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Recent Comments for 6032143696

Post by Suz,

6032143696 Please report this to the FCC (can do this online) - It is the only way it will quit happening to people - If the FCC sees a pattern they can do something about it - List all phone numbers they are calling from -

Post by Guest,

603-214-3696 Did not answer

Post by Carole,

6032143696 Got calls in approx hrs from this number that caller ID says is American Life Monitoring, May , at :a and :p and May , at :a - After rd call I advised the person that this was the rd time in hrs they had contacted me and that I was on the state of Indiana Do Not Call list in additon to the National Do Not Call list and they were in violation of both and would be reported and heard "click and a dial tone" in my ear -

Post by Wiggles,

603-214-3696 At least calls now from this number - - never leaves a message - - not answers me when i answer - -

Post by John,

6032143696 I believe the do not call list is a waste of time - These people get around this stuff as long as they are tied to a church - I have never had the do not call people contact me persistent callers -

Post by Robert New Mexico,

603-214-3696 Selling Health insurance this time, last week it was warranty on our vehicle

Post by Ron Volbrecht,

6032143696 It's so unfortunate that the do not call list does not work -  In fact cell phone number can now be called by telemarketers -

Post by Roz,

603-214-3696 -- telemarketer and was on do not call list

Post by Jim Sterling,

6032143696 have gotten several calls - - health insurance

Post by Dick,

603-214-3696 didn't answer - -no voice mail left

Post by jts11050,

6032143696 Received call from this no - - AMLIFEMONITORINC on Caller ID - - nobody responded - - already on "DO NOT CALL" list - - if they call again, I'll file a formal complaint with FCC - - -

Post by Barb Badgett,

603-214-3696 Someone from the number -- called on my cell phone -  Is there no privacy from these telemarketers -  I DO NOT want any more calls to my cell phone number

Post by Helen,

6032143696 call received this morning -  didn't answer it -

Post by lotus,

603-214-3696 Today is the second time I revieve this kind of call - THe same here just complete silence when I answered the phone - I'm also on the Do NOt Call list and I'll report the number -  Very annoying -

Post by kathleen miller,

6032143696 I have received calls from this number in the past days -  I "have" registered my number with the cell phone "do not call" list

Post by Guest,

603-214-3696 Got one call yesterday and two in a row today - Never left a message -

Post by BIG JOHN,

6032143696 Calls every other day for last two weeks, leaves no message - Am on no-call list -

Post by Guest,

603-214-3696 Pushing some monitoring thing for the aged - Definitely SPAM I told them to never call me again -

Post by Molly,

6032143696 We are on the DO NOT CALL list -  They called several times, and of course do not leave a message -

Post by Myles,

603-214-3696 Did not answer -

Post by tom,

6032143696 have been getting calls from this number at seemingly random intervals - No one answers when i do pick up and they leave no message when i don't - I got another one just now while i was typing this -

Post by Scotty,

603-214-3696 They call everyday but leave no message

Post by Telemarketer Assassinator,

6032143696 Called, left no message

Post by Ron in MI,

603-214-3696 ID read GRNALM - No msg -

Post by Honey,

6032143696 I have received MANY calls from this number--more than once a day  They all go to my answer machine, but they never  leave a message -

Post by Steve Osher,

603-214-3696 Person called - - Asked if we need any help ??? - - I told him no, thanked him and hung up - - STRANGE

Post by Donna L.,

6032143696 Where do I report them?  I'm getting call, too -  Thanks -Donna L -

Post by drjr,

603-214-3696 Called times within week -  Seems to be telemarketing -  Very annoying and even being on the no call list does no good -

Post by janine pellerin,

6032143696 calls in one day, NO MESSAGE

Post by Guest,

603-214-3696 Never leave a message

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