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Recent Comments for 6058652870

Post by Guest,

6058652870 This number can't be called yet they call me to lower my interest rate - My number is on the do not call list -

Post by Tired,

605-865-2870 I received a call from -- and the guy on the phone said he was from Discover credit card services - By knowing I don't have a Discover credit card I followed the prompts and pushed for a representative - As I TRIED to explain that I don't have an account with them, he hung up on me - I tried to call back and it's a non working number So I called Discover and they have no information of mines and could not understand why their name was being used - I gave them the number so they can research it and try to stop or even sue these scum bags -

Post by Charlie,

6058652870 Just received a call from this number saying "Please don't hang up - This is an important message about your Discover account - -" - Then went on about reducing rates on credit cards - Same scam as always -

Post by do not ignore,

605-865-2870 it will only slow down when all of us tell them that we are aware of their scam -

Post by Guest,

6058652870 hang up caller

Post by Julie,

605-865-2870 so sick of getting calls from 'card services' but somehow they don't even know which cards you have and they immediately hang up when you ask to be put on do not call list -

Post by stop idiots,

6058652870 credit cards have fraud protection - Record the calls - The credit card processing company must have a copy of their telemarketing script - Thats how you catch them - The cc proceeaing co - can also be sued they know -who the offender is -

Post by Guest,

605-865-2870 Nuisance call

Post by Guest,

6058652870 Called my cell, didn't answer

Post by KillScammers,

605-865-2870 Credit Card Services Scammers call every week - - - - - - -They want to steal your and get your credit card number  Their return phone number is useless - - - - -They change their phone numbers to avoid getting caught  The no call list doesn't work with these crooks - - - - - - -  Wish I can wipe them off this planet - - - - - - -

Post by Guest,

6058652870 These people are the worst of the telemarketers - We have been receiving - calls a week on all our phones for over years - Calls on cell phone, unable to block and they change numbers frequently - Averages - calls per week - Same complaints as all the others below -

Post by Potential Victim,

605-865-2870 This is the same call I get from several numbers - I have been getting these calls for over years - There is a recorded message claiming they are "card services" and can reduce my debt - All I have to do is give them my card number - If I do anything other than give them digits and an expiration they hang up or curse me out - The last time I spoke with them I told them to stop calling and he replied "we will never stop calling [***]"

Post by Guest,

6058652870 Want to lower my interest rate on my credit card - Call - times a week - I've pressed and ask the man that answers to take me off the call list - And he tells me F----- Y------ and laughs -

Post by MickMc,

605-865-2870 Robo-call annoyance -  Not a legitimate caller -  Called back to tell them to remove my number and get busy signal (probably robo calling the next sucker on the list) -

Post by Laura,

6058652870 I am on somekind of spammer's list, because for the last months I have been getting these "lower your interest rates" scam phone calls -

Post by Guest,

605-865-2870 Spammer credit card crap -

Post by Guest,

6058652870 Hang up

Post by Donna,

605-865-2870 called times when I was on the other line (on cell) called back and "your call cannot be completed as dialed"  We are on the DO NOT CALL LIST---OBVIOUSLY that doesn't work

Post by Cyndi,

6058652870 Just received a call  no one on other end -  called back it says # is not in service - - -  Very annoying and irritating as I'm on a do not call list and they continue to call

Post by Guest,

605-865-2870 Telemarketer calling for Discover card - I do not have a Discover card and i am listed with DoNot Call - Tried to call back and operator saud number is not valid -

Post by Guest,

6058652870 No answer - Spoof call

Post by chris,

605-865-2870 also got the call fro "Rachel"  when I stayed on the like and asked someone to nicely by the way " to remove me frrom their call list"  I was told to "F_ _ K  Off" -  Won;t answer anymore -

Post by airknocker,

6058652870        I just tell them to get back to selling [***] on the  corner - have a nice day -

Post by Guest,

605-865-2870 I received -calls from this number and when I try and call back (calls came to my landline and cell phone); they operator informs me my call cannot go through

Post by Mary T,

6058652870 Tired of Rachael calling RBO call of course I have learned to not answer of I don't recognize the area code Don't need to spend my minutes on an idiot - - I am on a do not call list why did I bother to sign up it doesn't work

Post by Kate - please add to previous post,

605-865-2870 -- The recording to hang on the line  for credit card services, is the exact same recording each and every time, EXACT, no matter what number they are being directed through, funneled through,  however, it is always an offer that nothing is wrong with my card, however blah blah blah - - - - - -

Post by TK,

6058652870 Annoying Fricking calls - I thought there was suppose to be a NO CALL LIST

Post by Guest,

605-865-2870 Called but did not response and just hung up -

Post by Patricia,

6058652870 Keep getting calls from this number finally answered and it was a recording from Rachel from card holder services - Pressed one to tell them to take me off list and guy told me to go F(*K myself

Post by James Long,


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