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Recent Comments for 6054960698

Post by Guest,

6054960698 calls asking for possible past owner of my current phone number, continues to call despite being told they have wrong number

Post by Guest,

605-496-0698 keeps calling my phone - Mr - Number FTW -

Post by Guest,

6054960698 verizon

Post by Penny,

605-496-0698 I hate verizon

Post by Penny,

6054960698 I had the same problem -  I called verizon I forget the name of the person who they asked for -  Now they will not tell me -  I would post his name everywhere -  I have so many calls on my rejection list from veriozon, and now I'm blocking them online -

Post by Penny,

605-496-0698 I had the same problem -  I called verizon I forget the name of the person who they asked for -  Now they will not tell me -  I would post his name everywhere -  I have so many calls on my rejection list from veriozon, and now I'm blocking them online -

Post by Guest,

6054960698 Picked up once, asked me for someone named Zachary - I said I knew no one by that name, and they hung up - I've been getting non-stop calls times a day after that -

Post by Guest,

605-496-0698 Verizon sales call - - I don't even have a verizon phone

Post by Guest,

6054960698 This number calls several timesca day asking for my husband then hangs up - Very annoying - Plz stop thid number - Thank you

Post by Guest,

605-496-0698 leaves voice mail "I like to keep you waiting I'm still trying to connect I just called to monitor and recording yesterday with John Goshen I love you" WTH??

Post by paul,

6054960698 they call me once a month a don't leave a message - would like them to stop - If I ever actually speak to them I'll ask them for their information so I can verfiy they are legitimate - I'll also identify myself as a national security office who is prohibited by law from divulgiing information and need to know how they got my informaton

Post by dontgothere,

605-496-0698 don't know who it is but if it IS Verizon they are calling the wrong number on this one - called a BUSINESS line which is through AT&T and has been for a VERY VERY long time -

Post by Guest,

6054960698 Collector, started asking very personal questions being a smartass

Post by Jen,

605-496-0698 If you listen to the prompts, there is an opportunity to alert them that they are calling a number that does not belong to the debtor any more -

Post by PAM,

6054960698 ENOUGH

Post by Brian Shracta,

605-496-0698 What is your perpose for the calls

Post by Guest,

6054960698 Keeps calling me -leaves no message - -if I don't know the number and they don't even leave me a message then I'm not going to pick up or return the call -

Post by Guest,

605-496-0698 I called them back and they said they were IC Systems - they were looking for someone else and I asked them to stop calling since it is my yr old daughters phone - lame

Post by WJD,

6054960698 This place calls constantly, even though I am on the National "Do Not Call" Registry -  Verizon, apparently answers to no one -

Post by Guest,

605-496-0698 Calls and hangs up

Post by Guest,

6054960698 spammm

Post by does not matter,

605-496-0698 call the number back, that's what I did

Post by brian shracta,

6054960698 what is your perpose for calling

Post by Diana,

605-496-0698 I will have to try this  haha

Post by auntie,

6054960698 stop calling

Post by kevin,

605-496-0698 This worthless company is calling me instead of someone who changed their number to not get these calls and yet i am stuck with them calling - They call me once a day and it goes straight to voice mail - I love how on their site they have a contact page with customer complaints being on of their query options but the link is "broken" -

Post by AB,

6054960698 They keep calling and NEVER leave a message -  Tried to call them back twice and followed prompts that led to an automated "we have an important message for you" and then nothing - disconnected the call - twice -  I don't have Verizon and I have had my number with my carrier for years -  Lord only knows why they keep calling me, but now they are now blacklisted and their calls wont bug me anymore -  

Post by Guest,

605-496-0698 wrong number ma am

Post by Guest,

6054960698 this number calls constantly and does not leave a message

Post by mark,

605-496-0698 these people call me all day long -  I have informed them to place me on their do not call list, as in my state trying to secure a debt through a cellular phone is illegal -

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