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Post by Guest,

6052267900 I don't know them & they keep calling me - Non stop - Keep leaving me voicemails too - It gets annoying -

Post by Hardworker,

605-226-7900 I have gotten so many calls until it's really ridiculous -  They're calling from a gazillion different phone numbers -  It's a crime they way they harass the living crap out of you -  I have all intentions of paying them but good grief it's pure harassment -  I spoke with a rep last week and told her I will send payment Western Union on Thurs when I get paid -  I am taking a day next week to see if I can get this car refinanced -

Post by djondbrh,

6052267900 As a matter of fact I made my payment and they still continue to call - the people calling are an outside collection agency that Wells Fargo has contracted with - You tell them the note has been paid and they continue to harrass you at all hours of the day and night - Everyone with a loan at Wells Fargo that this is happening to should get together and file a class action suit for harrasment -

Post by cbinaz,

605-226-7900 I am so glad and so sorry for all of you -  I too told them they had the wrong person months ago -  Also, I know who they need and she  has made payment never over days late -  They are the most annoying fricken finance company -  They went as far as saying she was days late when all payments were made online their website and threatened to take car -  Well they did alot of apologizing -  They cause her so much stress  you should all get an attorney -  Times are hard and they are big [***] -

Post by Guest,

6052267900 Don't know

Post by tazman,

605-226-7900 I signed for my Brother-in-law and the payments got month behind and they call me everyday from many different numbers and a couple of Home numbers - The thing is they start calling it don't stop until  you tell them the payment has been made - and then they call and call and call over and over for the week  the payment is going through - and then dont even apologize for calling me - -ive goten calls as early as am and as late as pm its rude and they are very assholish - I hate wells fargo -

Post by ??,

6052267900 You're another idiot - Look at this reject who works for them - They harass you before your payment is due -

Post by tazman,

605-226-7900 I signed for my Brother-in-law and the payments got month behind and they call me everyday from many different numbers and a couple of Home numbers - The thing is they start calling it don't stop until  you tell them the payment has been made - and then they call and call and call over and over for the week  the payment is going through - and then dont even apologize for calling me - -ive goten calls as early as am and as late as pm its rude and they are very assholish - I hate wells fargo -

Post by tazman,

6052267900 you must work for them


605-226-7900 Your a true [***] some people don't have cable or internet and still fall on hars times, And futhermore responsable put food in their children mouths before paying a car payment I have worked for over years and always paid early but do to the BUSH's and you, some people don't have jobs and dumb one can only live off of saving for so long - so before you try to point fingers and put people down know their situation before you speak your comment is so ig -no -rit and yes it spelled wrong because thats your comment IGNORANT [***] futher more BILL if a person has been paying on time for years and all of a sudden their late don't make they irresponsible it means they have feel on hard times, your name shud be DICK and you should apply at Wlls Fargo - so all of us non paying people who can keep a promise (so you say) can stop paying and you lose your job, house,kids, car, oh yea and cable Dick

Post by STFU,

6052267900 Whatever - - i guees you think that we all want to be late on a payment and not pay our bills - Well i pay my bills and they still call  I have two babies and sometimes diapers come firstAlso, i have this number appear and it's not Wells Fargo it's CPS another auto loan debt collector  They all work together

Post by LJ,

605-226-7900 Recieved several calls but no message left on cell phone and work phone - Looked number up and saw it was Wells Fargo - I have a loan payment due the th but was informed I had a day grace period like other loans -

Post by aKYbtrfly,

6052267900 I don't even have a loan through Wells Fargo and they have been calling my Unlisted Cell Number ----WTF --- Where did Privacy go in this country

Post by WDW,

605-226-7900 My car payment is due at the end of the month on the th, and I make my payments in two parts, twice a month by the end of the month or by the th, and I take it right to a branch office -  They are now telling me that this is not acceptable -  I think if my full payment is there by the due date, they should accept that -  I wish I could refinance with someone else, because Wells Fargo is a real pain to deal with - I am also ready to let them reposess my car, just to not have to deal with them -

Post by Anne,

6052267900 this company calls me at least times a day, and even after pm when from what I heard, you are unable to make calls that late - and as early as am - They are ridiculous - this is by far the worst bank I have ever dealt with - I even offered to pay the loan off in full and they were going to charge me more to pay it off then what the balance is?? wth - Wells Fargo is the worst rip off bank ever I ended up paying them , in interest because on how they prey on people with little, no, or bad credit - It is horrible -

Post by Guest,

605-226-7900 Spam

Post by the truth teller,

6052267900 your really sick in the head i bet you lied about all of this just so you could get some free money - there a lots of people out there just like you-you all will be blessed by KARMA-in your case it wont be a blessing

Post by outofwork,

605-226-7900 Out of work for months, trying to keep house and car - Got behind on auto and WF has been calling up to times in one day I have records to show they would call one minute then the next - I would be on the phone and they would call and call again - I was able to make a payment this morning and went online to make it - They called again a few hours later - I decided to call them to let them know that I made the payment online this morning - He asked for the confirmation, I told him to hold on let me open the confirmation email they sent me, of course they did not provide the confirmation in the email, I was supposed to know that I should ahve written it down - I told him I have never written it down as I thought it would be in the email like it is for other bills I pay online - After some time he then says ok, you are now days past due and you need to make another payment - I tol dhim that I could not and that I was not starting a new job until April th, He said that I need to do a post dated payment and I said no - He said I have to arrange for the future payment now, again I tell him I am not in the position to make the post dated payment - He puts me on hold and then a supervisor comes on and tells me that I need to provide him with the payment information for a post dated payment or my auto would be up for pre-reposession - -what is "pre-reposession"? LOL I told him I was not making hte payment and he told me that I am not in control here he is in control - I said no you are not, I am in control and I hung up -

Post by Thor,

6052267900 Don't mind Bill - -he is a dick who likes to chime in with the 'pay your bill' mantra - He doesn't read very well - -The guys says he pays his bill according to the contract but still gets calls - - This all sweeps by Bill - -'just pay your bill and the calls will stop' - - numb nut -

Post by Guest,

605-226-7900 Wells fargo

Post by Guest,

6052267900 There telling me someone's personal information

Post by Lynn,

605-226-7900 Bill -- you are the biggest and stupidest idiot I have ever seen on here - not to mention ignorant -  Some people do without just to make payments because its the only money coming in and a vehicle is the only possession to their name -  Times are hard for a lot of us right now - so take your cable and luxuries in life and shove them where the sun doesnt shine - -

Post by kitten,

6052267900 Bill, You're a real a-hole - It sounds like you are one of those scumbags that works for Wells Fargo - How do you sleep at night? A car payment is around , my cable bill is dollars a month, see the difference?  Even before the payment is late they are calling you non stop daily - so STFU -

Post by cigi,

605-226-7900 they call and call and call -  they have backed payments out when I made them two weeks early -  They have called and threatened to take the car if i don't make an immediate payment when it was overdue a few days -  They have charged fees as misc - fees -  what are those?  They stopped with the bank act -  never do business with wells fargo - they suck -  I had a savings account - when i lost my job they ate up my account with fees -  because i did not use it much -  Then they got nasty a few months ago, and closed it - of course you guessed it they kept the money in the account as admin fees -

Post by Well Harrassment,

6052267900 ------------,----------------------------------------------ACS Aman collections------------------------------------------------------------Their in the circle US numbers this month

Post by tennman,

605-226-7900 dont know who it is, dont even have a car note -  Never done business with wells fargo -  To the ones with no financial struggles, just keep livingyou probably would kill yourself due to lack of functionability -  to my partners in the struggle, keep your head up, I work jobs trying to support children and a wife in college I make late payments all the time - I cant give what I DONT HAVE -  I pay what I can when I can and the rest I dont worry about - I tell them, "look, I didnt have the money yesterday when you called, I dont have the money today, and tommorow isnt looking so good either considering its tesday and I get paid every other Friday, but as soon as I get  it I will call you"

Post by Bill,

6052267900 Hi my name is bill and I suck alot of dick and take alot [***] in my [***] to pay wells Fargo I come on here and make judgements of peoples situations and belittle them like they are beneath me if only people can do what I do to pay my bills every one wouldn't have debt collectors calling them thanks :)

Post by Guest,

605-226-7900 He calls me also - No idea what his message is -

Post by Guest,

6052267900 Spam

Post by binkbs01,

605-226-7900 I feel the same way Don't pay with cash at a branch either, it sometimes doesn't post until days after payment And when they call you can give them the reference number for your payment and they'll "put it in the notes" then they will call the next day and you can refer to your previous conversation and magically the notes are missing or not referred to before they start hounding you as if you are a deadbeat of some sort

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