messaging -

Post by make it stop,

6362439102 i'm a tmobile customer too and starting getting these same text messages at pm last night, they continued all night, bascially used up almost text messages - I've done everything tmobile suggested but they won't stop - at this rate, they're going to use up all my text messages Tmobile says that only two options are available, change # or remove text messaging - awesome -

Post by Guest,

636-243-9102 Just found this - how to report spam to T-mobile: - Forward the message to (which spells “SPAM” on most phone keypads) - Please don’t edit the message or add any comments - - We will reply to your message with an SMS confirming we have received it and asking you to send us the number of the original sender - - Please send us the telephone number of the person who sent the spam - We will use this information to help identify who is sending spam and take appropriate action - By reporting SMS spam, you are helping us identify spammers and the messages they send - There is no charge to report mobile spam - Messages forwarded to do not count toward your plan -

Post by Car,

6362439102 I got this too, T-mobile in Worcester () - -Exact same text as posted above -

Post by Guest,

636-243-9102 "anonymous@mail -yspp -or -id call SvereignBn -k <palm@mweail -com> Content-Type: text html Svereign -b@n -k please call () --- -" many times now this has come to my phone - -

Post by make it stop,

6362439102 Bryan, it's not just , i'm - Just like everyone else, these messages started last night about pm (i'm in mass), and i got bombarded - I replied Stop, forwarded to , etc - Basically it added up to text messages last night - they continued all through the night - I finally had to shut my phone off - I only use about text messages a month (obviously not a big texter), but if this keeps up, i can kiss my messages good-bye - it's pointless to change my phone number - plus i've had this number for years, don't feel like changing it - ugh, so annoying -

Post by Stacy,

636-243-9102 Jean I just replied to Sharons message - - not sure if you saw my replay but you should probably call customer service since you called and it said your card had been locked - I dont even have a soverign acct anymore and I recieved the messages - Who ever is sending this text out may be able to get your card info just by your calling because your cell number is part of your acct - Just a thought - Good luck

Post by Poops,

6362439102 T Mobile, Boston, same message -

Post by Guest,

636-243-9102 I got so far from Svereign -b@n -k please call - I called t-mobile to block it and they said i have to pay extra monthly to block it??? Seriously?? Is there any way to stop receiving this messages for free???

Post by Mike,

6362439102 I'm a T-mobile subscriber and I have gotten two of these, I don't use Sovereign Bank, plus the name is written with a instead of an "o", and an @ instead of an "a" - So I disregarded them - Sounds like a scam to me, is there a way to report this?

Post by Guest,

636-243-9102 I got the same as you guys - Hmm - -someone should call them and threaten litigation -

Post by Poops,

6362439102 T Mobile, Boston, same message -

Post by SV,

636-243-9102 I've also received of these messages in the last few hours - I'm with T-mobile - I called customer support for T-mobile and they can't do anything about it - - and I'm charged cents per text message - :(

Post by Kit,

6362439102 Just received one with a media format, with a message saying it was scanned by a virus scanner but they misspelled some things - All have different subject headings, has to do with Apache -

Post by lp11,

636-243-9102 got it too - - scam

Post by calcay423,

6362439102 Receive calls a day -

Post by Stacy,

636-243-9102 HI - - I also recieved atleast of these messages - I have worked for soverign before and they have never sent messages out like this, definitely dont call the number - If you did call the number, you should call customer service number and speak to someone - Make sure that you tell them what the recording said when you called especially that your card had been locked - These people might have gotten your information just by you calling -

Post by TS,

6362439102 T-mobile, Boston Number I have had like in the past hour - They keep texting - I had to turn my phone off its so anoying

Post by DMV~,

636-243-9102 T-Mobile

Post by DMV~,

6362439102 Same thing here (Boston) -  I don't have a Sovereign acct -  Oddly, I activated my Citizen's account tonight, but they don't have my cell, which is where these texts : : : : were sent -

Post by mother dear,

636-243-9102 Don't call my number again

Post by BK,

6362439102 I'v area code and located in Cambridge

Post by John,

636-243-9102 Just got like five nearly-identical text messages in a row, full text   call SOvereignBn -k <[email&#;protected] * * >   [email&#;protected] * * please call () -- --or similar -

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