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Recent Comments for 6052713454

Post by Me mike,

6052713454 It's a collection company -

Post by Guest,

605-271-3454 Calls all the time all hours of the day when i -m trying to get some rest never leaves message and noone is there if i pick up

Post by Unexpected,

6052713454 I received a call from this number, it asked if I wanted to "hold, press or stay on the line" so I stayed on the line and then it said "all operators are busy, please hold" so I did and five minutes later I hung up - I called it back and they refused to give me any information about who they were or what they wanted - I don't have any bills or collections so they whole thing seemed weird - I filed a complaint with the FCC, I'm on the Do Not Call List - They didn't identify themselves, it was pre-recorded initially and I haven't signed up for anything in the last decade - Total BS, don't take 'STUFF'  from people like this -

Post by NotTalking,

605-271-3454 Called this number by mistake -- respondent refused to give name of company unless "we did business" -- sounded fishy, slimy and like any products would be shipped in a 'plain brown wrapper' -  I hung up -  Recommend anyone block this number -

Post by Guest,

6052713454 no sound, no answer, just emptiness in the other line -

Post by Guest,

605-271-3454 Calls very week all different times of day and never left messages

Post by Guest,

6052713454 Called me at am

Post by Guest,

605-271-3454 I keep getting calls from this number - at least to times per week - they leave no voicemail and the caller is contacting my cell phone - not my home phone - I have no idea who it is or how they got my number -

Post by Guest,

6052713454 Do not call this number anymore

Post by Dakota Winds,

605-271-3454 called number back and was looking for someone in the household on a "personal matter" refused to give company name or any other info -

Post by Guest,

6052713454 I have been receiving calls from this number lately - They leave no message -

Post by Guest,

605-271-3454 Called again and nothing when answered - ever week pest

Post by Guest,

6052713454 This number called my -year old nephew and asked questions about me - When I called them, they refused to give me their company name or information on why they were calling until they "verified" they called - Turns out they contacted the wrong person and it wasn't me they were looking for, but they asked me a lot of personal information that I wish I hadn't supplied - They asked if I had gone by any other last names - -very scary

Post by Guest,

605-271-3454 Has called my phone several times but won't tell me what she needs and never leaves a message if I don't answer -

Post by Dan,

6052713454 Called and wouldn't leave a message - Then also called from -- and still didn't leave a message -

Post by Jessica,

605-271-3454 I also just received a missed call from this number - Who is it?

Post by Niki,

6052713454 Got a few of these calls, I never answer - Today they left a voicemail with the song "every breath you take" you know "I'll be watching you" - Now I'm creeped out -

Post by Ashley,

605-271-3454 Keeps calling continiously and will not stop

Post by Martin,

6052713454 They call more times than anyone else has ever called methen, they say nothing & do not leave a message --

Post by Guest,

605-271-3454 They call and sit on the phone without talking & them hang up

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