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Recent Comments for 4352551188

Post by r,

4352551188 I also hung up without pressing one after reading ur comment  though I'm a bit concerned is there anyway to undo wat ever was done?

Post by Diane Thompson,

435-255-1188 I was called twice from this number, but I didn't even answer since it is a number I do not recogize

Post by P,

4352551188 Same as everyone else--got a call, identified as Utah, I didn't answer, no voicemail, now blocked - Thanks everyone for posting your info about it -

Post by Nik,

435-255-1188 Called left a message wanting to help lower student loan payments - Been getting calls about that from all different numbers - I blocked them

Post by So sick these scam calls,

4352551188 Called my phone on @ :P -M - No one was home to answer - These scum bags never left a message - I would love to know how do they obtain your home and cell numbers?? Besides, we only answer calls from area codes from people whom we know live - These people would NEVER give up on calling you - As they are doing their best to scam Americans - People, please let your loved ones be aware of these scammers - Also, NEVER EVER give out your personal information and credit debit card information -

Post by Guest,

435-255-1188 Please block - Please add me to Do Not Call list -

Post by Guest,

4352551188 Harassment

Post by ware,

435-255-1188 Received robo call - Thought illegal - On do not call list - Please stop these type of calls -

Post by Guest,

4352551188 Calling for someone else that owrs a debt - keeps calling after i repeatedly tell them wrong number -

Post by MKP,

435-255-1188 Called at :AM, but left no message -

Post by jeffery,

4352551188 I found out who it was I sent them my card  in a box last week with a bomb it [***] blew up the [***] is  dead

Post by sure nuff,

435-255-1188 I add every number like this to a single caller idIDIOT PHONE CALLSso when any number calls me and I identify it as a scam, telemarketer etc it becomes permaantly classified as Idiot phone call - Have over listed to the caller id -

Post by Guest,

4352551188 Didn't answer, came here to check -

Post by Austin,

435-255-1188 Got a call from this number today - Didn't pick up, no message -

Post by Not-me,

4352551188 I forgot to include the NO NAME CALLER,UNKOWEN NAME and so-on the the other person did here -

Post by Dave,

435-255-1188 Cold-call automated telemarketing, selling security systems -

Post by Kristine,

4352551188 Just missed a call from this number, no voicemail -

Post by anonymous,

435-255-1188 Got a robocall from this number onto my cell phone today -  Scammer was advertising services to lower credit card interest rates -

Post by Guest,

4352551188 Harrassing bull

Post by Guest,

435-255-1188 don't pick

Post by jeffery,

4352551188 I found out who it was I sent them my card  in a box last week with a bomb it [***] blew up the [***] is  dead

Post by Maui15,

435-255-1188 Just had this number call me - No voicemail -

Post by Fisherman40,

4352551188 It's a credit card place to lower your percentage rate but I don't have credit cards -

Post by Not-Me,

435-255-1188 This is one of the thousands of complaints about "Spokeo,INC [US]" that cons you in to using them just to get your credit card number - This is a complaint to Consumer Affairs from just one of the thousands of people that were ROB by "Spokeo,INC [US]--- "I signed up for a "trial" of the premium service which cost - - My search yielded no results so I cancelled the trial - Due to extensive travel for work I only noticed months later that Spokeo had been deducting - from my account for a "Friends" service of some kind I have never heard of, never mind signed up for I didn't not receive any written confirmation that I had been subscribed to this service and I never received any billing notifications of this service - In fact I had no written or verbal communication from the company at allThis "service" is just a front to sneak money from people's accounts in the hopes they won't notice - It is absolutely shocking that they are not required (if indeed they are not) to inform you of any billing or services you are subscribed to - After sitting on hold for minutes I was put through to a customer service agent and refunded after I cited their "% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" policy - I am very careful online exactly for this reason - This level of slippery, shady behavior is truly special on the "low" scale"

Post by Not-me,

4352551188 I forgot to include the NO NAME CALLER,UNKOWEN NAME and so-on the the other person did here -

Post by Guest,


Post by kitsune,

4352551188 telemarketer - Press to be removed from list -

Post by Sabrina,

435-255-1188 Answered the phone - Its a scam to lower your credit cards to -% pssh She said she had my banks permission - Just block the number -

Post by Guest,

4352551188 stop calling

Post by Guest,

435-255-1188 Sally Mayfield - Blocked one number, now calling from another -

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