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Recent Comments for 3868724904

Post by T. Strand,

3868724904 continued calls & want them to stop -  Do not leave message -

Post by DBMO,

386-872-4904 They are at it again  Just got another call from this number -  It had been Feb - of since they'd called last -  Must be a new year thing

Post by D T Hills,

3868724904 Received several calls from this number over a couple of days -  Will not speak when I answer the phone, just holds on for a few seconds in silence then disconnects -  When I used Google and Ask -com, I discovered these calls come from Bright House Networks Information Services, Daytona Beach, Florida, and this outfit is Your Exit Pros which claims on their www -yourexitpros -com website that they are a member of the Ormond Beach, FL Chamber of Commerce -  My Caller ID identifies them as "Exit Pros" -  I am also on the "Do Not Call" list, and I am not interested in selling my timeshare or getting out of it, as my husband and I keep TELLING these bozos who keep calling trying to "sell my timeshare for me" -  We have not owned one since -  When are they going to stop selling our names as timeshare owners?  My husband and I are both sick and tired of these calls -  Maybe if I complain to the Ormond Beach, FL Chamber of Commerce about them, and to the FTC since we are on the "Do Not Call" list, eventually they will get the message -

Post by Guest,

386-872-4904 telecove investment spam

Post by LiveFreeNH,

3868724904 Caller ID displays "EXIT PROS"No answer, no message, but it is likely some scam or fraudGive them nothing -  They are violating the Do Not Call laws -

Post by Arynn,

386-872-4904 Called from different numbers and left voicemails of shuffling paper - Not cool -

Post by Rudd,

3868724904 Very disturbed caller name Ken, says not selling Timeshare, just want our title to the Timeshare -  Won't take no for answer and very mentally disturbed man who seemed to be a sociopath characteristics -  Very dangerous personality -  Reported him to FBI - He is under investigation -  Do not engage him in anything he says -  Put this number on your reject list -

Post by upset,

386-872-4904 Do not call list does not seem to work for general public - keep geting these phone calls -

Post by MMueller,

3868724904 To whom are you addressing your post?  Nobody at notes -com called you  You need to make this request of the people that actually called you

Post by mad,

386-872-4904 calls all the time , leaves no message -

Post by Guest,

3868724904 Arsehole - - Time share telemarketers

Post by Joy,

386-872-4904 This company continually calls - When I answer, there is nothing -   Plus, they are calling a church

Post by Guest,

3868724904 Exit Pros - They want to buy your time share - They called a year ago also -

Post by Dave,

386-872-4904 Company called Exit Pros - -Timeshare company wanting to buy my non-existent timeshare - -SMH

Post by emby/way,

3868724904 Do not call list doesn't seem to do any thing to stop calls -

Post by Tone,

386-872-4904 Received a call from this number, when I returned the call the responds was, "We are sorry we missed your call from  Exipro, please leave a message and we will return your call" -

Post by Sinatra,

3868724904 calls on --, from  -- -  Caller ID "Exit Pros" -  Reported all calls to FTC -  https: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspx

Post by Guest,

386-872-4904 time shares

Post by PC,

3868724904 Has to do with Timeshare - Exit Pros comes up on caller ID - I blocked them

Post by NOT Miller residence,

386-872-4904 We receive these calls on a regular basis asking for Mr or Mrs miller - Have explained each time that there is not now and never has been anyone at our number named Miller - We have this phone # for years - I have been promised numerous times that out number will be removed but the calls keep coming - I file on the do not call list each time but they still persist - I'm checking into filing harassment charges

Post by Receptionist,

3868724904 This number called, they are talking in the background but nobody talks to me - I hung up - Caller ID said "EXIT PROS" -

Post by Guest,

386-872-4904 Keeps calling no answer

Post by Porttland, Oregon,

3868724904 Keeps calling and hangs up on the recorder -  Comes up as "Exit Pros" on the caller ID -

Post by MMueller,

386-872-4904 To whom are you addressing your post?  Nobody at notes -com called you  You need to make this request of the people that actually called you

Post by Guest,

3868724904 dead air call

Post by HENRY,

386-872-4904 ints; Caller Id says " Exit Pros ----Never leave a message even when prompted by the answering machine--They call from - ( ie - : PM)ANNOYING --NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED BY THE FTC

Post by sam,

3868724904 claiming to be time share savers,wanted to sell our time shares ,offered to get buyer out of timeshare contract - fortunately they were told no one was available at that time -

Post by Fred,

386-872-4904 called from this number on -  I did not answer - i am on the do not call list - Caller ID said "Exit Pros -"   I have no business relationship with that company -



Post by Guest,

386-872-4904 Its about your timeshare, I don't have a timeshare - So they just call anyone and they also called me on my cell phone -

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