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Recent Comments for 6198634569

Post by seasideroses,

6198634569 that call came in while I was away from my cell phone; they didn't leave a message (as opposed to "massage" as sunny, above, states) -

Post by Ann,

619-863-4569 Called this morning and rang once - No voicemail - -

Post by JT,

6198634569 Called this morning :, no VM

Post by Nobody,

619-863-4569 I am deaf and it came through on my VRS line appearing as a text relay call, very odd - -

Post by Lexi,

6198634569 Just got a call from them, no VM left - My phone did not ring, though - - I wonder if they are trying to get you to call them -

Post by Erik,

619-863-4569 Received a call, nobody there when I answered, no message left -  Has anyone had charges to there phone or anything?

Post by Laura,

6198634569 Call today at :pm (Tennessee), left no voicemail -

Post by Guest,

619-863-4569 Walmart - Added me to a list -

Post by jen,

6198634569 call came in at :pm today, may , , but no message left -

Post by Jason,

619-863-4569 Got a call from this number --Rang OnceNo message: amMay ,

Post by bobo,

6198634569 Just got a call on my cell -  Called back and got the a-cosmo message or something like that followed by a Walmart ad -  I hung up at that point -

Post by L,

619-863-4569 I, too, received this phone call on my cell phone - -no message -

Post by dblock,

6198634569 rang once, hangup -no caller ID - Same as rest, called back blocked number,ask to pay - a month - i hung up -

Post by Gee,

619-863-4569 #called my cell rang only x's no vm was left by caller

Post by rick,

6198634569 called just now no message

Post by 6198634569,

619-863-4569 Call came thru but I didnt answer - Left no voicemail so I called the number back and I believe its nothing more than spam from Hey Cosmo - -luckily I am able to block that number from calling me again -

Post by Florida,

6198634569 just received a call - ring - and then left no voicemail - -

Post by mo,

619-863-4569 Got a call from this number too -  Called it back thinking I missed a call from a friend -  Said something similar to other callers welcome to (?a cosmo), please wait until your record is retrieved -  I hung up -

Post by KC,

6198634569 Call but no MSG

Post by David,

619-863-4569 Left no message -  Don't recognize the number -

Post by Jane,

6198634569 Received a call on my cell phone with no voicemail left -

Post by Rubb,

619-863-4569 One Ring, then hang up, not sure why - sounds like i should be glad I didnt answer - -

Post by Chuck,

6198634569 Call didn't ring, and didn't leave a message -   Happened May , at : PM -

Post by bert,

619-863-4569 call came today but no VM

Post by St. Louis,

6198634569 Received call at :PM CST - Called, Left no VM -

Post by Charles,

619-863-4569 Received a call on cell phone and no message was left by caller -

Post by karate kid,

6198634569 Rang at : P -M - on - Nobody there -

Post by Suzanne,

619-863-4569 Just grabbed my cell phone from charging and see a missed call from this number - Like everyone else, no message left - My cell is on the do not call list too -

Post by Guest,

6198634569 This is spam

Post by Ahh,

619-863-4569 Call can in_no voicemail_ this should be illigal

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