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Recent Comments for 6058928695

Post by Guest,

6058928695 no idea who they are as they just keep calling

Post by Mike S,

605-892-8695 Calls several times a week, usually at least once a day - I answered once and there was silence on the other end - I will block it with Ooma -

Post by Guest,

6058928695 they call every day - never leave a message, don't answer if you speak to the, I have yelled at them to not call back and they still call - they need to be fined out of existence and sent to jail

Post by Guest,

605-892-8695 I have received a phone call from this person at least once a day this past days I finally got fed up and answered even though I don't know anyone in Belle Fourche South Dakota and it sounded like a soft spoken woman said something in Japanese and hung up - I don't know what their racket is but I wish they would leave me alone in Arizona -

Post by M,

6058928695 Numerous calls asking for delivery verification

Post by Elpk,

605-892-8695 Received call from this number -  Don't know anyone in SD so I let the Answering machine  pick up -  They hung up -  No message -  WASTE OF TIME -

Post by Dudne,

6058928695 I too, no longer take the AZ Republic and as soon as the subscription was cancelled, I received many sales calls referencing the newspaper, including calls from this number - I asked on multiple occasions to be put on their "do not call list" but still the calls come every couple of days and have been ongoing for months now - Tell your wife, being discourteous to someone who will not respect your wishes is not being rude, they are being paid to be rude to you -

Post by Kim,

605-892-8695 These people have been calling twice a day for weeks between am and pm - Never answer -

Post by Chris,

6058928695 This number calls - times a day -  Complete scammers I have blocked this number and hope it works -

Post by Guest,

605-892-8695 continuous call, when called back, number no longer in service, this is harrassment

Post by No Name,

6058928695 They get any kind of an answering device, odds are likely they'll keep bothering you - Shut them down and ignore any unknown calls or try blocking the number - A call blocker may be of some value -

Post by nb,

605-892-8695 I've gotten several calls from this number over the past week or - No message, and I always screen calls from numbers I don't recognize - Our phone leverages Caller ID to block unwanted calls - I just turned it on for this number - hope it works -

Post by Guest,

6058928695 Calls during dinner multiple times, called back and no one answers on other end - This calling have been going on forever -

Post by Guest,

605-892-8695 Third time in hours - Whatever happened to the do not call list?

Post by Kathy Martin,

6058928695 I continue to receive calls from -- but no one is on the other line -  When I called it, I received a message stating "welcome to verizon wireless,  the number you have called has changed, disconnected or no longer in service

Post by Guest,

605-892-8695 Go away I'm on the do not call list

Post by Darla,

6058928695 We have gotten or calls from this number every day - I let the answering machine pick up the call and there is never a message - Caller Id is Belle Fourch SD -

Post by sam,

605-892-8695 listen you guys, why be a victim?  let each one of us call this number back at odd hour, it call:  PAY back the b - -, he she it have so much time on their hand, they wanted some attention, give it back to this number -  that's the only way not to be a victim of these scam call

Post by Pissed,

6058928695 This loser named Melody ( yea, right) said she needed to confirm a delivery, could I help her with that - I just laughed and she hung up - Try to keep the schmucks on the phone as long as possible to waste their time along with run up a long distance phone bill -

Post by Ken Stakis,

605-892-8695 strange call wanting to know if I got some coupons with my paper yesterday - I hung up when she wanted to verify my address -

Post by Kimo,

6058928695 Just got another call from this number wanting to know if I could help them - Didn't answer phone - First call from them was on June , something about a delivery and wanted to know if I received it - Did not pick up -

Post by Guest,

605-892-8695 we get calls every day from this number - I don't answer and they don't leave a message -

Post by Doris,

6058928695 This same thing has happened to me today -  Caller said I had a delivery -  I have not ordered anything to be delivered -  Another time no one answered -  Called the number back and says it is disconnected -  What a pain -

Post by Mary,

605-892-8695 Received several calls from this number -  When they didn't stop, I decided to pick up -  One was a lady wanting to check on a delivery -  I told her not to bother calling back, but they did tonight again -  Others say to call a - number to stop the calls -  Another time they just stay on the line listening to you say "hello" over and over again -  I hope somebody catches these creeps and prosecutes them

Post by MRS. WOOD,

6058928695 They keep calling, wants to verified address for delivery-------i have not ordered a anythingTthe number is  ------------

Post by Guest,

605-892-8695 One time it's a recorded message - One time a woman said she wanted to check if I received a delivery - Another time they hung up after I said "hello" three times - I called back the number from my Caller ID and got a message that the number had been changed or disconnected - Someone, PLEASE report them and make it STOP

Post by Guest,

6058928695 These clowns are gonna have to go back to pick in' through garbage, pretty soon - They call several times a day, and like everyone on here, I'd like to give 'em something, and it ain't money - I just forward their calls to another bunch of these types of crooks - Maybe they can infect each other -

Post by Guest,

605-892-8695 -- Received calls from this number in last days - Always no one there when I pick up - A poorly programmed automated caller, I presume -

Post by Guest,

6058928695 This number calls everyday with no one on the other end - They are starting to spook my wife, I guess it's time for a police report -

Post by Guest,

605-892-8695 Same complaint as everyone else - Calls every day No message - No response if one does answer and phone company says # has been changed, disconnected or is no longer in service FCC needs to be notified -

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