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Recent Comments for 4354060114

Post by Ellie malloy,

4354060114 This number was listed in my Facebook account and my xfinity account and changed all my pass words but charged all kinds of movies and shit

Post by Kel,

435-406-0114 I was on my way to pick up my daughter from school -  just before I got there, a phone call from this number showed up on my phone -  I answered it and it was my daughter calling from her cell phone at the school -  I double checked to make sure she was indeed using her own phone -  She was -  As soon as I hung up, my phone rang again, this time my daughter's name number showed up -  I answered -  then my daughter said, "Hello" -  I asked why she called me back -  She said she didn't, that it was her phone that rang as though I was calling her -

Post by confused?,

4354060114 i received a phone call from this number and it sounded like some one was trying to talk to me but then i heard an operater say they wanted to know how i was going to cover the cost of this phone call that i had to pay dollars i hung up and tried to call back and it was just a dial tone -

Post by pissed,

435-406-0114 I recevied a phone call from this number and it sounded like someone I know trying to make a collect call - It said push "" to accept and then asked for a credit card number - I hung up and try to call back and it just gave me a dial tone -

Post by dartguy52,

4354060114        Someone called collect named Aleasha - Then a message said to find out phone charges push star - So I did - I think the charges were - and cents if operator assists and so much a minute - When I called back I only heard dial tone -

Post by What is this?,

435-406-0114 My mom just called me and it came up as this number, she hung up and tried again and it was back to her number -

Post by confused,

4354060114 When I make an outgoing call a few minutes after hanging up I get a call from -- and all I hear dial tone - Does anyone know why this is happening?

Post by Umm,

435-406-0114 I got a text message from this number at :PM last night -  It said "Nice"Weird

Post by Confused?,

4354060114 Sometimes when I call people MY phone number shows up as this number but when I call it's a dial tone for a landline

Post by Heather,

435-406-0114 This number called me - When I answered it said, "you have an emergency call from -----(They used my daughters name) - She was sitting right next to me other wise I would have been worried sick - It told me to press one and then enter my cc# to pay for the call - Its a total scam

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