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Post by Guest,

6058348470 Fraud - Spam

Post by Juan,

605-834-8470 Calls almost every day -  Wish their little computer dialer would explode -

Post by Guest,

6058348470 bogus credit card scam to "lower your interest rate"

Post by Jim B,

605-834-8470 Same as above: "I'm on all "Do Not Call" lists - A woman, named Rachel, continues to call (recorded message) "to lower my credit card interest rate" - If I press "" to speak to a human and tell him I want my name removed from their data base he immediately hangs up -" Rec'd the exact same robocall later the same day from a line in Arkansas -

Post by CreditManager,

6058348470 >>  Can you please explain what a "spoofed" number is - -in the same entertaining way -   <<Maybe not as entertaining - - but certainly educational:We can no longer believe the phone number we see on our caller IDs (CID) belongs to the person who called  The bad guys are now using easily accessed technology to "spoof" the CID numbers, so their real number does not appear -The problem has gotten so bad, the US government actually passed an Act, called "The Truth in Caller ID Act of ", making such spoofing illegal -  See www -fcc -gov guides caller-id-and-spoofingfor more information -The FCC adopted that Act in June, , stating that violators could be fined up to , for each violation -However, the bad guys are ignoring this law - - after all, they are criminals, and that is what criminals do -  Although we now have a "law" against spoofing, it is very difficult to enforce it -So, if you see a CID number on your phone when you are called by some scammer or telemarketer, it might not belong to the scammer  It might be the number of some unsuspecting third party - - or, it might be one of those numbers that charge (plus about per minute) if you call it back -

Post by Guest,

605-834-8470 Only option was to press "to speak to a representative about lowering interest rates -" Instead, I pressed to speak to a representative about taking me off their call list - The woman who answered hung up - Clearly spam - Beware

Post by Guest,

6058348470 called me times in hours - blocked them - didn't answer

Post by Guest,


Post by RT,

6058348470 What is the name of this Obama appointee? Otherwise I'll assume you are making this up -

Post by eileen cross,

605-834-8470 do not want this number calling me it is harrassing

Post by Guest,

6058348470 Fraud - Spam -

Post by Guest,

605-834-8470 Stop calling cell phone numbers that have not requested your services -

Post by bnf,

6058348470 i want to be on the do not call list for this number -  multiple times per day -

Post by TD,

605-834-8470 This is credit card services -  There is currently no problem with your credit card - - -

Post by Guest,

6058348470 credit card spam

Post by Guest,

605-834-8470 credit card spam caller

Post by RT,

6058348470 What is the name of this Obama appointee? Otherwise I'll assume you are making this up -

Post by Guest,

605-834-8470 credit card fraud

Post by Peter Signorelli,

6058348470 Credit Cards - - - - - - - -I have  None,  Do Not use them  an  I am NOT  in Debt -

Post by Guest,

605-834-8470 card services annoying

Post by Sandy O,

6058348470 I just received a call from these lousy SOBs on my CELL PHONE -  Bad enough that they aggravate me constantly (daily) on my home phones, but now they are calling my cell phone which is costing me money through minutes -  When I tried to call the number back, it was disconnected -  It's too bad that execution is not the allowable punishment when these SOBs are apprehended -  

Post by Dallas,

605-834-8470 Just got my first call from this number, but get regular calls from a variety of scammers -  So many that I no longer answer the phone unless I know the caller's name & number -  Just let the machine answer -  Anyway, they stayed on the line a few moments, then hung up -  No message, only background static -  The DNC won't stop auto dialers of any kind, predictive or otherwise -  So far as that goes, there is no enforcement behind the DNC, so being on the list doesn't accomplish much -  The best you can do is probably some form of call blocking -  But even that won't always work since the folks behind all of this are using fake numbers -  Found out the other day that there are some places in the world where folks can fill in any phone number they want in the caller id set up -  The number doesn't have to be a that phone's number, doesn't even have to be a valid number for the country a lot of this stuff originates in -  So you may see what looks like a valid digit U -S - number on your caller id when the call actually originated far, far away, though not all that long ago -  It the number called gets answered, it is my understanding that the callers can then spoof that number in the country of origin, and not have to pay international rates for future calls -Makes me wonder if it's time to get rid of all phones - -

Post by Guest,

6058348470 Trying to get cc info - Blocked the number - High spam alert -

Post by cK,

605-834-8470 Got a call from this number with the same story as above - I hung up - I then got a call and it was my phone number on caller ID - When I picked up, it was the same message as other phone number - I pressed to talk with a live operator - They insisted it wasn't a scam - I told them to remove my number - After telling them x, they hung up on me - -

Post by Guest,

6058348470 bloxk

Post by Candace Lodrige,

605-834-8470 Not sure who this was or what company - I wasn't getting good signal and they hung up -

Post by Guest,


Post by Cassie,

605-834-8470 i reported them to the do not call registry  https: complaints -donotcall -gov complain

Post by Ivan,

6058348470 Scam

Post by cheryl gentile,

605-834-8470 I called back and it says it's disconnected

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