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Recent Comments for 4352556614

Post by Guest,

4352556614 Stingray call

Post by notstupid,

435-255-6614 These people must think we are stupid -  The reason they call is bogus - no legitimate government agency or business makes these types of calls -  I have blocked them -

Post by Mark,

4352556614 Same same - scam caller -

Post by Guest,

435-255-6614 Yes got Cal didn't answer phone said it was spam witch is computers calls

Post by J,

4352556614 Called me left no message - Will be blocked -

Post by Peggy,

435-255-6614 I am getting called by this number numerous times every single day - My God, its worse then if I did have a creditor call me - I don't have those, but this is like a nagging hounding curse -  It says on my ID as "Consumer Relief" and I never answer - It is unwanted calls and no one I know so I never talk or answer this call - Seems to me there ought to be a HELL for these kind of people one day -And I hope something takes away their peace from eternal happiness -   These people causing such aggravation calling people need to get a REAL job and a REAL life and start asking for forgiveness - They all are up to no good -  The world is full of them -

Post by Guest,

4352556614 This is a debt relief center I used to work for one the best thing to do is ask Them to put you on their do not call list they then are required by FCC regulations to do so or face fines and possible criminal charges

Post by Brooke Prather,

435-255-6614 They keep calling me - They don't leave a message - I think it is a scam

Post by Steve,

4352556614 Caller ID said Tooele UT - However I don't answer calls from those I don't know and no message was left - Based on comments, I am adding it to the blocked list -

Post by Guest,

435-255-6614 Calls - times per day - -no one answers -

Post by Lynn C,

4352556614 Received a call at : a -m - on my landline -  It said as others above discovered - - Tooele, UTI am blocking this number -  I get these bogus calls almost everyday and sometimes several times from different numbers -So frustrating

Post by VJ,

435-255-6614 Called before and today - I answer because I don't have caller ID, the line is a non-published line (works most of the time) - it's an automated voice, I just keep saying "What time is it?" and it eventually hangs up -

Post by Guest,

4352556614 Constantly call, no one is there, silence a

Post by Satan never leaves a message,

435-255-6614 Satan never leaves a message

Post by G,

4352556614 Getting tired of calls where the caller ID only says the name of some City and State - That to me is an instant "no answer" -

Post by Tired of Robocalls,

435-255-6614 No answer when phone was picked up - Called the number back and it was a market research company that gives with a recorded message to press one to be put on their do not call list Our number is already on the national do not call list Go figure

Post by P'd off,

4352556614 Same Number- I answered because I love to rip them when they come onto the call but computer generated person asking "are you there",  I left a F bomb and it hung up -

Post by Guest,

435-255-6614 don't know

Post by carrie Mckinney,

4352556614 Twice a day for last three days - Blocked each time -

Post by Guest,

435-255-6614 Calls several times a day - -stop it

Post by Guest,

4352556614 There at it again - Called twice in a row - No message left -

Post by fed up,

435-255-6614 call  was from consumer relief about lowering my credit card payments and other bank things   THIS is a fraud and attempt to steal personal information -    Only your bank and credit card company  has the authority to change your credit card payments and interist rates   WARNING  DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION  FOR  ANY REASON

Post by KM,

4352556614 calls from this number in less than hours   Caller ID says "Tooele UT"   -   Can you spell S~C~A~M

Post by Guest,

435-255-6614 reduce credit card debt

Post by San Diego,

4352556614 Received multiple calls in past couple of days, never left a msg - When I did pick up, the other line sounded like a robot named Julie, so I asked if they were a robot expecting to get a recording - Turns out it was a real person trying to "help me with consolidating debt -" Haha, she was pissed - Hung up and then blocked

Post by tina l,

435-255-6614 relentless calls  even when i hang up on them each time

Post by Guest,

4352556614 Gjolv

Post by Guest,

435-255-6614 Constant calls, will not leave a message

Post by john holmes,

4352556614 same as everyone else

Post by Granda Mich,

435-255-6614 Got calls , ( calls), and -  Didn't answer and no message was left -  I have advanced call forwarding--I can select a specific telephone number and forward it to another telephone number, not my own -  Yesterday I forwarded calls from this number to the telephone number of another spam caller -  No calls received on my telephone today -  :-)The next spam call I get, I'll forward it to this number (--) -  I like their greeting better  ;-)

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