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Recent Comments for 6057866337

Post by Guest,

6057866337 Sales

Post by Sarah,

605-786-6337 They have called twice in the past days - They have not left a message and I have not answered -

Post by Meg,

6057866337 They are using a spoof Verizon number, which tells you right away that they are not legit - They call me every day on my cell, which is on the do not call list - I have reported them to Verizon who said there was nothing they could od - They don't leave messages on my phone - They just call - You'd think that after days of my not answering they might give up - but they don't - FTC is my next stop -

Post by Guest,

605-786-6337 I got the same message

Post by Guest,

6057866337 I receive a call from this # around am every morning - The research I've done on it so far reveals that it is indeed from Blackhawk, SD and is a cell that is routed through a landline - The call back on it results in a recording that informs one that it is a verizon cell phone and that this particular # has been changed or disconnected - What it appears to be is someone setting people at live #s up for future scams -

Post by Guest,

605-786-6337 They call every day & night

Post by Guest,

6057866337 Spam

Post by james,

605-786-6337 I got a call from this number but they were trying to scam me out of some money - I hung up -

Post by James Pfaff,

6057866337 Stop calling -  I'm on to you - - - -

Post by Guest,

605-786-6337 They are asking for the wrong person jeffery grey

Post by Guest,

6057866337 Sales call

Post by rita,

605-786-6337 This number called but left no message - When I called it back a few minutes later, to find out who had called me, a message from Verizon told me, "This number has been changed, disconnected, or is no longer in service"  If the number's disconnected or not in service, how did someone use the number to call me a few minutes ago? Weird -

Post by Guest,

6057866337 The don't talk

Post by Jen,

605-786-6337 This number has called me days in row and wont leave a message

Post by kay,

6057866337 This number keeps on calling me - I haven't answered it though - They used to call me last year but them they stopped - Now they're calling me once or twice a day around : P -M -

Post by just4fun,

605-786-6337 I keep getting calls from this number and they never leave a message -  Anyone know how to stop them???

Post by Guest,

6057866337 Unsolicited call

Post by Rugrat,

605-786-6337 These people keep calling -  I sent a text informing them I was on the  "Do Not Call  Registry" -  If they continue to call I will report them to the FTC -

Post by MAF,

6057866337 Calls every day, sometimes twice a day - -Got one last nite at pm - I refuse to answer when I see this number on the phone screen - -no message ever left either -

Post by Sue,

605-786-6337 This number has called me two days in row no message -On my cell phone that only my daughter and brother has the number

Post by lynn,

6057866337 Number keep calling i would like them to stop it

Post by Guest,

605-786-6337 They asked "Is this (my name)? I said yes - And they hung up -

Post by Guest,

6057866337 Nothing

Post by Guest,

605-786-6337 there also talking about credit cards wanting your info

Post by annoyed,

6057866337 This is the National Bank Card Monitor - I guess it's a "legitimate" company, but they will ultimately screw you out of a lot of money - I told them I was on the Do Not Call Registry (because I am) and that if they called me again I'd report them to the Federal Trade Commission and they said they'd take me off the call list - It shut them up pretty quickly - Prior to me actually speaking to them I was getting on average about missed calls a day from them -

Post by gribbin,

605-786-6337 anyone know how to stop this?  They call my husand daily

Post by hc,

6057866337 They just called me twice today -  The first time I missed the call, which I do not regognize the number -  Then when I went in the internet to look out for this number they happen to call again and they said it was so and so from some company in reference to a credit card and they could lower the interest rate,  I told them I was not interested -  Lets see if they call me again -  I will continue to monitore these calls -

Post by Guest,

605-786-6337 Sales

Post by Bad Bob,

6057866337 This number called at least times - when you call it back says verizon and not working - area code is South Dakota prefix is Rapid City - Numbers like this is why I only answer for numbers I know - They leave no message - No Message no call back -

Post by Guest,

605-786-6337 Be Call # Times if I DON'T kNOW The Area code I Don't Answer But today I Did All Was Said good Sex Hung up I don't want to be charge It was A cell phone wireless Call Call Back and said NUMBER was not working

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