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Recent Comments for 4352503461

Post by Guest,

4352503461 Automated sales call about auto insurance - -SPAM

Post by Guest,

435-250-3461 Persistent calls - Greeted by a recording -

Post by R.L,

4352503461 Number keeps calling and I don't answer - I try to call back and it goes to a busy signal -

Post by Annoyed,

435-250-3461 My guess is this is an automated call that doesn't work right - Just ignore it

Post by me,

4352503461 Recording said, "Hello? Sorry to disturb you -" and hung up -

Post by KM,

435-250-3461 Computer call trying to sell car insurance - I asked to be added to the do not call list -

Post by Jack,

4352503461 This is a new automated voice computer system - It is a scam and fake - I asked it to tell me a color and it could not - It said there were new insurance laws and wanted to give me a quote - DO NOT give it information

Post by A Smith,

435-250-3461 This # keeps coming up on my work line - They call a few times in a row and then nothing until the next day - Has happened days in a row now -

Post by Guest,

4352503461 Suspicious calls about auto insurance

Post by Guest,

435-250-3461 Persistent, irritating I recommend blocking this number - Not sure what the person wants, the call was quiet -

Post by cm,

4352503461 Has called me twice in weeks - busy signal when I call the number

Post by me too,

435-250-3461 called me, then immediately called me again

Post by Guest,

4352503461 I got it too several times - Called back & got a busy signal - Wish I had checked it out on this web site first :(

Post by Guest,

435-250-3461 auto insurance ad

Post by Guest,

4352503461 It's an auto insurance recording, Sue is just a spammy goose face Blocked -

Post by Paige,

435-250-3461 Selling car insurance, don't call them back- itll be busy

Post by Me too,

4352503461 Called me as well - Hung up when I answered - Called back and message said it was a "non-working number"

Post by leon,

435-250-3461 called at a cell number I hardly ever use -  I'm glad I ignored it -

Post by Joey Joe Joe Jr. Shabadoo,

4352503461 Missed a call from this number - Tried calling them back, but it went to a busy signal -

Post by Guest,

435-250-3461 UKNOWN # I did not answer -

Post by me,

4352503461 just called me too - ignored -

Post by Guest,

435-250-3461 insurance scam

Post by Guest,

4352503461 doesn't leave a message and when you call it back lion says its busy all the time

Post by Guest,

435-250-3461 Scan

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