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Recent Comments for 6038560985

Post by anonymous,

6038560985 recorded message says they want to give you a free home alarm system

Post by different anonymous,

603-856-0985 They tried to call me a couple times -  I didn't know there was someone to call -  I am in Kansas myself -

Post by Guest,

6038560985 Automated call claiming to be the FBI and were going to be in my area and would install free security system due to the amount of home invasions in said area - Of course I hung up the phone and did not return call as I did not want to validate that they got through to an active number - I guess a bigger beware is valid at this point -

Post by Guest,

603-856-0985 Said that the FBI has reported an unusual amount of break-in's in my area and they are going around installing "FREE" alarm systems -

Post by Guest,

6038560985 Left empty voicemail -

Post by Guest,

603-856-0985 Didn't even know my name - Persistent, would not take me off call list -

Post by Guest,

6038560985 Didn't answer, no voicemail call a fewtimes a week idk anyone in that state

Post by Chuck,

603-856-0985 David, Do you live in Columbus,Ohio?

Post by Elvenwarrior2001,

6038560985 One of about numbers that won't stop calling me and leaves no messages -

Post by stujo4,

603-856-0985 --  selling security systems, called my cell phone -  This is the rd time -  I called the FTC at --FTC-HELP (---); Took about minutes to report them, they are very nice -  Everyone should do it -

Post by sandy,

6038560985 Got the call - -did not take it

Post by JMR,

603-856-0985 Got two calls from this number - -on my cell - - And I have a private unlisted number -I am betting that our numbers are being sold - -be it an insurance company or even a grocery store reward card program - Better than catching the caller would be to catch the company selling themour numbers Anyway - -it seems like the more angry you get with them - -the more likely it is that they will call again - I think next time I'll answer the phone "thanks for calling Pizza Hut, will this be pickup or delivery?"I'm pretty sure they'd take a pizza shop off the list LOLalso I believe the correct agency to call is the FCC - - The Federal Communications Comission - -not the FTC - -Federal Trade Comission - -at least I've reported similar calls to the FCC in the past - -

Post by Guest,

6038560985 Didn't even know my name - Persistent, would not take me off call list -

Post by billokc,

603-856-0985 Got the same call at my business with the same message about a home alarm system -Press for more info, leave a name, blah, blah, blah - -repeated about three times and then press to be removed from the list -

Post by Mike,

6038560985 Got the same call - -no message, just silence -  I guess silence is better than a recorded message -

Post by Lance Elliott,

603-856-0985 Made a call to my YO mother's cell phone - For some reason, made an  irremovable entry asfirst contact in her  phone book -

Post by Lorree,

6038560985 Robo call, offering to install a home alarm system -Oh boy, they will be in my neighborhood next weekHow could they know?This robo call came in on my company cell phone, not a land line -

Post by Guest,

603-856-0985 They called me today and didn't say anything then hung up, I just found this website today, I like it -

Post by Chuck,

6038560985 David, Do you live in Columbus,Ohio?

Post by Guest,

603-856-0985 The name is secured home I have not answered since the first time they called and they have called a lot -

Post by 603-856-0985,

6038560985 This number called our cell number UNsolicited  An unlisted number with NO prior contact -   This number is NOT given out -This is a series of this type calls invading our cell numbers -First off, calling your cell is Illegal -Second, doing a recorded message is Illegal -My husband told him never to call this number again and he still continued to BLAB on about his Home Security   AGAIN  -- this call was illegal in many respects -  REPORT THEM TO THE FTC immediately upon receiving -   You do not have to be on the DONOTCALL list for your cell phone number to report them -   They are by law not allowed to do anything they did by calling this cell number -Call toll-free to their helpline: --FTC-HELP (---); The time it takes is worth it to get these SCAMMERS behind fined and behind bars -

Post by Guest,

603-856-0985 did not say anything

Post by Guest,

6038560985 Called my cell - Didn't say anything when I answered -

Post by RoboCaller scam info,

603-856-0985 These are not so bright scamers -  Report them if they call you - - More info:talesfromtherustbelt -blogspot -com - - ell-phones -html

Post by Hitting Oregon Numbers,

6038560985 This scam is hitting Oregon now - Nothing like the opening spiel sounding like it's FBI legit - Just - Hang - Up -

Post by Guest,

603-856-0985 Something about home break-ins

Post by Guest,

6038560985 Telemarketer

Post by marissa,

603-856-0985 i saw the number on the caller id but didnt answere it -

Post by Diane,

6038560985 Call to my cell phone -  Reported to --- the FTC as noted above -  Very quick to answer and take report and with enough complaints I think they will get this stopped -  As noted above it is illegal to call a cell # with a robocall -  Thxs for the # for the FTC -

Post by Rick,

603-856-0985 I get a call from them about home security systems - I pressed "" just to let them know I was upset with them calling me as I am on the do not call list - When I told them that - - they just hung up on me - No apology - - nothing -

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