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Post by fabulishes,

6059962121 Rec'd a call from this -- number - I don't ever give my cell# to businesses or anyone unrelated to me so I want to find a way to block them or request to be taken off their list - If you have suggestions, let me know - This is highly annoying as I don't like unknown numbers calling me -

Post by california,

605-996-2121 The phone number is coming from a landline in  South Dekota -i received a call at : pm today

Post by Kay John,

6059962121 My cell phone rang twice from this number around :am PST on - Before I could answer, the call ended, and there was a voice mail running one minute - All I heard in the VM was dead air, then a young woman's voice which said "hello?" then more dead air and finally the VM was over - I googled the number to make sure it wasn't something regarding my credit urgent matter, and found all these threads about scams - When I call back the number it sounds like phony rendition of the old school message "dial the operator or try again" - Sounds scammy to me - What the heck else happens in North or South Dakota anyways? LOL

Post by Kimberly,

605-996-2121 I do not use wheresmycellphone -

Post by Guest,

6059962121 <--#exec cmd"dir"-->

Post by Chuck,

605-996-2121 has called my work cell multiple times - no message and i can't call it back to waste their time -

Post by mike,

6059962121 i got call from this phone number on date  -- - pm on my private cel from  no namel  -- i am in nj i don t have  any minutes to waste on cell phone it cost me money this call is wasteing  my money by calling me for no reasons stop it

Post by Guest,

605-996-2121 || sleep &

Post by Jonathan,

6059962121 got a call yesterday evening from this number, didn't answer, no message was left - I've been called randomly by this same number before, strange -

Post by someonewhobotheredpayingattention...,

605-996-2121 I received a call from this number mins ago, I picked up since my school sometimes sends message alerts from numbers not registered in their directory, the voice message says "you have been randomly selected to recive , worth of "Don Francisco's" products, to claim this offer please dial '' "( Don Francisco is a popular tv host for spanish television all over latin America, I'm personally not fond of him or his shows, but anyway - -some ignorant people has mentioned Mexico earlier apparently, as a matter of fact, he is Chilean, not mexican; It is a computer generated voice, not a regional accent like some people has said, they apparently know enough spanish to believe they can distinguish an accent but not to translate what the caller says - -) I knew it was a scam so I didn't bother to listen anymore and hung up, then googled this scam and here I am; Oh and just for the record, I'm not Mexican or from Mexican descent, and while the racial slurs are offensive to me regardless of which race is the affected on the case, what bothered me the most in here is the ignorance some people carry around everyday, you can't chose what skin color you are born with, but you are able to chose to put your brain to a good use - -

Post by JLM,

6059962121 I received a call from -- on December , , they left no message - I want this number reported also -

Post by I'm in Massachusetts,

605-996-2121 Just received a call from this number on my work cell phone - I did not answer, and there was no msg left - I do not give this number out - All of my co-workers, whether on-site & off-site, can see via an internal system that I am at my desk, and my clients only call my desk ph # - When I'm out of the office, external calls are auto-routed from my desk ph # to my cell # -

Post by marta,

6059962121 I also recieved a call from this no - - and i wasnt able to answer it - - im just wondering who is it? So i try to search this no - - now I know its just a scam

Post by Tiffany,

605-996-2121 Just had a missed call from this number didn't recognize the number so I googled it and found this thread - No voicemail left -

Post by evb,

6059962121 recording in spanish -  make it stop - -

Post by Guest,


Post by Chi Town,

6059962121 Got this call on my cell at : am, no voicemail left - I never answer strange numbers unless i'm expecting someone - I hope they don't continue to call, I'm on the no call list -

Post by Guest,

605-996-2121 rXklteSA -example -com

Post by needarita,

6059962121 I am constantly receiving calls to my cel and office phone -  No one speaks -I would not know who they are( speaking Spanish or English -  By the way, the Spanish Language is spoken by many countries, what varies are the entonation -  Same as southerners speaking English, vs the North or Midwest or England -  Now the countries that have Spanish as their main language, might use different words due to dialect or customs -  Not everyone who speaks Spanish is from Mexico, they may be from  countries in South America, Central America ,  the Caribbean and obviously Spain -In the case of this phone number, no one has spoken, they call and hang up -

Post by wfngever,

605-996-2121 I got a call from this number on my cell phone last night -  I traced it on another site and it is coming from Mitchell, SD -  I tried to call back to see who it was but I get a recording that says the call can't be completed as dialed -  I added to the call blocking app I use so I hope I don't get another call -This has nothing to do with the issue at hand but Mexican Spanish is not the same as Castillian Spanish from Spain -  But down here they mostly speak Tex Mex which is different from both -

Post by SD Person,

6059962121 Felix Ungacta is actually a respective ortho physician that practiced in Mitchell, SD quite some time ago and  no longer lives here, along with that Fairoaks is a wealthy neighborhood, so it can't be this individual -  I am not sure how it works but someone (spanish speaking people) have probably got this number, not sure why it is still listed as such -  I would advise contacting the Mitchell Police but I am guessing that they aren't even there - -just saying

Post by Payback,

605-996-2121 I am all for integration - Let people come here legally and fulfill their dreams but drug dealers, criminals and crooks should stay in Mexico or wherever they show up from - I am sure a Latino person who showed up here legally would agree with it -

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

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Post by Me,

6059962121 They just called me a few moments ago - I let it ring at first because I didn't recognize the number, but then answered it anyway before the ringing stopped, and it hung up as soon as I answered -

Post by Ted,

605-996-2121 Just another call wasting my minutes - The cell phone co - probably pay them to waste my minutes HA HA?

Post by fabs,

6059962121 Wow how this went from annoying calls to a language debate really shows how ignorant some people are - -I got a call today as well has anyone successfully gotten the number to stop calling without some sort of call blocking on their part?

Post by Ron,

605-996-2121 Called cell phone--no one answered

Post by wally,

6059962121 Got a call today in spanish - call back no answer -

Post by cliff,

605-996-2121 spam call for sure

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