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Recent Comments for 4352587093

Post by Karen G.,

4352587093 I am getting these as well, no message left -  Wondering if it hasn't something to do with an on-line Internet site we've either all recently visited and given our phone number, or some company we may be customers of, and possibly they have sold our phone numbers -  Don't know, but maybe -

Post by KP,

435-258-7093 Strangely, I was listening to Steve G - Jones' NLP training when I received the latest call -

Post by Bev,

4352587093 I keep getting calls from this same number several times a week -  They sometimes leave a voice mail only to find that no one has ever talked to say anything and no one answers when I pick it up -  I am really tired of this crap and don't know the point of making a call like this -

Post by Lara,

435-258-7093 I just got another call…I get about one every day or two - I ignore it and there's no message -

Post by pay attention!,

4352587093 There's a new data center beong built in utah that has every bit of data on you as possible - Maybe, just maybe they're calling your phone to record your voice There's a video on utbe about it - Green peace flew a big blimp with a banner attached to it bring attention to the building of it -

Post by Em,

435-258-7093 This number called me - at least leave a message -  If whoever calls and does not have the courage to say who it is DON'T CALL

Post by Ladii,

4352587093 i want this number investigated too

Post by Guest,

435-258-7093 Have received two calls from this number this afternoon and several over the past couple of days - They hang up after about seconds -

Post by Reggie,

4352587093 Yes I am experiencing the same as everyone else mentioned above -

Post by Guest,

435-258-7093 Said they were from Joe Vitale, offering a new program - -Definitely a spammer Beware

Post by Guest,

4352587093 Does not leave

Post by ged,

435-258-7093 Ellie,   this is a discussion board where people can come here and exchange information concerning unwanted calls -  It does nothing else but provide the vehicle for this discussion -    sorry

Post by Guest,

4352587093 Calls several times a day but leaves no message - Unknown caller -

Post by Stone,

435-258-7093 Keep getting calls from this number, even though it has been blocked, and so they cannot get through -  Is just annoying to see that they have called so many times -  No chance in heck, of me EVER buying anything from a nuisance often scam caller -  

Post by jay,

4352587093 It is a group working with Nightingale, connant too -  I told the guy to remove me and he actually got angry and told me off -  Geez -

Post by kara,

435-258-7093 Every day or two -  No message -  Getting sick of it -

Post by Jacqueline S,

4352587093 I constantly get calls from this number, I have it set to reject on my mobile phone,  Have no idea what the co is or why they would be calling me

Post by Roxy,

435-258-7093 Do as I do -  I refuse to answer any caller that does not identiy themselves -  I google everyone -   I also keep a list of each number -  Yea I know it takes time, but it's like a hobby for me now -  (when getting revenge, it's fun) -  Then once I get at least three calls from the same number, when it comes in again, I just hit the speaker and let them sit and listen to silence till they hang up -  It's funny listening to how frustrated they get not getting an answer -  It's what they do to us, so why not play back -  They sooner or later hang up and never call back -   It's funny, try it -  Have a laugh at their expense for once -

Post by Nat,

4352587093 I've got phone calls from this number between August to September - I called back, hiding my phone number, and it was an answering machine -

Post by Guest,

435-258-7093 This is a solicitation for Joe Vitalli's Secret Mirror program -

Post by Guest,

4352587093 scam

Post by RG,

435-258-7093 Once they left a message on my answring machine and it was from George Vitale's organization -  I agree it's suprisingly low level tactics for someone who supposedly wouldn't need to stoop to such tactics if they used the success secrets their programs "reveal"  Besides, the the marketing material of the program has a money back guarantee of "success",  Why would anyone need to spend another for a more effective program  This definately reduces the credibilty of their programs -

Post by Guest,

4352587093 Telemarketer - refuses to give id -

Post by Kimberly,

435-258-7093 I keep on getting calls from this number several times a week - I never pick up because I looked up the number online and came across this site -

Post by Anonymous,

4352587093 It's Prosper Inc -, a coaching company affiliated with lots of marketing like Joe Vitale - You sign up for one of those programs and then these guys start calling you to offer coaching - If you do some research on Prosper Inc - coaching you will read some very bad ripoff stories -They called me twice already today, before noon -

Post by Guest,

435-258-7093 No message

Post by Guest,

4352587093 karl moore hypnosis program -

Post by Marcy,

435-258-7093 Everyday sometimes twice a day -  I have the number blocked so it has stopped annoying me so much, but I see it on  my logs -  Stupidity -

Post by Connie,

4352587093 This number calls daily at different times each day - Rings a couple of times then hangs up -

Post by Guest,

435-258-7093 Keep receiving frequent calls - If I do not answer no voice mail is left - If I answer no one responds and the call hangs up -

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