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6053408100 western union money scam

Post by mike,

605-340-8100 Another number for Five Star Logistics...Just as confused as the last caller(seriously, FSL, if you read this, you're not gonna get ANY business handing your cold calls this way.)"Do you have the name of the employee you need?""No, but shipping.""Without the name, I can't transfer you.""Uh....John?""Which one?""I dunno, anyone in shipping.""Without the name, I can't transfer you, But I have an email address where you can send any information.""What information.""Your company information.""We don't work with you, we just want to see if you have extra loads for us to pick up.""I understand that, but I can't patch through cold callers. I can give you an email address where you can send any info, though.""Sure, I can give you my email...""No, I can give you an email address, and YOU can send US stuff. YOU'RE the solicitor."So, I gave it to him, and he has such a poor grip on who he was calling that she BUTCHERED the name.Next time they call, I'm asking to be added to their DO NOT CALL list.

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6053408100 harrassment.

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