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Recent Comments for 4357935416

Post by John S.,

4357935416 Phone rang, did not answer, I do not know anyone in Utah - Usually when I get one call from an area code, more usually follow, same area code, different last digits - So I block all numbers starting with the area code - Problem solved until new area code starts, then I  do it again -

Post by Guest,

435-793-5416 Heather from account services - That was my last notification for a lower interest rate Where did Rachel go?

Post by Guest,

4357935416 Nothing wrong with your credit - -blah blah blah - Call from Utah phone # -

Post by Guest,

435-793-5416 card spam

Post by Oliver,

4357935416 I just received this call a few minutes, I did not answer and did not call back - I try to do a reverse look-up - I know no one in Utah either - Thanks for the information

Post by David E.,

435-793-5416 They called but I didn't answer - Phantom number, "not in service" -

Post by JoeNJ,

4357935416 Called my cell phone but I did not answer and they left no message - Undoubtedly a Robo call as I have given my cell phone number to only a very few people -

Post by lhuiss,

435-793-5416 just called -i said hello twice -nothing

Post by CINDY,


Post by troy,

435-793-5416 Answered call from -- - They were babbling about a pure america and to buy american - Hung up on them -

Post by Tandem401,

4357935416 Left no message, just woke me up about : -  Yes, I sleep late - Called back but the number is invalid -

Post by Kook,

435-793-5416 Just called now and left no message -

Post by PJ,

4357935416 It's old Rachel from credit card services with a new phone number

Post by Brian,

435-793-5416 They called, left no message - I called back and got the "your call cannot be completed as dialed" automated message - GARBAGE -

Post by Myra,

4357935416 -- Randolph UT, just called  but I didnt have my reading glasses handy or I would not have a answered that call - I said hello three times and they just hung up -

Post by In love with Rachel,

435-793-5416 I wish she would quit calling and hanging up -  I want to ask her to marry me -  I need an answer before I divorce my current wife -I hear she is a virgin and a very upstanding lady -I just can't wait to marry her and get her on all my credit cards -  If Heather is her sister, maybe her and I can have an affair on the side -  She should be up for it because she is probably used to screwing people all the time -

Post by Guest,

4357935416 Robo caller, credit card services

Post by Mike H,

435-793-5416 Called - - -I answered - -no one said anything then they hung up -  I tried calling back but got an automated message -

Post by Guest,

4357935416 credit card lower your interest rates

Post by Guest,

435-793-5416 tired of this what ever happened to the no call list these numbers should be traced and fined - but we don't have the people to do that - there just looking how they can get the little guy like you and me the ones that really pay the bills

Post by Guest,

4357935416 Scoundrels, thieves, rouges, crooks, please add more -

Post by Oliver,

435-793-5416 I just received this call a few minutes, I did not answer and did not call back - I try to do a reverse look-up - I know no one in Utah either - Thanks for the information

Post by Tam,

4357935416 Just called -  Randolph, UT -  I didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer -  They left a message that was all static -  

Post by Guest,

435-793-5416 Heather from card services - Now calling from utah -

Post by TheGuyWithTwothumbs,

4357935416 "Card Services" wanting to help lower my rates - All I heard was "Card services hello?" and then they hung up - Never give information to these crooks -

Post by Guest,

435-793-5416 Credit card services recording

Post by Guest,

4357935416 Account services

Post by Stpbuggnme,

435-793-5416 this number just came up on my phone - Didn't know the number, soI let it go to voicemail, but they left no message -  Utah area code - Don't know anyone in Utah  

Post by Guest,

4357935416 reduce credit card

Post by TheGuyWithTwothumbs,

435-793-5416 Card services - - "Heather" this time -

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