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Recent Comments for 4352551211

Post by DJ,

4352551211 I answered the phone by saying in a monotone voice "Hello, if you are trying to reach a Customer representative press one now - If you are trying to reach a sales associate press now - If you are-" then they hung up on me -

Post by Guest,

435-255-1211 hangs up

Post by 023456789 (No One),

4352551211 This robocall number calls q hrs - No one on the other end - The company must want me to call back ( I refuse ) and then record my number for further harassment - AT&T wants too much for the monthly fee to block the number - Ironic; this company did not start bothering me until my sports injured knee was examined by an orthopod MD - Thanks, Obamacare - I guess the doctor, or the parent hospital corporation, or the insurer disregards HIPAA - ESPN cannot get a football team to discuss a player's injury on television due to HIPAA fears, but I get harassed by a pain control scam after an examination - Well, I hope the payoff for selling my health information was financially beneficial to the culprit(s) -

Post by Jessica,

435-255-1211 Just received a call from this number -  All it states is Utah -  No answer from anyone -

Post by Guest,

4352551211 Why don't go find real work?

Post by BW from CA,

435-255-1211 Just received a call from this number as well - Did not answer as I have no business in Utah - Thank you for the above information MGB -

Post by tm hatr,

4352551211 Caller ID said "Toelle", call from Utah - Suspect another telemarketer -

Post by Rhonda,

435-255-1211 More calls from the BACK BRACE SCAMMERS, the  SPINELESS  telemaggoters

Post by Cindy,

4352551211 Got a call from unknown number

Post by fed up,

435-255-1211 I have gotten calls from this number, one from new york, several from florida, and a few from texas -  no one ever answers so now I have blocked the number -  the only draw back is that this scam crap is using several numbers from several states and wont stop the calling

Post by Guest,

4352551211 Joke

Post by ronald hessa,

435-255-1211 So far I have received call from these TELE-SCAMMERS -- THEY DO NOT LEAVE A VOICE MAIL -st call @ : CST and nd call today @: CDT

Post by maggie,

4352551211 Lets report them to inspector general at cms gor Medicaid

Post by Guest,

435-255-1211 jihadist recruiter

Post by Guest,

4352551211 k

Post by Guest,

435-255-1211 Its not back and knee it medicare telemarketing person

Post by Guest,

4352551211 Medicare eligibility BS

Post by Carlos,

435-255-1211 I got a call from this number -  They are trying to sell big black [***]

Post by Guest,

4352551211 If there is this ki nd of comments I don't want to speak to this caller

Post by Penny Pincher,

435-255-1211 They called my emergency only pay-as-you-go phone today at :am - Don't they know the dang calls cost me money? Of course they don't care - -hope their retirement homes smell like subway bathrooms and their orderlies are all deranged

Post by George,

4352551211 Received a call from this number about hours after receiving a call from "unavailable"; no message in either case -

Post by ronald hessa,

435-255-1211 I've been scammed once for - i'll not for these indian frauds again

Post by Guest,

4352551211 SPAM - SCAMMER -

Post by Guest,

435-255-1211 anybody need a knee brace? no thanks -

Post by Joni,

4352551211 This number calls fairly regularly; never leaves a message -

Post by LuAnn,

435-255-1211 Got a call just now (: p -m -) just showed the number and no one spoke on the other end when I answered, so I hung up -  Sure hope that I don't get anymore like others posting here have -

Post by daddyb,

4352551211 Received a call today from -- -  All my T-Mobile Caller ID told me was "Back and Knee" -  Left no message

Post by Kember,

435-255-1211 Started receiving these calls a few days ago, last one being minutes - Sheesh, you would think people have better things to do with their time - They usually call while I am unavailable, but not today - I answered and same as above, no one on the other end wanting to talk - I have a boat horn, so I blew that in there - Hell, my neighbors called laughing saying I must of got another prank call or a raccoon was around - Loving it

Post by Seattle Girl,

4352551211 Got the same call from that number on my cell phone just now and did not answer then minutes later an unknown call came on my home phone as well - I don't answer if I don't know the caller but this is so annoying -

Post by Wichita Lineman,

435-255-1211 I did not answer either, came from UTAH -  Thanks for the heads up -

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