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Recent Comments for 4354149320

Post by Guest,

4354149320 Google Plus scammer

Post by jess,

435-414-9320 I get a call at by business from them like ever other day yo - And there is no one talking just silence -  Real buggy

Post by SaltRunner,

4354149320 Called and hung up, No message

Post by Too smart for them,

435-414-9320 Call was claiming I needed to setup my Google+ profile for my business - Decided to play along - Got to a human - When I asked how they got my number they hung up on me immediately - I wish I screwed with them more - Oh well, maybe next time -NOTE: "Caller Company" is what my phone said they were -

Post by Guest,

4354149320 Called on -- - -no one on other end of line -

Post by matt,

435-414-9320 Another call from this number - sigh - glad the iphone has blocking - its going on perma block - i love notes -

Post by Guest,

4354149320 Google spam again

Post by Guest,

435-414-9320 Get this call daily, scam

Post by Me,

4354149320 Representative REFUSED to put me on do not call list after several requests to do so -  He hung up on me -

Post by Alex,

435-414-9320 "It's extremely urgent that we speak to the business owner -" Horse [***] - Some Google Plus business listing scam -

Post by Guest,

4354149320 Scam company that claims to help your local business listing in Google - As soon as you start asking a few questions like "which business of mine are you referring to?" they just hang up -

Post by mgbg,

435-414-9320 Just called - no message left

Post by me,

4354149320 Hung up without saying anything -

Post by Guest,

435-414-9320 Google Plus local business scam - I've had several calls from this number over the past month -

Post by Guest,

4354149320 Google spam

Post by Bill,

435-414-9320 Machine dialed un-solicited call about Google Plus business listings -  Option will remove you from their list -

Post by Guest,

4354149320 One more hit -

Post by R,

435-414-9320 automated call from "Google Local" representative saying my business listing hasn't been claimed -  Calls about once every weeks -  says to press to speka to a representative, but I haven't done that -  Just blocking the number -

Post by Guest,

4354149320 Spammer

Post by Jim,

435-414-9320 No message left; number now blocked -

Post by Guest,

4354149320 Google

Post by PunkUtah,

435-414-9320 automated call from "Google Local" representative saying my business listing hasn't been claimed -Wait and press to stop the calls - -

Post by Anne,

4354149320 Has called four times now with no message - I added to blocked calls

Post by Guest,

435-414-9320 Scam Alert

Post by Guest,

4354149320 Claiming to be a company that improves you site's Google SEO rankings and will rebuild your website for free - They are very generic and just say "your company -" If you say, "which company? I have several -" They will hang up on you - If you ask any questions, they will hang up on you - I've spoken with them three times -

Post by Guest,

435-414-9320 Reported to the fbi ftc and local police for phishing fraud and do not call registry violation - Bottom feeders

Post by Guest,

4354149320 Called and hung up when I answered

Post by Robert,

435-414-9320 Started talking to the rep - When he asked me to confirm my name, I said, "No, you tell me who I am and then I'll proceed -" Line went dead -

Post by Jared,

4354149320 They aren't Google+ - If you follow through with the process, you'll learn it's a company called Local Lighthouse - They're a scam -

Post by Guest,

435-414-9320 Google plus spam

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