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Recent Comments for 4357482512

Post by BHG,

4357482512 Two calls today from this company about computer errors -

Post by Guest,

435-748-2512 Call to my landline in UK from "Windows" with obvious Indian Asian accent - A fraudster saying I had a computer problem to fix ( which I do not) - Call logger showed caller to be so I think the caller was sending a false identification number - i -e - potentially a number spoofing fraud committed against Mr Jensen -

Post by Guest,

4357482512 Caller says they are with Microsoft, errors noted and they want to have me get on my computer, I know this is a scam as it has been reported in the news, who do I notify to make a complaint -

Post by Guest,

435-748-2512 This person is using an auto dialer program - It calls and hangs up on people

Post by Cherokee,

4357482512 -- : pm, called me with HEAVY accent informing me that my computer has errors  and I said i suppose you can fix it for me and he agreed - Then i told him he would have to find the computer first because i did not own one -The clowns have trouble with that one - I then told him  that proves he is a CROOK and a liar and i hung up on the clown -

Post by bob,

435-748-2512 Have received numerous calls from this number, one about : today -  Call ID says Bill Jensen, they hung up when answering machine picked up -

Post by Lincoln,

4357482512 Multiple calls over past two days - Hangs up when answering machine picks up - I answered today - Mark from Windows to fix my computer - Told him to remove my number from his list - he hung up - Idiots in this world

Post by Katharine,

435-748-2512 "Jim" with a very heavy Indian accent, from"Windows", would like to help me fix my computer problems - - I blew my bear whistle in his ear and hung up -Sept - at pm

Post by Clayton f,

4357482512 Mr - Bill Jensen, I speak for us all in saying you may suck our collective balls my good sir Answer you, we shall NOT

Post by Clayton f,

435-748-2512 Don't venture to indiana then my friend - -cuz odds are, you'd be answering their calls - -Fn indiana weather :@

Post by Guest,

4357482512 Called my landline in FL - Thick Indian accent - Said he needed to repair my computer and needed remote access - - -I hung up on him

Post by Guest,

435-748-2512 Calls our land line in Omaha, Nebraska stating there is a problem with our windows system they need to fix - We do not have a home computer -

Post by Margie,

4357482512 I received a call today from this number, caller ID show it as Bill Jensen -  He wanted me to log onto my computer so he could show me where the problem was on it -  When I said that this was a scam, he hung up -

Post by Guest,

435-748-2512 said he was from Windows and my computer had a virus

Post by Guest,

4357482512 they say your computer is sending them errors

Post by Guest,

435-748-2512 Called my landline in OH - Didn't leave a message - Just traced him on white pages - Spam MO

Post by Clayton f,

4357482512 Don't venture to indiana then my friend - -cuz odds are, you'd be answering their calls - -Fn indiana weather :@

Post by Guest,

435-748-2512 windows scam

Post by Guest,

4357482512 The caller called about Windows and continues to call - I am on the DoNotCall list -

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