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Post by Guest,

4352086524 A scam agent sent mr a check from this number and had this number to call them this is a fake number and business they call great west solutions incorporated!

Post by Called,

435-208-6524 Man, Phil Mendoza, called from what I believe is Ogden Utah left a voice mail stating that I needed to call him back. While he was talking I heard him typing on the keyboard. Sounded like he was calling from a call center as well.

Post by Guest,

4352086524 this is spam. they don't leave a message. Similar # is --. Both are from Hyattsville, MD Don't answer.

Post by Guest,

435-208-6524 Aarons rental

Post by irritated,

4352086524 Must be a mass message b/c I got it to. Same exact thing.

Post by Guest,

435-208-6524 spam

Post by Steven Wolf,

4352086524 Nice try fellas. I am Steven Wolf. Look up the words FRAUD, MISREPRESENTATION and LIBEL in Wikipedia. These terms will be good to know for your future. I did not write the post apologizing for our response. We have a running record of all the fraudulent posts written by and their parent corp Print Right Publishing Inc. We are working with the police and charges are being filed. The information that they write in the posts is wonderful proof that they are the authors because none of the information is correct nor can it be substantiated and each additional post only helps us build a solid case against this company. The Florida attorney generals office has access to the IP addresses from which the posts are being sent. What we don't understand is how a competitor can be so negligent when committing fraud.

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