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Post by 5,

4352009171 robo call claiming to be google and needing to confirm your website listing before you get de-listed -  Any call that starts with "Do not hang up - -" is a scam artist -

Post by fedup,

435-200-9171 answered the call from -- and got dead air, I hung up and dialed them back and got the automated message "this number is not service - -"  I've started a list of numbers I will block and this is one of them

Post by Guest,

4352009171 press to be removed from their list

Post by Bob,

435-200-9171 yup - -robo says do not hang up -  And, that's exactly what I did -  I hung up -    rd stupid don't hang up robo today -  All from different numbers

Post by Guest,

4352009171 Claim that their Google, but have never had advertising with them - Spam call for sure

Post by Guest,

435-200-9171 spam

Post by Guest,

4352009171 Telemarketing

Post by Sunny,

435-200-9171 Received a call from this number -  Caller ID shows "Park City -"  Been getting numerous calls each day from different phone numbers with caller ID's from different cities or states -  I don't answer and they don't leave any messages -

Post by Guest,

4352009171 Calls then no one will speak - Just holds line and then hangs up -

Post by Cindy,

435-200-9171 Dead air when you answer, when you call back the number it is regarding your Google Listing? Hope they remove me from their List-This is a business line they are calling-

Post by Guest,

4352009171 Spam - I report, report, report and I still get spammers calling me daily, burning my minutes, wasting my time and just being generally annoying -

Post by Guest,

435-200-9171 Called saying they were Google - Needed information about us - Obvious Scammers

Post by Guest,

4352009171 called, did not leave a message -

Post by Billy Trenton,

435-200-9171 Claiming to be Google, wants to check my business listing - I am , retired, and dont own a business - Fools

Post by Guest,

4352009171 fake google

Post by X,

435-200-9171 Robocall - third one today, I'm so sick of it - BLOCKED -

Post by Ed,

4352009171 Voicemail:"Your business listing on Google has been flagged and you may be losing business everyday press one immediately to remove the flag from your listing Google has made repeated attempts to contact you by mail and by email you have not responded - so you're now being contacted by phone, Please press and the friendly agent can help resolve the issue and prevent future calls from this system be aware that if you do not resolve the issue like listings me receive decreased exposure or maybe suspended all together your customers cannot Find accurate information for your business went searching online it will result and lost business to resolve the issue and prevent future calls from this system press now - if you're not interested in resolving the issue you may simply press to to prevent future calls -"

Post by Jeff,

435-200-9171 Same crap different day GTFO of my life 👿👿👿👿👿😡😡😡😡😡👹👹👹👹👹👽👽👽👽👽👹👹👿👿👿👿

Post by Bob,

4352009171 Second call from this number; my phone rang once and disconnected, which means when I blocked their call the last time it worked - But I'm interested that one person said this is Xurli - Xurli (aka : Marketing Group, LLC) has called me times from -- and times from -- -So if this number actually IS Xurli, I've received calls from different numbers since October ( months) - You'd think they would get the hint - Scumbags -

Post by Go Away,

435-200-9171 Another xurli google listing scammer

Post by Jen,

4352009171 No message left  Wish they would disappear into thin air

Post by Guest,

435-200-9171 Someone trying to get me to update my google listing - I asked if they were trying to sell me something and after they verified that my google business listing was confirmed, they did, in fact, admit that they were selling me advertising to get on the front page of google - We politely asked them not to call again, and the marketer hung up without further comment -

Post by Guest,

4352009171 blocked

Post by Andy,

435-200-9171 nd call from a robo caller today from 'Utah'

Post by Guest,

4352009171 I wish Google stop calling me:(

Post by Ditto,

435-200-9171 Google placement scam - Here is info from Google on their policies for listings, etc -   https: support -google -com faqs answer ?hlen#topplacement

Post by Annoyed,

4352009171 Called at a -m - No ID beyond supposed phone # on caller ID - No message left -

Post by Sasha,

435-200-9171 Telemarketer

Post by ANDY,

4352009171 Called yesterday morning -

Post by Ditto,

435-200-9171 Google placement scam - Here is info from Google on their policies for listings, etc -   https: support -google -com faqs answer ?hlen#topplacement

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