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Recent Comments for 6315040603

Post by Jennifer,

6315040603 left message saying that I have applied for a payday loan and gave website and code to access money -

Post by Meg,

631-504-0603 These calls come in almost daily very annoying

Post by Lisa,

6315040603 I'm so tired of getting calls from this number Please someone stop these idiots

Post by shelly,

631-504-0603 I get calls from this payday loan company all of the time - I've never given them my phone number, and it has been around ten years since I've even applied for one, and they were from different companies, and I did not have the same phone number then either - It always leaves the same robocall on my answering machine - I just reported it to the FCC, and I would suggest others do the same here: https: consumercomplaints -fcc -gov hc en-us

Post by Guest,

6315040603 Told me I was approved for a payday loan that I never applied for, they want your personal account info don't fall for it SCAM

Post by Guest,

631-504-0603 Loan Scammers

Post by E.,

6315040603 Same message, and I didn't apply for a payday loan either - Probably a scam but I'm not going to be the one to find out

Post by Danny M.,

631-504-0603 Same as everyone else, call saying I've been approved for a payday loan I didn't apply for - Blocked the number -

Post by Guest,

6315040603 Left message saying i was approved for a loan - Never applied for one

Post by 5404613318,

631-504-0603 I constantly receive calls from this number NO I don't want a payday loan and I wished they would stop calling I have put my number on the DO NOT CALL list and they are still calling I have nothing to do with payday loans and its getting on my last nerve

Post by Guest,

6315040603 Stop calling me

Post by Guest,

631-504-0603 stating I've be pre approved for a payday loan that I applied for - spam

Post by Jane M,

6315040603 Call blocker is your best bet and it's a good idea now,  to not pick up on call numbers you do not recognize -   On my landline,  I usually mute the ringer, let it go to VM -  Sometimes I simply pull the plug on the landline for short periods -  Cell phone calls also go to VM -  There's a lot of different ways you can deal with the unwanted calls -There's no way of stopping the calls from being initiated -

Post by Guest,

631-504-0603 payday loan spam

Post by Guest,

6315040603 Keeps calling -

Post by annoyed,

631-504-0603 robo call claiming i've received a loan approval - i did not apply for a loan -

Post by Pat,

6315040603 I didn't answer, robocall left voicemail telling me that I recently applied for a payday loan (I didn't) and that I had qualified for the highest amount , erased voicemail before it got any further

Post by Guest,

631-504-0603 Payday loan scam, New York number -

Post by edward sammut,

6315040603 didnt answer when I called back it took a while for some one to come on phone

Post by Guest,

631-504-0603 About some loan I haven't applied for

Post by Guest,

6315040603 spam for payday loan

Post by Guest,

631-504-0603 Told me I was approved for a loan of dollars - Said go to loan that money -com What A joke

Post by Ashley B.,

6315040603 Got a call from this number this morning saying that I had been pre-approved for a loan even though I never applied - I am so tired of people trying to screw innocent people over for their own benefit - I hope there is a special place in hell for people like this because they make me sick to my stomach -You  can't call them back and you can't even email them to tell them that you never applied because it is a SCAM -

Post by Guest,

631-504-0603 Never give your personal information to any of these hooligans this one is a scam definitely a scam

Post by Guest,

6315040603 payday loan offer recordind

Post by Alesha Dellabaugh,

631-504-0603 got a phone call saying I applied for a loan and I didn't apply for one, tried calling back and said can't complete call

Post by Guest,

6315040603 Hang up call from a telemarketer - From the other comments, it appears to be a payday loan company that I have NEVER contacted -

Post by Guest,

631-504-0603 some recording saying I applied for a loan and was approved - - ya ok

Post by anon,

6315040603 Received a call from this number - I did not apply for a payday loan either -  they refer you to www -loanthatmoney -com - for sure a scam

Post by Guest,

631-504-0603 loan

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