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Post by Guest,

6057313808 I don't know why they keep calling -

Post by Y,

605-731-3808 It's a collections agency, in my case for the Citibank loans that I fell behind on due to my financial situation -  What really irks me is that they call every day several times a day  I usually just ignore them, but once in a while I pick up and update them on my situation, i -e -, yeah, I just sent you a check, now can you back off for a couple of days?  I mean, I am trying to pay it off by sending any extra money - - I can't really take away from my rent, gas and food money, right?  Anyway, sorry to vent here, but I just wanted to let you know that whether you pick up the phone and talk to them or you ignore them and just do your thing (i -e -, try to pay it off to the best of your ability), they will be harassing you several times a day -  The other day they called me at : a -m -  And when I called back and told them that I got a call from them at : a -m - they were like, we have NO RECORD of that phone call -  Really? Well, it woke me up and I know your number, MFer -   FEDERAL LAW (Title , chapter ) is clear that they can call you only between the hours of am and pm YOUR local time -  If you are repped by an attorney, they cannot contact you (they have to know or be able to readily ascertain your attorney's name contact) - If you send them a cease and desist letter, they may not contact you for the purposes of requesting that you pay off the debt -  In that case they can only contact you to let you know that they are either terminating their efforts or invoking special remedies against you -  They cannot use threats of violence against you or your property or use profane language -  They cannot continuously let the phone ring to annoy you - There are cases where the judge would allow the claim of "offensive calls" where the debt collector called over times within months (I would not entirely rely on that case, but it's a good starting point) -  Also, they have to disclose their identity, adn cannot leave you voicemails without disclosing who they are - With this particular entity I noticed that they: () do not disclose their identity (in voicemails) or pretend that they are Citibank (when I talk to them); () they clearly called at : a -m - yesterday; () the last person I spoke to was raising her voice at me and essentially playing good cop bad cop with me which made me think she might be severely bipolar; () they call A LOT -  I have not written a cease and desist letter to them, but I will soon -  I would suggest keeping a log of calls from them with times, phone number (it probably will be the same number all the time), and whether they disclosed their identity, and whatever you may think would be important should you ever bring a case against them (in federal court) -  Good luck

Post by Laura,

6057313808 This is from a scammer posing as Citibank -  Do NOT give them your information, SSN, money, etc -  Only give out this information to REAL Citibank members by calling the number listed on the Citibank website - I'll admit that the actual Citibank can be a pain in the [***] to deal with, but these guys are giving them an even worse name -  The best you can do is try to block this number -

Post by Guest,

605-731-3808 Citibank Student Loans

Post by Guest,

6057313808 Nothing

Post by Guest,

605-731-3808 They won't leave a name of who they are or what they are calling in regards -

Post by Guest,

6057313808 money loan payday loans

Post by Guest,

605-731-3808 Trying sell products over the phone

Post by Kaz,

6057313808 Collection Agency for Capital One -  Used to call once a day, now is up to sometimes - Can be very rude -

Post by Guest,

605-731-3808 That better call them back real rude

Post by Guest,

6057313808 Just a recorded voice apologizing for not being able to speak with me personally and to return their call - Nothing else -

Post by Guest,

605-731-3808 Nothing

Post by Guest,

6057313808 They call all day and night

Post by Guest,

605-731-3808 Viagra

Post by sherry,

6057313808 I received a call from this number, but on the other line, all it said was "I'm calling with an important message, hold please -" and it kept on that loop before I hung up -

Post by irritated in az,

605-731-3808 It is not capital one - It is citibank student loans- they've called at :, :, :, and : - Apparently these morons get off on harassing people ever hour on the hour and not leaving voicemail messages - I'm filing a complaint with the FCC - These undereducated rubes are irritating as all get out -

Post by Guest,

6057313808 Bill collection

Post by Guest,

605-731-3808 Just a recorded voice apologizing for not being able to speak with me personally and to return their call - Nothing else -

Post by HollieK,

6057313808 Called them a day ago and set up a payment arrangment, and today I have gotten calles in hours from these people - I got a loan from them for school and they managed to loose of the   i was approved for - Now they won't stop calling me?? I answer and they are rude trying to tell me they are going to make me sell my car or my house if I don't pay them right away, yet I have yet to see part of my finincial aid package -

Post by jeff,

605-731-3808 If it is capital one, not only have I not have anything to do with them for four years, but I also paid off the balance for that card four years ago - If capital one's trying to bilk money from me, good luck

Post by z,

6057313808 In my case it is Citibank for an unsecured student loan - After talking with them, updating personal info, describing my situation, etc -, they informed me they still have to place calls to my number -  They call anywhere from - times per day, almost every day, even on Halloween - I'd like to learn what the laws are for them calling this much, as it is way too much and way too often -

Post by Guest,

605-731-3808 Spam

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