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Recent Comments for 4013100123

Post by Terry,

4013100123 Just recieved call on my cell phone - No answer or message - Acoording to anywho -com this is not a valid number

Post by Paol,

401-310-0123 What is the process of sending the letter? Do you have a basic template or structure of the letter so more people are able to take the steps of sending in the letters and hopefully get a better chance at getting the issue noticed? - - Also, is there any way to block such calls with unassigned numbers? I have been receiving quite a few - All callers with heavy Indian accents, requesting to speak to an owner of my business - When trying to call back to see the legitimacy of the number, the call does not go through - Clearly scammers who are trying to get me to fall for their scam - I have been just dealing with this issue by just hanging up, but these people are relentless and apparently have nothing better to do with their lives -

Post by mike,

4013100123 my dad got a call from this number - the caller said that dad had won a free home security system - my dad then told the caller to box it up and mail it to him but there was a communication breakdown - the caller didn't understand the process in which to use the postal service to send my dad the free home security system he had just won - my dad wouldn't budge on his terms of business so the caller grew impatient and frustrated - he then asked my dad if he already had a home alarm system in which my dad explained that a large dog was all he had - the caller, realizing he was the center of entertainment for my dad and I being on speaker phone, then asked what was so funny and my dad replied "the dog's name? Rover -" the caller then hung up - an hour later we decided we should call "mike" back and see if he wouldn't mind mailing our security system tonight on his way home from work opposed to tomorrow morning (simply because if he waited until morning it wouldn't be here until Monday instead of Saturday ) - before we called,  I Google the number and I'm brought here to find it's no use to try to contact mike as there us a strong chance he doesn't exist - sadface -

Post by John,

401-310-0123 Call from "Loan Depot" to refinance

Post by Guest,

4013100123 -- hang up on cell phone - no vm message left -

Post by Big Tim,

401-310-0123 That's wondeful - Sure Social Security open on Thanksgiving - An all time low

Post by Chet,

4013100123 They said it was a survey -  Wanted to know if I had smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, etc - The call went on and the person claimed they would call back to let me know if I was selected to receive a free security system -  When I asked them to remove my number and that I declined to be included in the survey they hung up -  Scammers

Post by paul,

401-310-0123 Got one minutes ago on land line - Sounds like computer rotorary dialing if you pick it will trigger a pickup on thier end -  Air horns and whistles may help but lets also start with the no call registery and then the FTC, FCC and our Congressional reps -  If they get enough complaints they may look into it - Does anyone have software to to continiously call that number back ?

Post by Mare,

4013100123 I just seen in our local newspaper the sherif department is warning that this is a scam and they have had a lot of reports

Post by P,

401-310-0123 From what I understand, this is a "work around" the do-not-call list -  Since surveys are exempt from the do-not-call list, they can call and if you answer their survey, you have technically conductedbusiness with them and they can "legally"  tele-market you afterward and try to sell you their crap -So don't answer their survey questions in hopes that they will stop calling

Post by Help Stop Tom,

4013100123 Greg,Based on my conversation the off shore caller gets maybe per sale, and that's a months income in Mumbai - Respectfully, it's the dealers like VMS who are buying your information from these Call Centers - Without the cash flow from the monitoring companies this whole deal collapses and the calls stop - Make no mistake, this whole off shore calling deal is the dirty little secret of the alarm industry - Everyone knows about it,  but looks the other way -https: stoptomwithhomeprotection -wordpress -com

Post by Kentucky Mike,

401-310-0123 These jerks have been calling me for several months every week or two on my cell phone telling me that I have won a free GE security system - At first, I told them that I was not interested in their scam, asked them to place me on the Do Not Call list and quickly hung up - I also just refused to take the call a few times - Today, I had some time on my hands and took a different approach - I decided to waste some of the callers time before deflating his hopes - I explained that I am an unemployed engineer and want to install my free system myself - When he resisted and attempted to pass me to his supervisor, I demanded that he tell me where I could pick up MY prizes - I finally explained that my goal in life until they stop calling me is to waste as much of his time and his coworkers' time as humanly possible and he claimed that he had added me to the Do Not Call List - If they call me again, I am going to tell them that I am calling the police to report their theft of MY three free security systems -

Post by Ryan,

4013100123 Yes, moments ago on a cell phone despite saying hello's the caller said nothing -

Post by Delecatess,

401-310-0123 I also believe it could be an alien race trying to contact the ones who "believe -"  However, even if they are aliens, they need to be responsible enough to follow the rules of our world which includes the Do Not Call list -  I'm reporting after I click send -

Post by tc,

4013100123 got a call from the number - What can be done to stop it - call me on my cell dose anyone have infromation on this number -

Post by Elsie,

401-310-0123 A person with a foreign accent called wanting me to participate in a survey - The caller wanted to know if I had a smoke alarm,  fire extinguishers and if I was the home owner -When I called back the number displayed on the caller ID, the message said the number does not exist -I read other comments and wonder what is the real purpose of the call -The caller ID showed a supposed location: Warren, RI -

Post by Midnight70,

4013100123 I received a call from this number at :EST, didn't answer, no voicemail - -   very strange -

Post by OhioKentucky,

401-310-0123 I notice from these posts that a lot of the victims are from Ohio or Kentucky - I just received a call from this number today (-- at pm) on my cell phone - I did not answer and the voice mail was of them hanging up - Before they hung up it sounded like they were on a cell in a car or something (not an office setting) and like music was about to start playing in the back ground - Just a suggestion: maybe it would help the investigation if we provide the state we're from in these posts, and any of our service providers who use Indians foreigners for their customer service - For example:  The only ones that come to mind for me are Dell and Nissan, all of their Customer Service Representatives have thick foreign accents -P -S - Isn't it just awesome that we have internet and could just google this phn# and be advised about it? Gotta love being alive right now at such a time as this

Post by Big Tim,

4013100123 I got a call today on Thanksgiving - Do you believe that? On blasted Thanksgiving - Come up for air guys -

Post by Jimmy,

401-310-0123 Got a call at :pm July th, - -did not answer and call came through cell phone -

Post by Guest,

4013100123 Tried to sell Home Security

Post by kiki,

401-310-0123 Didn't answer but been getting calls from security companies all week -

Post by Marita Fizer,

4013100123 I received a call on my cell phone, as did my grandson, my daughter, and son-in-law - We all received our calls within minutes of each other - Mine was logged at : p -m - EST - The caller told me his name was Shane - He was definitely foreign, and I had to ask him to repeat the info a couple of times before I finally hung up on him - I thought he said he was from some credit agency -

Post by rdf63,

401-310-0123 I received a call and heard music - Tried to get somebody on the other talk but heard nothing -

Post by jeff,

4013100123 Well put - - -

Post by Alex,

401-310-0123 Called me times today - I told them to stop calling - - I'm not interested - - They are still calling

Post by Guest,

4013100123 This number is no good when trying to call back - Must be spam

Post by lin,

401-310-0123 received call on my cell -  Don't like to receive these calls -  From what I read it is a sales call for security or smoke alarm company

Post by dennis glessner,

4013100123 Just stop them from calling    I registered fro do not call several months ago, I get more calls now than ever before

Post by Big Tim,

401-310-0123 That's wondeful - Sure Social Security open on Thanksgiving - An all time low

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