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Recent Comments for 4075190746

Post by Bugged,

4075190746 Same here -- said they are going to charge my credit card for + for a trip I authorized in but could give me no information otherwise but did have my name - Told them I was going to call my Attorney General's office and report them - they got irate, starting yelling at me, ask me if I got up on the wrong side of the bed, told me I could dispute the charge but it wouldn't matter because they had me on tape making the commitment -  Then told me to call the police or whomever I wanted and hung up - What a way to start a Saturday - WTH - -

Post by Guest,

407-519-0746 What a hoax Very rude woman saying that I purchased a travel package in and did not fulfill my obligations - I spoke to her "manager" Joseph Williams, He was also very rude and unprofessional - Said I owed ~ bucks What a crock Also, he threatened to hit my card for this amount, but if I took care of it over the phone, bucks could be waived - Also gave me a bogus number an audio tape receipt, but would not play it for me - Hopefully, these people will be caught - What an insult to my intelligence Hope no one falls for this scam -

Post by indykit2003,

4075190746 I got a call from this number today ( ) identifying the company as "Corporate Travel" and saying I purchased a cruise some time ago (she could not be exact) and she identified an address I lived at about eight years ago -  She said the -Destination Package cruise  was for or people (so I know I did not order that) and that it was going to only cost as long as I took a timeshare tour, but that since I never took the timeshare tour and cruise, I now have a "Non-Contract Cancellation Fee" (whoever heard of that?) plus penalty fees that have accrued so I owe them -  The woman said it was on a Visa card, but could not give me the identifying account number -  I hung up on the caller -- a "Ms - Cart" who had given me a Corporate ID Number of -  She also said the phone number for Corporate Travel is -- -  This is definitely some sort of scam -

Post by bob,

407-519-0746 why would you call your credit union when you dont bank with coors credit union?

Post by Robert H.,

4075190746 They just called me a robo call to say one of my credit cards had unusual activity and they wanted me to call them and give them the backside numbers to prove that I had my card - They actually stated that they did not need any other information, because they already had it - The name of the credit card they were calling about was garbled, deliberately, I'm sure - I couldn't understand it,

Post by furious,

407-519-0746 Made a down payment in of -  and the plans fell though one year later - A recent call from " Corporate Travel"  Phone # -- said that we owed - The rep - said that some times the agents selling the package get "carried away and don't tell you everything that's in the "voice contract" like the day cancellation period -   They refused to to provide a voice contract or a written contract - Then would not give us a web site to go to - SO, I  looked up their phone number and low and behold they are telemarketers in Ft -Lauderdale  with an untold number of VERY similar complaints -We contacted the credit card fraud dept -reported the threats and changed the card number immediately - We will keep a close eye on everything -

Post by Lorna,

4075190746 I didn't recognize the number so I let it go to voice mail - It was an electronic recording that said my atm card has been deactivated and I need to go through verification with them to reactivate it - I only bank with Chase - Um no - I won't be "verifying" anything

Post by Jenna M,

407-519-0746 They left vms at two of our OFFICE numbers with automated message saying that "to activate the card and remove from hold, please" press an option, "as we already have your information" -  Again, no mention of the company they claim to be with or the type of card info they are trying to STEAL -  DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFO  If you think your card are on hold or have been compromised, always call the number on the back of the card itself and NEVER EVER give out info to these scumbags or anyone else who calls or emails asking for info

Post by jason,

4075190746 The ability to REPORT calls had been suspended; the list itself never was - www -fcc -gov complaintswww -doj -state -or -us consumer pages donotcall -aspxBack up - You're not "powerless," you're just not DOING anything - Coming here to complain will NOT stop these people - YOU have to help do that -

Post by Gary,

407-519-0746 They called today on a trip I allegedly signed up for some years ago -, some - worth - You owe this  I then hung up  Said his name was Keith -

Post by Della,

4075190746 They told me mine was from and they had the audio permission to use my card - -I have reported them, but no one seems to care

Post by BJW,

407-519-0746 We keep telling them not to call but they call just about every day -

Post by Guest,

4075190746 Claimed to be American Express claims dept and said I must pay - SCAM

Post by Regina,

407-519-0746 It the best idea you gave us -  Can you share how to do that sound, it will definately annoy them getting back what they saw -  Really horrible people who try to steal from others - They should be arrested for life -

Post by J,

4075190746 They asked my name and hung up - Have been called by this number daily for the past weeks - I regularly check my credit report so will be aware of anything suspicious - Recommend others do the same -

Post by Della,

407-519-0746 They told me mine was from and they had the audio permission to use my card - -I have reported them, but no one seems to care

Post by Guest,

4075190746 I also just received this same type of call - Informed them I was reporting this to the Better Business Bureau - She got angry and said that I now was turned over to legal company -

Post by Regina,

407-519-0746 They did the same thing to me -  They said that they have all my info - they wanted me to re-activate my card -  They provide NO name of their company, they only say they are corporations -  When I called bakc to see who they were, no one answers the phone except the voice mail wanted me to give them my info and re-activate what ever they wanted me -  These people really from HELL they should be cought be jailed for life so they know that trying to steal peoples' money by tricking, and manupulating is not allowed - They should pay for all the suffering they are causing to us -

Post by Jeff,

4075190746 Same as the above - keep getting calls saying I booked travel - They didn't even have the right last digits for my credit card numbers -

Post by Jennifer,

407-519-0746 Keep getting calls from this number stating that I owe money for letting a timeshare package expire - I told them I already took a trip and went to the min or more presentation - They state I owe bc I did take additional trips - Are you kidding me They insist they are going to charge my card - These people are very rude and will not stop calling - I owe no money bc I already took the tour, so I feel they are trying to scam me out of some money - I asked them to send me this agreement that I supposedly signed and he quickly stated "I don't have time because I need to get back to work" We'll isn't this your job trying to scam me out of money - Will keep a close watch on my accounts Has anyone actually had them charge their credit card?

Post by Erin,

4075190746 Keep getting calls from this number and finally decided to answer after about a week - Middle-aged woman asking for "Carol," and very insistent that Carol is at this number (my name is not Carol and I have had this phone # since ) - She got very confrontational -I said "no, my name is not Carol, but I'd like you to identify yourself -" Her response, "if you aren't Carol, then why do you care?" I replied "because you've been calling my phone for a week and I'd like to know why," to which she responded, "why won't you just admit that you're Carol?" "Because I am not Carol, and I have had this number for over ten years, and you are NOT getting my name,"Her response, "We'll call back," then she immediately hung up -Oh, I look forward to it, darlin' -

Post by J,

407-519-0746 They asked my name and hung up - Have been called by this number daily for the past weeks - I regularly check my credit report so will be aware of anything suspicious - Recommend others do the same -

Post by samantha,

4075190746 fraud alert

Post by William Lex KY,

407-519-0746 Same story here - Said I was charged in and owe , - They gave package number and everything -  I asked gal, who gave name of Kimberlee Monroe, to replay "voice contract", she couldn't - I told her I would check my Visa records (which I do retain) and get back to her -

Post by Paul Mackety,

4075190746 Receiving numerous calls related to a vacation we never took - He is saying he will turn over a charge to a collection agency - Very rude, obnoxious, and unprofessional -  

Post by Guest,

407-519-0746 Isn't it illegal for someone to Harare you on the phone ? Hmmm sounds like a case for Yonkers and Yonkers for the people - - - - :)

Post by Doc,

4075190746 Exactly--I just had the same call about my ATM card being put on hold too--Entered all 's and then it said I had reached their "corporate office--leave a message -  What a bogus bunch of #*#  Don't answer this call - I also tried calling the number back and it said the same thing about the corporate office -

Post by eyecue,

407-519-0746 "This is (unitentelligable) credit card compaby calling to advise that your credit card has been suspended due to suspected fraudulent activity, We already have your information on file and have to verify it with you to unlock your card account - please press to be connected to a credit security specialist -" This is a robotic voice that says this - Called my cell phone -

Post by Megan,

4075190746 My husband registered for a free car in our local  mall not too long ago - The calls started yesterday and they told me he didn't win a car, but he had won a vacation - all we needed to do was pay -  I refused to wake up my husband who'd been working all night & told the man that if he couldn't call back later to speak with my husband then it wasn't meant for us to have the vacation -  He claimed that he understood but had to protect the " integrity" of the company - Later yesterday evening I received  another call, I gave them my husband's number - He  didn't answer -  They  called  me back a few  minutes ago and when I answered they  didn't know I was on the line and I overheard the gentleman saying to a buddy, " I'm broke so I need to rob some people -" Needless  to say, I will no longer be answering any of their calls -

Post by Lenny,

407-519-0746 - Received a call from this number regarding fees for a cruise -  I have never booked or taken a cruise in my life and he threatened to sue me for money -  He did call me by name, but I did not catch his name--he also provided a partial credit card number that did not match any of mine -    When I told him to send me certified correspondence for the charges he is claiming, he started screaming at me and hung up - I called the number back and was greeted with a recording "Corporate Offices" -- I chose not to leave may return call contact information -  The behavior of this person was frightening--and will call my card companies to flag any charges for a cruise -      

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