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Post by Guest,

6052697634 Hangup.

Post by Guest,


Post by Marnie in Portland,

6052697634 Got the same call on my work number.  Automated message about lowering my interest rate to 6.9%.  I should consider this my final offer.  Press 1 to speak to a live person...

Post by Guest,

605-269-7634 keeps calling after I told to please stop and leave me alone

Post by trixie,

6052697634 Received an unknown call. Left a voice mail msg from Scott Ryan stating some papers came across his desk showing I had a fraudulent check. Told me he was trying to serve me papers and since he couldn't reach me by phone so that we could make an appointment to meet, he is actively going to try and have the papers served either at my place of employment or my residence. I have had a few other calls exactly like this. I have yet to be served any papers because I don't write fraudulent checks! I was also told I could call the company at the above # and refer to a case #, which he also left in the voice mail. Speaking of fraudulent!!! Where do they get my information anyway???

Post by carlb,

605-269-7634 I contacted Elections Canada and they do provide names and physical addresses (but not 'phone numbers) for everyone on the voters' list to the candidates. These lists may then be used as a basis to look up telephone numbers in other, third-party databases. And then there's the huge loophole where our politicos exempted themselves from our country's joke of a do-not-call list.Apparently the only way to be removed from lists provided to candidates (excuse me, my physical address is not public info... that's why I pay some ridiculous sum + HST for a PO Box) is to ask to be removed from the voters' list entirely, then request to be re-added at the last minute in order to vote, then ask to be removed again until the next election.Impractical, and that still doesn't prevent candidates exploiting the do-not-call loophole to obtain residential numbers to use and abuse from other sources.

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