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Recent Comments for 5124279057

Post by TD,

5124279057 I received a call from this number also - It rang once and hung up - I wasn't able to call it back -

Post by Judy,

512-427-9057 The number that called me, -- is from the Texas State Comptrollers office -  It is legitimate -  I put in a claim for funds from a deceased relative who lived in Texas and the Comptrollers office handles all benefits from death -  The number that I was instructed to call back to was -- -  This is one of the people who are handling my claim -

Post by Guest,

5124279057 Returned call from Texas Attorney General's office - Not spam -

Post by Guest,

512-427-9057 Unsolicited call

Post by Ed,

5124279057 Calls hangs up in seconds called times in minutes

Post by Lonnie,

512-427-9057 I never listen to messages on my cell unless the person name is programmed in but I decided to listen to this repetitive call once -  They went on about needing my bills to pay for relocation services - I'm not relocating nor need to so I just blocked it -  I asked a few people and they said its a professional scam agency that prays on the elderly with various threats - It sounds like an elaborate scam to retrieve personal information -

Post by FAC,

5124279057 You can't call it back because it is a fax machine, trying to call into another fax machine - And yes, it comes from a State Gov - office, probably the Comptroller -

Post by Guest,

512-427-9057 I received a call from this phone # at : am - I didn't answer - They called right back - They didn't leave a voice mail on either call -

Post by JP,

5124279057 I was expecting a call back from the Texas Railroad Commission and missed the call from this number -  Upon calling back, I too received the out of service (reorder?) message -  I agree it is likely a outgoing number only used by several of the state agencies in Austin -

Post by Guest,

512-427-9057 I called the number back but it says its disconnected

Post by D,

5124279057 Just got it on my cell phone today, but I haven't contacted any Texas State agencies for anything -  No message was left and I didn't bother trying to call it back -

Post by andrew,

512-427-9057 This number is from twc, I was called for verifacation of employement and pay

Post by fed up,

5124279057 after filing for my business to close, the secratary of state mentioned they might try to fax me a receipt -  i dont hav a fax machine, but they required a fax number anyway -  i just gave them my cell -after calls (and rejections on my part) all in a row this morning, i finally decide to answer (after reviewing this page of course) -  and it was a fax tone:)of course i tried calling the secratary of state office, but they arent open yet -   looks like somebody is over there at the secratary of state's office trying to get ahead on the week, bright and early on a monday at : in the AM  well jus' bless their pea pickin lil hearts hehehe lol

Post by Deward,

512-427-9057 I believe that this # has to do with the Court system because when it called me it  was a fax call -  I recused three Judges and had to file something with the Texas Supreme Court, they received it June th I got this call a few hours later -Who knows this day and age, could be an undercover agent for the FBI -

Post by Guest,

5124279057 - Caller make two calls to my work number, did not leave message

Post by marcil,

512-427-9057 I think I have figured this out -  I got a call this morning from this same number -  I called back and got a recording that said that the number was disconnected -  Several people seem to know who called from this number -  All are from Austin or are a Texas government business -  I was  expecting a call from the Texas Board of Licensing -  So this must be a government number used for outgoing calls only -

Post by Unknown,

5124279057 It is the Texas Workforce Commission Appeals Division

Post by Henry,

512-427-9057 It's the Texas Wage Commission -  A former employer refused to pay me owed wages and after filing a claim through Texas Workforce Solutions my claim was handed to state worker Nola at the Texas Wage Commission -   You can't return the call to --, but Nola's direct number at the state is -- and she can tell you why you are being called -

Post by unknown,

5124279057 This number is from the Texas State Comptroller of Public Account

Post by Mad Gasser,

512-427-9057 Yes, this is a generic number for government offices that belong to the state of Texas - Why they all use this same number is beyond me - The number I had to call to get TWC to call me back is an # - I then left a message on their recorder for someone to call back - So if you are expecting a call from the Texas state government for anything, go ahead an answer - If you aren't expecting a call, then let the machine get it -

Post by usspyphone,

5124279057 A week ago, I spoke to an in-take person to file a overtime wage claim with the US Department of Labor about Plano Independent School District -I received a call from -- -  A man could not speak clearly -  I believe he pretended to be unclear -He said his name and the US Department of Labor -  However, I asked him many times about his name - He mumbled his name but clearly said " U -S - Department of Labor"  He hung up on me -  I then called the number back -  Someone picked up the phone and I heard lots of voice on the background -  Well, my guess is sometime us secret service people made calls from those number -Someone hit me and run, I reported to the police and a detective from University Park, Texas was assigned to the case -  He called me from the phone several times, but always leave a different number for me to call him -    When I called - -  It was a non working number -

Post by Annoyed,

512-427-9057 This same number has called my cell phone or times in the last days and hangs up after seconds - Cannot call back -

Post by Guest,

5124279057 Received a call concerning a matter with my former employer -

Post by Jose,

512-427-9057 It's caller ID spoofing and it needs to stop

Post by Guest,

5124279057 Texas Tomorrow fund, not spam

Post by Thomas,

512-427-9057 I received a call from this number - When I called it back, the recording states that the "number has been disconnected or is no longer in service -"

Post by Jackie Schulte,

5124279057 This call came in on my cell???

Post by marc,

512-427-9057 This number is placed in the caller ID many Texas State Agencies use this SPOOF call back number inwhich is out of service - Texas Insurance Commission, Texas Education Agenc, State Comptroller, Secretary of State and others -

Post by kat,

5124279057 I just missed a call from this number today and, as others have mentioned, it cannot be dialed back - After reading your responses I think it may be one of those recorded political messages, hence the no return call feature -

Post by Guest,

512-427-9057 This is the main number to the a State of Texas Office, it does not accept return calls - -but the person calling me left a voice mail with their direct number to the State Comptroller's Office -

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