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Recent Comments for 6054379457

Post by Summer,

6054379457 If I do not recognize a number, I do not answer - If the caller does not leave a message, I do just what I am doing now - - -research the number, in this case, () - on-line for information -  My cell has the capability to screen  using a "harassment filter -" I have had no problem using the harassment filter with other numbers from different locations, however, the harassment filter could not capture this number

Post by Rebecca,

605-437-9457 Called, did not answer, no vm, called back got recording with screeching like fax number and "number is disconnected or no longer in service -"

Post by Guest,

6054379457 no se quien es ni me interesa

Post by Bipul,

605-437-9457 Just received a call from this number - I did not answer and no message was left -

Post by George,

6054379457 I got a call and answered it -  The voice on the other end appeared to be a computer generated voice - When I said "hello" several times, it said "hello" back - It said "how are you" and I said the same several times - Finally, I said, "I am fine - Are you a computer?"  To which the voice replied " f*** you, you "SOB" -  I never ascertained whether it was a person or a computer -May their hell consist of an unrelenting series of profane robocalls - - -

Post by Eric,

605-437-9457 I listened and pressed - Some, English not the primary langauge person, tried to sell me some garbage - I hung up -

Post by Jose Flores,

6054379457 Received a call from this number to lower my interest rate on a card -

Post by jim,

605-437-9457 they called my cell and when I answered no one was there -

Post by Pickles,

6054379457 NEVER EVER CALL BACK  There are some scammers who purposely do not leave a message and when you call them back, you rack up HUGE phone charges -

Post by nathan,

605-437-9457 Just got a call and didnt pick up

Post by C,

6054379457 Received a call from this number with no message; wasn't near my phone and I avoid numbers I don't know anyway -  Apparently came from South Dakota -    

Post by also,

605-437-9457 also, from Herreid, SD, I did not answer and no msg was left -

Post by Pickles,

6054379457 Save yourself some aggravation and block the number at the first call -

Post by Jason,

605-437-9457 No message

Post by Guest,

6054379457 Scamer

Post by Guest,

605-437-9457 Leave a comment about the caller here

Post by Athena,

6054379457 I got a call from this number - The recording said, "your credit card rates are going to increase, please dail -" I knew it was a telemarketer so I dialed and the line connected to an East Indian guy - I had a few choice words for him and he hung up in my face -

Post by Guest,

605-437-9457 Called then didn't say anything when I called back phone was disconnected this all happened in a matter of mins

Post by Gloria,

6054379457 Just got a call and no one on the other end -

Post by Guest,

605-437-9457 This is no longer a working number

Post by Guest,

6054379457 fraudulently represents they can lower your credit card rate, and when asked to be put on the do not call list gets irate and threatening over the phone -

Post by Yadagoy,

605-437-9457 I did exactly the same thing -  They called, no answer, I called back, and it says that it's been "disconnected" -

Post by Guest,

6054379457 Credit card agency asking to contact regarding lowering interest payment

Post by Guest,

605-437-9457 I don't even have a credit card

Post by Eni,

6054379457 Called my cell phone and I did not answer, since I did not recognize the number -  Left no voice mail -

Post by Li,

605-437-9457 Called my cell phone - No message left

Post by vell,

6054379457 Dont know who it is

Post by Guest,

605-437-9457 Please do not call my cell phone -- or my home -- you are too many times and If you do not STOP I will contact other means to cease this calling - I am not buying anything from you now -

Post by Tr,

6054379457 I informed the FBI and also tracked the call to it's original location, scammers are stupid -

Post by cindy,

605-437-9457 same here, i called it back and sounded like a fax machine

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