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Recent Comments for 4352009152

Post by Guest,

4352009152 And we have another call Harassing calls in a sequence This one at : pm - -they are like a bad issue of blood - -just keep coming and coming and coming and STINKS the entire time - -

Post by Guest,

435-200-9152 I confused the s*** out of her and started screaming I won the lottery I won the lottery I won the lottery she didn't know what to say

Post by the Prince of SNJ,

4352009152 I let my Sentry plug an block handle the call only it showed up on my caller ID as OFFICE OF EXTREJust another robo caller to be blocked

Post by Guest,

435-200-9152 Evil, disrespectful, cowards - STOP HARASSING PEOPLE

Post by Guest,

4352009152 Relentless disrespectful SOB's - - -

Post by Guest,

435-200-9152 More pagan Mormon calls from Utah - -I'm on Do Not Call List

Post by Rod Claxton,

4352009152 What a big waist of time, no intelligent signs of life calling here - I just wish I knew why they call or how to stop them - Oh well, they keep calling and I will keep ignoring -

Post by bjewett,

435-200-9152 This robot calls every morning at about the same time -  Music comes on for a few seconds, but no humans -

Post by Guest,

4352009152 I get calls a few times A DAY, everyday even after I told them to take me off their call list and to stop calling - The first time being a little over a week ago -

Post by ron,

435-200-9152 its a sales call from anoter country they selling bonner pills

Post by Gerald Verdun,

4352009152 They call most afternoons around -  Terrible English -  Difficult to understand - The man is worse than the woman sales person -  Usually no one speaks for seconds or so -  When I tell them NOT to call me they hang up -  When I call them it's an INDIAN PERSON who can actually be understood, but he hangs up when I Get angry - No one will ever identify themselves so I can understand,,

Post by Guest,

435-200-9152 Useless slugs - -just got another call - -

Post by Guest,

4352009152 What a bunch of jerks

Post by Frustrated in Florida,

435-200-9152 Calls several times a day with nobody on the other end -

Post by Guest,

4352009152 I have asked me on more than one occasion to remove me from that do not call list not working

Post by Laura,

435-200-9152 Got at least calls from this number the first day and just ignored it - Got calls on the next day so I answered it - The female caller with a heavy Indian accent asked for me by my first name - I asked who was calling and she said it was customer service at some mail-order pharmacy - She wanted to give me free male enhancement pills - I told her neither my husband nor I were interested and to take my number off their calling list and not to call again - Didn't know how they got my name since we have Magic Jack and it's in my husband's name

Post by chey,

4352009152 Obnoxious amount of calls

Post by Tomas P,

435-200-9152 Calls about or times - No answer

Post by John Filip,

4352009152 Solicitation

Post by Harold Waynne,

435-200-9152 Ignored it also - -

Post by Tatiana Alvarado,

4352009152 They keep calling and they won't leave me alone -

Post by Guest,

435-200-9152 Here they go again -: pm - -call # for the day - -

Post by Scott,

4352009152 Keeps calling and does not say anything - Calls about to times per day

Post by jerry grissom,

435-200-9152 I am getting this call to times a day when I answer no one will say anything - When I called back I get a recording -

Post by steve collier,

4352009152 Repeated calls and will not say anything -

Post by Bob Johnston,

435-200-9152 They call me every day and no one says anything - I think ill call my lawyer and see what i can do

Post by Guest,

4352009152 The more you report on here, the more often they call - Cowards -just too bad they are not local - -I would pay a visit - -

Post by Jon Doe,

435-200-9152 Umm, hey you know what? I order Viagra from AllDayChemist, they are one of the big suppliers in India to our big name drug companys' -  I wonder if it's them??

Post by Guest,

4352009152 Call is from Urah - -No doubt Rogue Mormans -disrespectful and never give up - -

Post by Scott,

435-200-9152 I Just did the same thing and they are a male enhancement drug pusher

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